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Story Notes:

This story is my own and I, unfortunately, do not own the characters.

Also, this story is my first; so please let me know if ya like it.

Author's Chapter Notes:

(opening) Kagome's era: Leaving the house...

   "I'm off, Mom!" Kagome called out. She ran to the well with her bag full.

"Take care!" Her mother called from inside the house.

Kagome jumped into the well and crawled out into the Feudal Era. She dropped her bag onto the ground and sat, waiting for Inuyasha.

    Kagura watched as Inuyasha's miko waited by the enchanted well. 'Time for some fun.' she thought.

She stepped out of the shadows and walked towards her.

   Inuyasha caught Kagome's scent in the air along with a familiar nefariuos odor.

'Kagura!' he thought. He motioned for Sango, Miroku, Kirara, and Shippo to follow him.

He then ran as fast as he could to find Kagome.

   Kagome heard footsteps behind her and whirled around.

"Inuya--" She faltered in her greeting when she saw who it really was. Her heart jumped into a panic.

'Kagura!' She thought slowly backing away from her.

   Inuyasha skidded into the well's clearing. "Kagome!" he yelled.

Kagome was binded by Kagura's demons. "Inuyasha!" she said trying to struggle free.

The demons binding her started to rise into the air. Inuyasha tried to get to her but was stopped by more demons.

   Sango and the others arrived to help. Kirara and Shippo both headed for Kagome. But more demons came and blocked them.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed as she was taken into the sky and away from her friends.


Chapter End Notes:
Didja like it? ;> There's more in store...
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