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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: Any recognizable characters are not mine they are the work of Rumiko Takahashi
Author's Chapter Notes:
This story gets pretty complicated at some points but I will explain it all later.

How could you? How could you choose Kikyo over me? How could you take my heart and break it? After all Ive done for you, given up for you, all that I have sacrificed. How could you break me like this Inuyasha? When I was the one that loved you so?

I remember when we finally found you and what did I see? I saw you the love of my life embracing Kikyo and kissing her passionatly like you would normally kiss me, and telling her you loved her and thanking her for saving you from the darkness that was going to engulf and break your soul. I was going to save you from that darkness an nearly each time close to getting killed for trying! Apparently though she had already done that and taken you from me in the process. You turned around and saw me shocked.

My eyes were already beginning to turn blood red. You were confused. You knew I was neither demon nor half demon but just a human with special powers. Well along with giving me your love you gave me demonic power. I fell to my knees as you, Kikyo, Kagome, Kouga, Sesshomaru, Myoga, Rin, Sango, Miroku, and your other self watched me be engulfed into the dark mist surrounding me, changing me.

When It was over I was different,angry. I was wearing a black dress, black high heel shoes, a black tiara with one black jewel, and two black bracelets. My long brown hair was now curly and there was one purple stipe on each side of my face. I lunged at Kikyo. I wanted her dead. But you were faster. You grabbed my wrists and shoved me into the ground yelling at me to leave Kikyo alone that I was a filthy beast. I then knew you were lost to me so I ran, sobbing.

Each mile I ran my heart delved deeper into the darkness turning my love into hatred. I now lie in wait in a cave somewhere far away waiting for that little reminder that you left me to be born. That is the only part of you I shall keep for I can not give up this pup not matter how stronger my hatred for you grows. One thing is for sure I now realize you were nothing but a temptation, a fling. So good bye to you forever my beautiful disaster.
As Inuyasha read the note from his now lost love he whispered to himself,"Oh kami Lorisa what have I done to you?"

Chapter End Notes:
Dang that took forever to type! well anyway there is the first chapter.
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