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Kagome seals the well after a heartbreaking encounter with Inuyasha, and her family moves. When they are killed in a car accident and she is the only survivor, she meets Conan Edogawa at the scene and begins to fall for him over time, even more so when she learns his secret, and has a similar one of her own. Inuyasha/Case Closed x-over

Warnings: Character death, mystery/crime solving, spoilers for the first episode of Inuyasha and Case Closed, murder in later chapters. Drug use as well.

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Crossover, Action/ Adventure, Romance Characters: Kagome Higurashi
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Chapters: 3 Completed: No
Word count: 6511 Read: 7813
Published: 18 Jan 2010 Updated: 18 Jan 2010
Story Notes:
This was my first try at a crossover for Inuyasha. I hope you all like it here! :) I do not own Inuyasha or Case Closed. Rumiko Takahashi and Gosho Aoyama own them.

1. Chapter 1: Moving To Your Doom by HanyouDetective [Reviews - 0] (2295 words)
This is not rewritten, just posted here exactly like I wrote it on Fanfiction.net. I'm just curious if I get different opinions on it here than I did there. This is also, again, my first try at this crossover, and I'm not exactly a grammar nut, but I try my best, so yeah. Enjoy!

2. Chapter 2: Two Tales In One Night by HanyouDetective [Reviews - 0] (2201 words)
Spoilers for Inuyasha, the first few episodes, as well as about, the first episode of Case Closed.

3. Cured! by HanyouDetective [Reviews - 0] (2015 words)
The third chapter. I am happy to see people reading this, even on here! Enjoy.