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“You never said why you loved me?” Kagome teasingly asked, lightly flicking Sesshoumaru’s nose.

The silver-haired demon lord looked towards the sun retreating over the horizon and closed his eyes. He sometimes wondered why she asked such silly things, but could not blame her. He had his moments of insanity and could only give love as the reason for causing such an action. Of course, he had never thought that he would love another being, and often scoffed when others would talk about the concept.

However, as she lay upon his chest, wrapped in the warmth of his Momomoko-sama from the chilly autumn night, he could not deny her an answer.

“You mentioned to me long ago that your last name was Higurashi, correct?” he asked, toying with a lock of her ebony hair.

“Yes, it means sunset,” she replied, happy to answer him.

“Then perhaps it is simply that the sunset eventually gives way to the moonlight. It is only fair that you and I are together, hmm?” he pondered out loud, and then opened his eyes to look down at her.

Kagome scrunched her brow to think on his words and then frowned, “I’m not sure whether that reply was suppose to be romantic or to serve your egotism.”

Sesshoumaru smirked and replied, “Do as you wish with your thoughts, my little miko.”

“The bastard couldn’t be mushy if he tried. Please don’t coax him into it. I might lose my dinner,” she heard Inu Yasha yell from the tree above.

In response, Sesshoumaru leaned down and kissed the very life out of Kagome. She was surprised by his moved, but was immediately enticed into his enthusiastic lip locking. When they finally parted, she heard Inu Yasha making retching sounds, and frowned.

“Sit boy,” she called out darkly.

Inu Yasha fell from the tree and landed loudly.

“Now I remember why I love you,” Sesshoumaru replied, eyeing the Inu Yasha-sized crater.
Kagome merely shook her head and giggled.
Chapter End Notes:
I do not own InuYasha. Copyright goes to Takahashi Rumiko.
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