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Author's Chapter Notes:
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Chapter 5

The Wolf Boy



Deep in the south a purple haired kid in a cave said, “So there is another one.” “Yes, Master Hakadoshi and this one could be more powerful than the other two combined,” a weasel demon said. “So where is this sister of theirs?” Hakadoshi asked. “Nobody knows, why even the elder one has never heard of her. After Servici’s father died, she was taken east, but some say she is the oldest of the three. Also she has command over the land of the dead, and can see into the future,” the weasel said. “Then we must kill her at all costs,” Hakadoshi said, “And not let them team up.”
Just then Hakadoshi sensed something and said to his horse, “Go kill whoever is listening.” The horse nodded, and left. Six half-demons took off from their hiding place, behind a large boulder. The oldest girl out of the six had blue-green ponytail style hair, a necklace, and a yellow kimono on; the youngest had a necklace, a pink kimono, and short hair in a bun. There were also two twin boys, who had blue-green kimono’s, but one had mostly green hair, with a spice of orange hair near the neck, and the other had mostly orange hair, with a spice of green hair near the neck. There was also another boy with purple hair, and a white kimono, and a golden haired girl with pigtails and a green kimono on; all of the six had a sword apiece. All of a sudden, the girl in the pink kimono fell down, and the girl in the yellow kimono said, “Ai!” She then stopped, and helped Ai up. Ai said, “Asagi?” “Come on,” the purple haired one said, “We’ve got to let Inuyasha and his friends know about this.”
Meanwhile Sesshomaru’s team was heading South-west, and Inuyasha’s reformed expanded team was heading north. Future Kagashe said, “We’ve already passed the den, now where are they?” “Hey maybe that castle there will have information,” Kagome said. “Then lets go,” Inuyasha said. Myoga who had seen everyone from a tree, hopped onto Inuyasha’s shoulder. Future Kagashe looked at him and said, “Why are you here?” Inuyasha looked at Myoga and Myoga said, “After I heard of a village being slaughtered, I went to find you, only to hear you had returned to your time three years earlier.” “Yeah, and?” future Kagashe said. “I’m actually looking for Servici, and heard rumors, that she is being protected by the wolf-demons of the north in a castle,” Myoga said. “Do you know if Kouga is also helping to protect this Servici?” Inuyasha asked. “Do you not know him that well?” Myoga asked, “He is not just protecting her, but Koame as well.”
Everyone looked at each other, and future Kagashe stopped, halting everyone else. Sanku asked, “Uh, what is it, Kagashe?” “Uh, yeah,” young Kagashe said. “Does this have anything at all to do with Ayame?” future Kagashe said. “Yes, Koame is their son,” Myoga said. Future Kagashe started walking again and soon everyone was at the castle.
A young five year old wolf-demon boy, that had Ayame’s red hair, and Kouga’s eyes and looks, was standing at the entrance, with Ginta. “Are you Koame?” Future Kagashe asked. “Who else would I be, you mutt?” the wolf-demon said. Kagashe didn’t say anything, but everyone could tell that she wanted to snap at him. “Are your parents here?” young Kagashe asked. Ginta said, "We’ll go get them. Come along Koame. Please follow us.” Everyone followed Ginta and Koame, into the castle.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko takahashi does.  Kagashe(Future and Present), Shanaru, Sanku, and Servici I created.
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