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Author's Chapter Notes:

Reminder: It's my story line and I don't own the characters.

  Quick recap: Kagome was taken away by demons. And her friends were left behind fighting the remainder of the demons sent by Kagura...

  The last of Kagura's demons were sucked in by Miroku's hand. "Well, what do we do now, Inuyasha?" He asked wrapping his hand up.

Inuyasha kneeled on the ground; still staring up at the sky where Kagome recently disappeared. 'I couldn't save her...' ran through his head over and over.

Miroku padded over to Inuyasha and bopped him on the head with his staff. Inuyasha's head jerked up and he glared at Miroku.

"What the hell was that for?!" Inuyasha growled.

"You weren't listening. I said 'What do we do now?' Sango went after the demons but we do not know where they went or what they exactly plan to do with Lady Kagome, now do we?" Miroku huffed.  

Inuyasha just stared incapable of speaking.

Sango and Kirara circled the skies searching for Kagome.

With no leads, they retreated back to where they left Inuyasha and Miroku.

"I hope she's safe." she said to Kirara. Kirara growled in agreement.


   Kagome woke up in a strange room and looked around. She got up and looked out the window.

She gasped when she saw that she was in a tower. 'That's a long way down.' she thought.

She went to the door and tried to open it. "It won't budge." she muttered.

There were sounds of movements from the bed she just woke up in.

"W-who's there?" she muttered slowly approaching the bed.


"So what's the plan?" Sango asked as she slid off of Kirara.

"Hunt her down." Inuyasha said. He stood up to sniff the air.

"Well, anything?" Miroku asked walking over to Sango. He stood near her in case they needed to leave quickly on Kirara.

"North." Inuyasha huffed before speeding off with Kagome's bag.

Sango got back on Kirara and Miroku followed suit.



Chapter End Notes:

How about that?  

There's more to come.

Will they find Kagome?...

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