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Author's Chapter Notes:

ok This chapter is about the new friend and are little ms. kenai transforms into a older kenai and please remeber that kenai is a half demon so demons are fast to grow but that just happen around the baby age and that full or half breeds can learn faster so ya im just making sure that you get this ok now let's read!!!  XD lots of love and cookies!!! angel95demon ( and bloodyinuyasha95)

The palace burned that night and the mystery people are gone then Inuyasha, Izayoi and Kenai ran to a house it was not like a palace but it was the best thing that they can do for now the Izayoi tucked in Kenai and asked if Inuyasha could talk for a moment she talk to him.

Inuyasha finally knew why the palace was on and burned or why Kenai’s face changed or why his mother was crying. Inuyasha was looking down then he look up he had a mad look on his face then stormed off into the woods Izayoi called out to him but he was to upset to want to hear.

Izayoi stopped look out the siding door then hear Kenai yawned but didn't wakeup Izayoi smiled it has been two week scent so was happy.

Meanwhile with Inuyasha in the woods... Inuyasha was still running from his mother he didn't like people lying to him then he saw in the side of his eye.A long black hair girl with a sky blue kimono on the side of a hill sitting on the side she kind of looked around his age so he walk up to her and asked "what are you doing here and why are you here and what is your name?"

The girl turn around her face had a dark purple moon on her forehead with two red violet scars on each creek and her eye color was dark yellow.he girl turns fully around and stood straight up then said "my name is meko soma. Meko saw a weird light down here so meko ran here but it’s gone now ooh and hmmmm... what's your name?

Inuyasha look at meko for a long time said"oooh sorry... my name is Inuyasha."Inuyasha looked down and thought 'i feel so stupid!' meko looked at Inuyasha dog ears then said" what's your last name or is your family hmmmm..... Dead ya that’s it dead."

Inuyasha looked up at her and said" no no no my family is alive a little I guess my father died so I guess my last name is Mora." Meko looked at him then said"oooh.... I like your name Inuyasha Mora....hehe I love it!" meko hopped in the air.

Inuyasha looked at her like if she was the last girl on earth or if he went to heaven.Inuyasha started to talk" hmmm.... if you'd like you can meet my family well my mother and my new born sister."

Meko thought for a moment then said "hmmm…. I guess I can go but if someone jump down to the ground it’s your fault." She smiled Inuyasha looked at her for what she said "Inuyasha…. Hello are you in there!" Inuyasha said "ya but did you mean by jump down to the ground? It’s not like you and your family are form heaven?" Inuyasha started to laugh at the your family are form heaven Meko looked at him then looked up and said "wow... your right that's where I live how did you know?" Inuyasha stopped laugh then look up at Meko and the sky then said "your serious you live....up there?" Meko said "yes ok can we go to your house now I want to see your mother and baby sister." Inuyasha sighed and walked back to his house meko skipping to his house.

Meanwhile with Kenai and Izayoi at the house ... Izayoi fall asleep with Kenai somehow it was usually peaceful. Inuyasha and Meko got out of the woods and got to Inuyasha’s house. Inuyasha look at Meko and said "well this is my house for now I used to live in a palace but in burned down and now they are remaking the palace I think…. So what do you think about my house Meko."

Meko looked at it and said "I like it… its cute… hmmm… where is your mom and little sister." Inuyasha looked around and looked puzzled then said "hmmm… maybe inside because I just got my little sister last night and babies are always sleepy that’s what my mom said and my mom might be sleepy because she just got a baby." Meko looked at him smiled and then said "oh… ya I guess but is it alright if we go in and see your little sister?"

Inuyasha looked at her and said "hmmm…. I guess but you have to be quiet ok?" Meko nodded and smiled Inuyasha walked to the siding door by his 4 and 5 steps he heard a sound in the bushes Inuyasha said "who’s there?"
Inuyasha and meko looked at the bushes for a few minute then saw a white blur flash before they eyes Inuyasha looked around to if the white blur people would go near them but it was gone Meko and Inuyasha looked at each other puzzled but was glad that the people was gone.

