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Chapter 9

Kagon’s Discovery

The next day after the wedding, in Kagome’s world, Future Kagashe said, “You need not worry you’ll be just fine Souta.” “You think?” Souta asked. “I know so,” Future Kagashe said. Just then a young ten year old boy with short, wavy black hair, and blue eyes, in a tuxedo ran up. Future Kagashe turned to the boy and said, “Kagon!” The boy stopped; he asked, “How do you know my name?” “Uh, we’re friends in the future,” Future Kagashe said, slightly blushing.
“Oh,” Kagon said, “But tell me can I join your team?” “You’ll have to ask my parents, but I’m sure they won’t mind,” Future Kagashe said. “Okay, you’re from the future right?” Kagon asked. “Uh, yeah,” Future Kagashe said, scratching a finger against her head. “I thought as much.
Hey Kagashe,” Kagon said, noticing Kagashe coming towards them; Souta left to find Hitome at this point. “How did you know my name?” Young Kagashe asked, stopping in front of Kagon. “Your mom told me,” Kagon said. “Oh, Okay, you want to come in?” Young Kagashe asked. “Yeah, sure I’ve been standing too long and I think I need to sit…” Kagon started. Crash! Future Kagashe fell face first on the concrete. “Uh, what’d I say?” Kagon asked. “What do you think you said,” Young Kagashe yelled. “All I said was…” Kagon started. “Don’t say the s-I-t word again, please,” Future Kagashe said, getting off the concrete, and starting to leave. “Wait, Kagashe, where are you going?” young Kagashe asked. “To the feudal era, where else? Humph!” Future Kagashe said, storming off. “Come on, we had best find someplace to rest,” Young Kagashe said. Kagon nodded, and followed young Kagashe into the shrine.
Later, Inuyasha and Kagome came in from seeing Eri, Ayume, and Hojo; Kagome asked, “Kagashe, where’s future Kagashe?” “Most likely, driving Koame up the wall, or bothering demons, as we speak,” young Kagashe said. Kagome blinked, and noticed Kagon; Kagome asked, “We’ve met several times, but I never quite got your name, is it Kagon by any chance?” “Uh, yes,” Kagon said. Young Kagashe said, “Eri and Hojo are his parents.” “No kidding?” Kagome said, “So you’re their son I always wondered about that.”
“Well, I suppose future Kagashe is angrier than a hornet,” Inuyasha said. “Yeah, and I guess Kagon discovered the secret,” Kagome said. Kagome bent down to eye level with Kagon. “Kagon, would you like to join us?” Kagome asked. “I should be asking you that,” Kagon said. “So that’s a yes?” Kagome asked. “Totally!” Kagon said, “Though I’m not sure how to explain this to mom and dad.”
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  The Kagashe's and Kagon I created.
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