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This is about a girl named kenai mora a mysteries girl with unknown powers and that keep secrets to herself because she cant trust anyone. what happens to kenai would she trust anyone to tell her secrets? what is the seven animals of the mystical rose's? what is the top rate? would there be vampires? what happens to kenai's father and mother? and WHAT!!! orochimaru and his clan what are they doing here? well your questions will be answered in..............



Rated: PG-13
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Published: 06 Jun 2009 Updated: 02 Sep 2018
Story Notes:
This story was made by me angel95demon but some of the characters ideas are form me and bloodyinuasha95 we share them so.......DON'T STEAL THEM IF YOU DO YOU WILL BE A CORYCAT!!!!!!! oh and remember to keep up please its alittle hard to so ya.

1. Chapter 1. A baby girl is born by angel95demon [Reviews - 0] starstarstarstarstar (856 words)

2. Chapter 2. A silly new friend and the transform little girl! by angel95demon [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1542 words)

ok This chapter is about the new friend and are little ms. kenai transforms into a older kenai and please remeber that kenai is a half demon so demons are fast to grow but that just happen around the baby age and that full or half breeds can learn faster so ya im just making sure that you get this ok now let's read!!!  XD lots of love and cookies!!! angel95demon ( and bloodyinuyasha95)

3. Chapter 3 Meko's... older brother!?! by angel95demon [Reviews - 0] (1805 words)