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Chapter 7

The Past


Sesshomaru’s Mother

The next day, Sesshomaru’s team arrived at the two-story house belonging to Sesshomaru’s mother. “Sesshomaru, why did you come?” Sesshomaru’s mother asked in a worried voice. “I simply came to ask who Servici is,” Sesshomaru said. Sesshomaru’s mother said, “Come inside, I knew this day would come.” Once at a table, Sesshomaru’s mother said, “Do you remember me telling you about Star-Shine?” Sesshomaru nodded. “He was your father’s one and only rival, they always fought over me, and Servici was Star-Shine’s only child, and I was married to him 700 years before you were born. There was 300 years between Star-Shine’s death caused by Sounga Jr. and when you were born,” Sesshomaru’s mother explained. “So, Servici is Sesshomaru’s half-sister?” Kagura asked. “Yes,” Sesshomaru’s mother said. The group spent the night at Sesshomaru’s mother’s house, and before morning, Sesshomaru’s mother said that she would help destroy Hakadoshi.
Meanwhile, the group of six had reached the castle, and Ginta was at the gate. Ginta looked up and asked, “What do you want?” Asagi stepped forward and said, “We’re here looking for Inuyasha’s team, and heard they were heading in this direction.” “Oh, well come in, Ginta said. Hakakaku said, “I’ll stand guard, you can take them to Inuyasha.” “Okay, but don’t fall asleep,” Ginta said. Ginta led the half-demons to Inuyasha’s team, who were talking with Kouga, Ayame, and Koame at the time. “You do realize that Koame is taking after you Kouga?” Kagashe asked. “Huh! What do you mean?” Kouga asked. “He means that Koame tried to insult Kagashe when they entered the castle yesterday,” Inuyasha yelled. “Inuyasha, Sit boy!” Kagome said. As usual young Kagashe and Inuyasha fell to the floor, face first, but everyone was shocked to see future Kagashe still standing.
“Uh… Okay, why aren’t you on the floor?” Shippo asked. “That power has now been transferred to someone else, and it happened about six months ago,” future Kagashe said. “Who,” Kagome asked. “His name is Kagon, and he is a priest I met two years ago. He’s from your world, mom,” Future Kagashe said, turning her head.
“Uh… hum,” Ginta said, coming through the door. Everyone turned, and Ginta said, “Some ½ demons have come here looking for you.” “½ demons?” Inuyasha asked, as he and young Kagashe got off the floor. “Uh, Asagi, Dai, Shion, Mooegi, Ai, Roku, how have you been? We haven’t seen you since the four war gods were defeated” Kagome said. The six ran forward, and Kouga asked, “So you know them?” “Yeah, we freed them from the four war gods of Horai Island, years ago,” Shippo said. “Oh, so they were the kids that you told us about,” Ginta said.
After a while, the whole story about Servici was explained, except about Servici’s father. “So who was the father if it wasn’t Inu no Taisho?” Miroku asked. “It was his rival, Star-Shine,” a wolf-demon guard said. Inuyasha’s team started asking questions.
While watching Inuyasha’s team, Dai turned to Roku and Roku said, “These people haven’t changed one bit.” “You said it Roku,” Dai said. Thud! Inuyasha’s fist collided with Dai’s and Roku’s heads. “Neither have you two,” Shippo said.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.  Kagashe and Servici I created.
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