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Summary: He will never understand what draws him to this place... what draws him to HER.
Rated: R
Categories: Adult > One-Shots, Romance Characters: Sesshoumaru
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Word count: 1201 Read: 406
Published: 20 Jun 2009 Updated: 20 Jun 2009
Story Notes:
Sesshomaru/Adult!Rin pairing. Pregnancy Warning.

1. Chapter 1 by Ravyn Skye [Reviews - 12] starstarstarstarstar (1201 words)

I Do Not Own InuYasha. All Rights Reserved to Rumiko Takahashi, Sunrise Studios and Viz Publishing

Title: Crashing

Author: Plumespixie

Word Count: 1,240

Summary: He finally understands

A/N: Originally written for as a Secret Santa Gift Fic for Isha_Lisban.

Genre: Romance/Waff