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Story Notes:
This story was made by me angel95demon but some of the characters ideas are form me and bloodyinuasha95 we share them so.......DON'T STEAL THEM IF YOU DO YOU WILL BE A CORYCAT!!!!!!! oh and remember to keep up please its alittle hard to so ya.
               The date is February, 14, 1482 Edo (Present day Tokyo.) A baby girl was born she had a mother and two older brother one is named Inuyasha he is a half demon and half human know as a mix breed he is the middle child in the family.He has very long white hair with dog ears and dark yellow eyes he wore a red robe and red baggy pants with no shoe`s.Her older brother name is Sesshomaru.Sesshomaru is a full demon know as a full breed he has very long white hair and dark yellow eyes his face has a dark blue moon on his forehead and red violet scars on his creek he wore a white robe with red flowers on it and white baggy pants with a yellow and blue violet cloth belt with black shoe`s.The baby girl`s mother name is Izayoi and is a human princess Izayoi and had two kids one is inuyasha and the other one is the baby girl.Sesshomaru is a half bother of the family because of the Father but the girl doesn’t know about Sesshomaru at all.The Father's name is Inu no taishou and is a full breed and he is the great dog demon he was in love with a full breed woman and had Sesshomaru but he fall in love again with a human princess Izayoi and had Inuyasha and the baby girl.Inu no taishou was fighting in the room closes by the little girl and Izayoi was in.The battle was about love for the human princess Izayoi and all of the people in the palace did not like the idea of mix breeds running around.When Inu no taishou and the man were fighting one of the candle’s fall on the wooden floor and set the room on fire.Inu no taishou and the man stopped the fight for a sec and then they both look at each other and they both knew that the next hit was the last hit.They both run at earn other and swing there sword out at each other slice their opponent they both stood for a sec the next thing that happen they both fall to the ground.The man died but Inu no taishou was still alive but slowly dying.Izayoi smelled smoke and hear a room on fire so she grab her baby girl and ran outside then she looks at the burning room and ran in the burning room with the baby girl.Izayoi open the siding door and look all around she saw fire and two bodies on the ground the unknown man was dead but the father look like he was dead and lay on the ground to his death.izayoi and the baby girl at was in her arm`s ran to Inu no taishou izayoi said “are you o.k.....please tell me your o.k." The father opened his eyes and said "No...I’m going to die soon I think." he look down and saw little sleeping baby he asked “Is that a boy or….A girl" she smile with tears and said "a baby girl” he smile with a dreadful look in his dark yellow eyes and said "name the baby girl Kenai o.k." she look at the little baby girl and said" Kenai.....I like it."Then Inu no taishou said his last words" go....run away" Inu no taishou looked liked he dead on the hot bloody wooden floor.izayoi cry and ran out of the room looking around to find a exit out of the burning palace but she hear a little kid scream then she ran to the sounded of the scream she look around and she saw her 3 year old son Inuyasha standing by a Lilac tree in the garden and he said “mother your here why are you here and why is the palace on fire."she gave him a big hug with Kenai in her arms and cried then he said" mother are you ok and is that my new baby sister or brother" she stopped hugging him and said “yes this is your baby sister Kenai Mora."kenai opened her midnight blue eyes and yawned then Kenai look at inuyasha and her mother look at inuyasha dog ears then Kenai and inuyasha giggle then Kenai pulled on inuyasha dog ears inuyasha said"ow!!! Ow!!! Ow!!! That hurts!! That hurts!!" then Kenai stopped pulling on his dog ears and then a blue moon appeared on her forehead and her blue eyes turn to dark yellow eyes.izayoi knew that Kenai turn into a half demon inuyasha look at Kenai and then said “mother why did Kenai change?" izayoi cried again and said “inuyasha we have to get out of here because the people are running after us" he said “but.....but......you didn’t tell me why Kenai change and why you are crying and why are people running after us" she said nothing and ran outside inuyasha look at Kenai with a lot of tenseness for a long time Kenai look at inuyasha and was scared and hided in her mother`s red and pink kimono then fall asleep in her mother’s arms Izayoi knew who was following them.
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