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Summary: When Kagome falls into the Bone Eaters Well, she enters a time when Kikyo is still alive, the jewel is whole and Onigumo is still a mere crippled bandit. Will her presence be enough to help Inuyasha and Kikyo escape the trap fate has in store for them? Or will she only hasten the fated tragedy?
Rated: PG-13
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Published: 11 Jun 2011 Updated: 15 Jun 2015
Story Notes:

A strange sort-of "what if" story. It popped into my head after watching episodes 147-148 and episode 151 afterwards. What really caught my eye was the comments on youtube for the episodes saying that Kagome would have been able to see through Naraku's disguise. And thought: 

"Hmm....let's test that theory." 

 Another thought that led to this story was: 

"If Kikyo were still alive and a viable opition, would Inuyasha have chosen to be with her?" 

Both concepts really got me going and is a real good source of drama. And don't worry all characters will remain in-character. 

1. Boy Meets Girl Meets Reincarnation by Gammer [Reviews - 63] starstarstarstarstar (3171 words)

Hope you enjoy the first chapter. Be sure to tell me what you think, it is the only way the story can improve after all.

In terms of timeline, this is after Inuyasha's very first attempt to take the jewel. So he and Kikyo have met, but they haven't really talked yet, hence their distance to each other. 

 Also I wasn't sure exactly when Kagome's birthday was. So I just guessed. Most cheerful people I know were born around summer time, so I figured what the heck. If anyone knows her actual birthday, let me know and I'll correct it. 


2. Compare and Contrast by Gammer [Reviews - 1] (3773 words)
For me the best part about this chapter is just having Kikyo and Kagome interact with each other, which they really do much in the series. (At least on good terms anyways)

3. First Impressions by Gammer [Reviews - 0] (4336 words)

4. Gifts by Gammer [Reviews - 0] (3478 words)
A lot of Kikyo and Kagome interaction but it was nesscary to establish their relationship. Besides there's hardly any interaction between Kikyo and Kagome on good terms in the series.

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