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It's been 3 weeks scene Inuyasha met Meko the very silly friend.
Every morning Meko would pop in and wait until Inuyasha and Kenai would get done eating and play until sunset then Meko goes back to heaven. Inuyasha, Kenai and Izayoi would eating like always meko came in.
"HI HI!!!" Meko said waving to Inuyasha, Kenai and Izayoi.
"Hi Meko...." Inuyasha, kenai and izayoi said sleepily to Meko.
"Hey Meko, me and Kenai will be out soon so can you wait outside?" Inuyasha said
"Ok! Meko go outside and wait!" Meko said as she skipped outside.
Izayoi waited until Meko was outside and said " so... inuyasha do you like meko?"
Inuyasha nearly choked on his food and said "M-Mom!"
"what?" Izayoi said
"what... why did you asked that?"
"well... you seem to like her coming around... so ya..."
"hmm... Im done..." Inuyasha said as he walked outside.
"ah... wait for me nii-chan!" Kenai said runs after Inuyasha then they started playing.


"Meko.... Meko.... Where are you?" The person said as he let out a deep sigh. "Where is that little sister of mine she needs to do her job...."
"After your little sister's blood again Jin the heavenly vampire!" said the male voice in the shadows.
Jin Celestial Highson Meko's older brother he has white hair that went to his ear and yellow eyes, he wears a white rode top also black baggy pants. Jin is a mix of a heaven demon and a vampire so basically he is half heaven half hell.
"oh shut up Dai! If you keep saying that out loud i'm going to get kick out of heaven and then I cant see Meko!" Jin said
"awww.... but why Jin-san?" said another boyish man voice in the shadows.
"Get the hell out here!!! God damn it!!! Dai and Kai get down here right now!!!" Jin said in a angry tone.
"NOPE!" They both said
Jin sigh and asked "well.... Can you tell me if you seen Meko anywhere?"
"well.... She went to earth to play with two friends of hers." Dai said
"ya ya! Meko-Chan went to Earth!" Kai said
"what?! oh god that girl is trying to kill me I think..." Jin said as he jump off the clouds of heaven going to earth.


