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Summary: What if InuYasha and Kagome ever had a daughter? How about twin daughters? and a son thrown into the mix. Now imagine if their names was InuYasha ( named after InuYasha himself) Kayla her twin sister. (Yes InuYasha jr. Is a girl.) and InuSuke. Now if you have ever read the end of the InUYasha seires you know that Sango and Miroku had twin daughters and a baby son. Well the story, well first one anyway does not have Inusuke or the twin girls. But it does have InuYasha, Kayla, and the son named Mitch. oh, and an orphan girl Sango raised to be a demon slayer named Stephanie.

Okay now moving out of the inuYasha world In to The world of Harry Potter, Yes. The Boy Who Lived / Chosen One. Dumbledore Genius that he is had contact many years with Kagome while InuYasha and her siblings grew up.

Harry is going into the sixth year of Hogwarts, and everything in the original book gets twisted and another destiny is created for dear Harry Potter, Thanks to Dumbledore.

Feeling that the school is in need for some extra protection Dumbledore contact's someone through history that is named InuYasha the Savior. No it is not InuYasha Sr. Because InuYasha being her mothers daughter she traveled around Japan and other places through time, leaving her mark through out history. Agreeing (reluctanly) to Dumbledores request. InuYasha , later known as Yashie, Finds herself in a entertwined destiny at Hogwarts School of Witch craft and Wizardy. Soon to be meeting the only girl with brains that matches her sisters and Stephanie's, Mitch's way of life, and finally another creature of history, a green eyed boy.

After they become friends and Voldemort discovers Who InuYasha really is is Hogwarts safe? Is anyone?
Rated: NC-17
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Series: A Cross of Time, Magic, Life, and Destiny
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Published: 10 Apr 2011 Updated: 02 May 2011
Story Notes:

Okay. So everyone I've been replaying a story in my head for a long time. So here's the short of it. InuYasha and Kagome have a daughter named InuYasha . Well InuYasha gets a letter at 16 to help protect the school of Hogwarts from Voldemort. Now Naraku is amongst her world again ( I'll type that one up later) and she her fathers heir with his sword even though she has a younger brother. InuYasha accepts and replies back ( against her will). A letter later in the summer she gets back saying that she will be a student and be thrown into sixth year with the rest of her team. ( Her, Mitchell, Stephanie, Shi, And her twin Kayla) ( sorry for the non jap. Names. I couldn't think of better names to go with the book.) on august 31 A huge half giant named Hagrid comes to pick them up. And this is where the story begins. InuYasha uses the time turner and wines up in the time of Harry potter. This is were the story begins On platform 9 ¾.

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Song is by the Goo Goo Dolls "iris"

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The song was arranged lyrics from Evanescence's Tourniquet.

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