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Twenty years after the death of Naraku, Inuyasha and his friends have settled down and gone on with their lives, Midori, Inuyasha's oldset child lives with her family in peace. But just beyond the horizon evil lurks, a monster all but forgotten now threatens not just the lives of Midori's family and friends, but all of Japan. And with the birth of the Black Shikon No Tama, ten times more powerful then the original, Midori will find out just how much truth their was in her parents stories.

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Published: 08 Oct 2010 Updated: 17 Dec 2010
Story Notes:

I do not own Inuyasha Rumiko Takahashi does.

Okay this is my first fanfic so bear with me, also the story will revolve around the main characters Children.

I hope you enjoy reading it!!!

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1. Chapter 1 by Mikoangel [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstar (769 words)

2. Return of an old enemy by Mikoangel [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstar (637 words)

Ok this in a little later then I hoped sorry that school was in the way. Well I hope you like the next chapter.

I do not own Inuyasha.

3. Life in the feudal era (part one) by Mikoangel [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (670 words)

Okay... this took way longer than I hoped, but I hope you enjoy the new chapter!!!

I do not own Inuyasha

4. Life in the feudal era (part Two) by Mikoangel [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1326 words)

Okay, here's chapter 4, I hope you enjoy the it!!!

I don't own Inuyasha.


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