Inuyasha stood there with meko for a few more minute looking around to see if the people or what the white blur was but they didn’t stay for long meko and Inuyasha open the siding door and walked in to find Inuyasha’s family.

Inuyasha walked inside the house and looked in each room very quietly then he heard with his dog ears something crying Inuyasha lead meko to the crying baby Inuyasha saw his mother Izayoi waking to the sound of the crying Kenai izayoi pick up kenai that was wearing cute dark blue kimoro that look like toddler kimoro rocking kenai and said "shhh…. Its ok your mother here don’t cry."

Inuyasha looked at his mother all he thought of was his actions that he did in the morning then walk in and said "mother im sorry for making you so worryed im so sorry but hmmm.... I-I made a new friend she silly and I think you would like her i think." Izayoi looked at Inuyasha then said "oh thats wonderful Inuyasha whats her name and is she here?"

Inuyasha look at the siding door and said " yes she is here and her name is meko soma she alittle silly if you might see." Meko pop her head in the room she thought with a funny but cute thinking face 'awww.... his baby sister so cute and his mother is beautiful like my mom and looks so nice...' Inuyasha gaze at Meko he thought with a sad but blushing face 'she is so pretty but I dont think i got a change' Izayoi rocking and looking at kenai and notice something was odd with

kenai started to open her eyes then transform into a toddler then hugged izayoi and said "MOMMY!!!" kenai transform into a young toddler with shoulder length black hair still had the blue moon on her forhead and the dark yellow eyes and the dark blue kimoro fits her now.

Izayoi knew that kenai might do that if kenai was a full breed or a mix breed but izayoi forget to tell Inuyasha that might happen but these things happen all the thing.

Meko and Inuyasha both said at the same time "WHAT THE?????" with a shocked look in there faces izayoi thought ' I guess there things don't happen much'.

"Why is hmmm....... who are these people mom-my?" kenai said with a cute but curious face "kenai the boy is your older brother Inuyasha and the girl is his friend meko soma." Izayoi said with a motherly smile and speaked in a kindly vocal.

Inuyasha and meko looked at kenai them both thought at the same time ' what the thats the weridest thing I ever seen' with a werid face kenai look at meko and Inuyasha " Inu-inuyasha and Me-ko......" and smiled in happyness of the names and said" Inuyasha and meko."

Meko was tearing to kenais little trying to said Inuyasha's and her name she thought 'awwww...... kenai is soooo adorable!' Inuyasha thought 'ha my little sister tryed to said my name that was alittle cute i guess" smileing Inuyasha and Meko did'nt worry about kenai become a toddler so fast.

Meko, Inuyasha and little kenai all played together and Izayoi with trying to made supper and watch the kids Meko, Inuyasha and kenai all laughed then Meko look up at the rosely colored sky and said " oh god Me-Meko got to go Innie sorry bye bye." she did a run jump and vanish Inuyasha and Kenai looked at the sky then Inuyasha said " wait she called me Innie..... my name is Inuyasha oh well."

" Inuyashaaa....... what happen to Me-ko?"

"Meko lives in heaven."

"ooh... so she dead?"

"NO.... she actually lives in heaven kenai she not dead."

"ohhh.... ok haha."

Izayoi walked outside and said " supper is done where Meko? Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha pointed at the sky and said" she when home."

" oooh.... hope i see her tomorrow Inuyasha you, Kenai and Meko make a great play group." smiled

Inuyasha smiled with alittle bit of a blush face and said" ya I hope so too haha."

Kenai looked at Inuyasha and said" big brother you got alittle bit of a red on each creek did you get hit?" Inuyasha looked at kenai and said" thanks for telling me kenai." with a fake smile Izayoi giggled at her kids.


Chapter End Notes:

hope you like it and im so sorry for making it so late I got alittle bit of a writer block and I got summer alittle but the next chapter will be a good one too like this one. SORRY X'( but i hope you like this one XD and thank you for reading  MIX BREED!!!

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