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Story Notes:
Prequal to my first story "Crossing Time and Magic"
Author's Chapter Notes:
The First chapter of Yashie's life before she met Harry

Chapter 1

The morning after

He had opened his eyes under the tree Kikyo, the wench, had pinned him to, his red kimono spread out like a blanket over them.

He was in a awkward position. While his legs were comfortable at the distance apart from each other, his arms were bothering him. His left hand was on Kagome's back, but his other hand was on her stomach.

He frowned. The rest of her body was softer and moulded to him and her new mating mark showed through her messy hair. But her stomach was surprisingly hard. And he could have sworn that it was soft ( though she was fit) like the rest of her.

She smelled different too. Like something about her body had changed. She had smelled different when she came to through the well 3 years after it closed but that was because she was older. Now something inside her changed.

Kagome opened her eyes, and turned her head smiling at him.

'Good morning.' She whispered angel-like.

'Good morning mate.' He ran his hand down her hair.

They stared at each other for a long time. Then they parted and started to dress. She was a foot away getting her priestess robes correct while he was crouched on one knee fixing the band on the bottom of his pants.

Kagome swayed for a moment then fell backwards, and InuYasha caught her right before she hit the ground. Just then she seemed to be aware of what happened 'oh!' she squeaked.

He checked if she was alright. Her heart was fast! Twice as fast . 'Kagome are you okay?' InuYasha looked up at her.

'Yeah I feel fine. Why?' She started to shake a little, worried.

'Your hearts really fast, relax. I don't want you to be in any more danger.' He concealed his worried and ran full sprint into the village square into Keade's hut. The old women jumped spilling her breakfast all over herself. 'Good Kami child why are you here so early and where have you been all night, Sango and Miroku were in a fit!' The old lady croaked. InuYasha distantly wondered if she was having heart failure. 'Something's wrong with Kagome. Her hearts to fast and she smells odd.' She shifted her weight in his arms.

The old lady got up and grabbed Kagome's wrist. 'There's nothing wrong with her heart boy.' His temper rose.

'To hell! Just tell me what's wrong with her!' he shouted.

The old lady thought for a moment. 'Put her down and wait outside.' she demanded.

His eye's bulged.' Why!' he yelled.

'InuYasha do it.'

InuYasha looked at Kagome amazed, but after opening his mouth to protest he laid her on the floor and crossed his arms and stomped out side, and completing his pout said down cross legged on the ground outside and looked into space.

There was a long space of silence. About half an hour passed before Sango and Miroku came up.

'I see you and Kagome were busy last night.' Sango said trying to suppress a giggle as she spotted his green ( standing for Kagome) mating mark that had appeared on his neck.

'Where's Kagome?' asked Miroku who would have asked him a hundred questions but his children were running up carrying their youngest child, their first son Mitch.

'When we woke up her heart was to fast and she smelled odd.' InuYasha said business like.

'Yeah well that smell is pretty standard.' Miroku laughed loudly.

'I meant on the inside mother effer.' snapped InuYasha.

Just then Keade limped against her walking stick outside. 'She wants to see you.' Keade smirked wisely as InuYasha got up. She touched his arm as he passed her to get to the door way, Almost like a silent "Prepare yourself."

Walking in he saw that Kagome was standing , beaming at him, a long white kimono going to her knees, her arms spread as if to embrace him, he smiled as she said 'Can we talk in a more private place.' looking at what InuYasha assumed was Sango and Miroku's shadow seeping in through the cloth door.

He took his mate gently into his arms and ran to the well where animals ran around happily and the sun made the old wood glisten. He set Kagome down, and she sat on the well. He suddenly remembered the time that he had chosen Kikyo, but she said she' d still stay with him.

'Okay what is it?' InuYasha asked completely dumbfounded.

'Promise you won't freak out?' Kagome said slyly. She looked so beautiful.

He nodded. Uh oh, this can't be good.

She motioned with her hand to tell him to come to her.

She took his hand and kissed him when he got to her, then with a smile whispered. 'I love you, but this might make you doubt me.'

He looked up at her, a long moment passed as that sunk in. InuYasha actually burst into laughter. 'Never.'

Kagome smiled gently. Then moved his hand over to under her belly button. His laughter stopped as he paled.

'bump…bump…bump….bump…' A gentle sound came from where his hand was, the extra. The second heart beat.

'What…' InuYasha whispered.

'InuYasha!' Kagome laughed 'Haven't you ever heard of a baby before!' She broke off into laughter at his stupidity, but his hand remained still as he stared at her belly listening to the sound.

'Not of a baby that was mine!' He jumped up.

Kagome's face got red with anger ' What does that mean!' she screamed. He backed away. She had miss understood. He wasn't saying It's not mine he was saying… Well he wasn't sure what he was saying.

'I'm going to be a dad?' InuYasha started to hyperventilate.

Kagome's face left all sign of anger and returned with a small smile. 'Yup. Just like Miroku and Sango.'

He made a face, he wanted the least amount possible in common with the monk, who was still one of his best friends. And Sango had nothing on Kagome.

'We're going to have a pup!' InuYasha laughed spinning Kagome around in his arms, kissing her belly, Kissing her lips, then picking her up and running the fastest he had ever ran towards the village to tell everyone that would listen.

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