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Author's Chapter Notes:
Love all ya who reads this! <3

Love shines from a halo ontop Kagome's head,

Inuyasha, full of surprise, turns bright red,

For the miko was showing her true feelings to him,

Even though their lives hung on a limb,

As Naraku delivers the final blow,

Inuyasha lets Kagome know,

About his true self, falling for her,

Using her care as a lure,

He drew nearer to a new life,

Ready to make her his wife,

A stroke of a sword was stopped, saving their lives,

A figure darted around like a thousand knives,

Naraku cursed the day Inuyasha was born,

Inuyasha looked at the enemy which he had sworn,

The figure was nowhere to be seen,

Like all had a dream,

Kagome realized it was love that saved them

Patching up the void like a hem,

Inuyasha smirked and attacked his enemy with brutal force,

Entai was called with a demon on the horse,

Naraku's life ended that day,

But Inuysha and Kagome could say,

I love you,

and i'd do anything to save you too,

beacause we have sung our song,

and our love grows strong.

Chapter End Notes:

Enjoy:) :)

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