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Summary: Short story about an event that was described in detail in the anime/manga. A bit more simplistic, drabbely and emotion-y. Also fills in a few gaps in time.
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Drabbles, Angst/ Drama, Romance Characters: Inu Yasha
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Published: 05 May 2010 Updated: 05 May 2010

1. (It Almost Was) Over by NameOnTheSpine [Reviews - 0] (546 words)
~~~A/N: I don’t truly know what I did, but I’ll translate, ja? Third-person narrative is in simple non-bold-nor-italicized-lettering. Kikyou’s POV is in italics, and it is simply what happens to her, in raw emotion. The same for Inuyasha, only his is in just bold. I’m posting this as more of an experiment. Please tell me what you think! I don’t own Inuyasha. This is completely un-beta’d. And we all know how well my un-beta’d stuff is :/~~~