Meko, Kenai, and Inuyasha playing near the house laughing and playing.
“Innie is so cute when he’s mad!” Meko said giggling spinning around slowly spinning in the sky beautiful white wings appear on Meko’s back.
“Hey!- woah… Meko…” Inuyasha said in a angry tone that slowly turned to shock and awe.
“Huh? Oh no. Meko is so sorry!” Meko said in a panic she makes her wings disappear she then slowly floated down.
“What was that? Was that wings Meko?”
“Oh yes. Meko is a Heavenly demon!”
“Heavenly demon?”
“Yes Yes~! Meko shouldn't be telling you but meko is a Princess~!” Meko said with a giggle and a spin.
“Yes~! Meko is a princess~ once Im old enough or well when my papa says Im worthy to our God~!”
“Yes everyone god. Well if you believe in heaven of course… I haven't seen him but my father has... Papa says he sees so much potential in me…” she said giggling slightly smiling sweetly.
Inuyasha just stared at Meko he wasn't sure if she was telling the truth but he believed her in a way I mean he never did see a demon with white, no pure white angelic like wings like her was she really a demon though? He didn't think a demon could be a angel or a angel could be a demon but Meko would never lie. Right?
“Meko are you really telling me the truth?” Inuyasha said staring at her.
“Oh yes Innie-kun~! I would never lie my papa said lying is bad and lying isn't right… well unless its to a stranger because if a stranger wants to know where you live would be bad.” Meko said nodding smiling.
“I believe I didn't know if you really would joking though.” Inuyasha said kinda laughing.
“Meko is a priestess princess in training…” Meko said smiling.
“Oh so your a angel?” Kenai said staring at Meko.
“I guess you could say that~! Meko also has to learn how to fight as well~ Meko will be protecting heaven and Lord Raito~” Meko said giggling.
“Lord Raito?” Inuyasha said confused.
“You don't know? Lord Raito? You know. Um… well humans call him god but he is actually called Lord Raito…” Meko looked at Inuyasha tilting her head.
Inuyasha stared at meko just stunned. “So… your not a goddess but you’re going to high priestess… Princess of heaven or something?”
“Yes! Meko is that~!” Meko while giggling then stopped she then had a very serious face making a gold rod spear with a long steel blade on one side with large angel wings base of the blade, a red ribbon wrapped one area where to hold the spear and then a very small blade at the end of the spear.
“I know you are there! Come out!” Meko said doing a solid guard stance.
Meko stood there then she gasped making the spear go away.
“Big brother~! Oh wait… hehe… meko isn't on here~” Meko said nervously.
Jin walked out of the forest eyes kinda glowing grabbing Meko’s hand.
“Meko I have told you million times to not come here! You need to stay in heaven unless your father says so! Not come on! Before Dai and Kai tell on me that you on earth…” Jin said annoyed.
“Aww… but Big brother, Meko just wanted to have fun and see all the beauty here like heaven~” Meko said pouting a bit.
“Hmm… Meko I know you are really into loving everything and wanting to see everything, but you are a princess my dear sweet sister. Lord Raito as very high hopes for you. I don't mind coming down but we have to do the training first.” jin said giving a soft smile.
“O-ok Big brother… Meko is sorry..” meko said looking down.
Meko waved goodbye to Inuyasha and Kenai. Jin then looked up then vanished in a very bright white light.
“Meko is so cool…” Inuyasha said as looks at Kenai.
Kenai looked at him then back into the forest, Inuyasha looked at kenai confused he then slowly shaked her.
“Huh? Oh sorry.” Kenai said looking up at inuyasha smiling.
“Don't scare me like that kenai.” Inuyasha kinda laughs nervous as he patted her on the head.
“Its ok big brother. Mama might have food so let's go inside. “ Kenai said smiling at Inuyasha.
Inuyasha and Kenai then walked inside having dinner ending this day after this moment Mekowould come less and less doing her duties Jin would watch her from far away. Jin didn't seem to like Inuyasha for a few reasons.
One obviously being he liked his little sister, he didn't mind Kenai but would feel uncomfortable when he stared at him, One day he finally asked why kenai was kenai staring at him.
“Oh. Um. I just notice that your two top teeth are sharp. Sharper then Inuyasha. Also your scent doesn't seem like a demon or a human. Well at least half demon or ugly full demons. I don't know what you are but I didn't want to be rude or just ask.” Kenai said with a complete serious look on her face staring at him.
Jin just closed his mouth visible sweating. “O-oh? I-I um. Don't tell Meko but I'm not a demon or a human. I won't tell you want I am so. Please don't tell Meko please. She cant know what I am.” Jin said very nervous making sure Meko isn't hearing him.
“Its ok. I can see that Meko doesn't know your not like her I also didn't want to make you feel bad. I know Inuyasha gets bully by humans. I am pretty shocked I don't get bullied as well. I guess it's because i do look very human to them I guess.” Kenai said smiling.
Jin looked at her stunned about her. This girl was born for only a year yet she seems to be more smarter then Inuyasha and Meko who are at least 10-13 years old maybe even older.
“Kenai your way too smart to be your brother’s sister.” Jin said as he lightly laughs.
“Huh? Really?” Kenai looked at Jin confused.
“Yes, Kenai you seem to be more smarter than Meko and she actually pretty smart she doesnt show it though. Of course way smarter than inuyasha as well but he seems to be a good demon..” Jin said smiling patting kenai on the head.
Kenai only stared kinda giggles nodding then looking back at Meko and Inuyasha playing in the river water. Kenai then grabbed his hand pulling him to play with them in the river giggling as they all had fun that evening. It seems everything is back to being happy and normal for all. But then something unexpected happened…

“Your pregnant?!” Inuyasha yelled.
Izayoi only smiled rubbing her belly.
“Yes Inuyasha. Kenai you’ll be a big sister. Are you happy to be a big sister?”
Kenai could only stared confused.
“Mama… how are you pregnant? What is pregnant?”
“Oh Kenai… I'm having a baby, your baby brother or sister… maybe both if lucky..” Izayoi said kinda giggling.
“Who…. who is the father?” Inuyasha glared at Izayoi.
“... your father of course…”
“What?! So dad alive?!”
“Of course he is… He is the strongest demon alive dear… he cant stay in one spot he could get us killed… he loves us don't worry dear…” Izayoi said hugging kenai and Inuyasha.
“Then why doesn't he show himself to us?” Inuyasha said looking down.
“He is trying to protect us dear… he loves you, kenai, and me… also your baby brother or sister. I know it's terrible you can't bond with your father but you need to be strong for me ok Inuyasha?” Izayoi said with a sad smile.
Inuyasha only nodded.
“Mama… what will happen when our sibling is born?” Kenai said looking up at Izayoi.
“Oh. I. well… not sure… most likely we will do what we been doing just with another mouth to feed.” Izayoi patting Kenai on the head.
“Are you sure Mama? Won't full demons come by to hurt you?”
“Dont worry dear your father will know and protect us like before.”
Kenai nodded looking outside to sees red eyes tilting her head she got up and walks over sees the red eyes disappeared gasping she looked around confused.
‘I guess it was nothing?’ Kenai then walked back inside to play with Inuyasha.
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