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Author's Chapter Notes:
The Solaris of ILLUSION

 "What is going on here Solaris" Kagome said 

"Kill the demon Kagome..." 

"But theres no De-"

At that instant a huge dragon appeared

"OH CRAP" Kagome said looking at the 100 foot dragon...

for a while Kagome shot arrows and dodged its attacks until it hit her with such force her bow broke...

"INUYASHA!" She yelled

"He's not coming, you're alone"

Kagome ran away as fast as she could...

"Kagome its a endless loop you cant escape, and not only that, but, you really would save yourself and let someone die?!" 

 Kagome froze...

"no...I WILL NOT!!!"

she shot her sacred arrow and it pierced straight through...

"but it didn't work before?" kagome said confused

"BECAUSE before you thought InuYasha would help you overcome the situation of Fighting when InuYasha won't come"

"heres you're key, Return" 

Kagome closed her eyes and opened her eyes. she was back! 

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