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Against his better judgment, Toga found himself still staying at the edge of the village, waiting for Kagome. She had been gone for a long time; it would be dark by the time they returned to the demon camp. The young demon lord sighed and pressed his forehead to a tree trunk. Still feeling the ghost of her body on his back. He cradled the trunk between his hands.

His mind was in a turmoil, torn between his reason and wholly new feelings that terrified him. He felt disgusted with himself of how he allowed that human to make him jump through hoops for her. He had succumbed to a role of a buffoon, begging for a treat for every trick he performed for her. His dignity greatly suffered by every favor he did for her. It was unnatural. He was supposed to be the one to make her do his bidding. Without any sentimental clemency.

“Toga?” A gentle voice called him.

He didn’t turn around. His claws pierced the bark of the tree. He wanted to run from her voice. But the haunting scent of her heat nailed him to his place. Quietly a pair of arms draped around him from behind. Toga shivered. Why didn’t that human fear him?

“Is everything all right?” Kagome asked softly, her tone laced with concern. Small fingers sensuously ventured on his chest and burned through his layers of clothing.

“No.” His voice came out strangled. He shoved her hands away and spun around. Kagome took a step back and her big, round eyes filled with confusion. She hugged her hands against her chest in a defensive gesture. The inu youkai closed the distance between them. Kagome had to tilt her head upwards to look him in the eyes.

“Why have you no respect for me?” Toga growled. When he was so close to her she stood barely to the level of his chest and seemed smaller and more fragile than she truly was.

Toga gripped her shoulders and forced his mouth on hers. Kagome whimpered from the sudden contact and tried to keep her hands between them – shielding herself from his onslaught. That small sound rattled something primal inside the demon. Her whimper sounded like a squeak of mouse to a hungry cat. He snarled and threw Kagome on the ground. He followed her to the bed of grass and pinned her body down with his own.

Kagome breathed in quickly.

The dog demon hooked a seam of her clothing with the tip of his claw and pulled back. The clothes on her body were torn to shreds effortlessly. Kagome didn’t shy away from his eyes.

“Please...” She breathed. Not finishing her sentence, leaving Toga unknowing if she wanted him to stop or continue. No matter, he had already decided.

Toga adeptly took a hold of her hips and turned her body around so that she was on all fours in front of him. Like a good submissive bitch.

Toga marveled the arch of her back and glided his hands on her naked contours as he untied the robes on his umanori.

“I can take no more of this.” He admitted out loud. “I must have you.”

He didn’t wait to have her approval, it was unnecessary. In his mind, she was his and rightfully his to claim. His to undo as he pleased. Toga guided his hardened male organ to her rump and forcefully, almost violently, entered her.

Kagome mewled. Urged him to continue. Her heat engulfed him, made him see, hear or feel nothing but her being. He dug his claws to naked flesh on her hips. Kagome trashed her head.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah.” She screamed in fervor. Trickling blood mixed with her sweat as she took on his merciless thrusts.

Toga couldn’t hold it in longer. He had willed himself not to unravel already when entering her. The painfully tight knot in his belly felt like the grab of strong fingers that squished his intestines and testicles into a small ball. Squeezing so hard that they would burst.

Toga let out strangled grunts as he released himself.

But it wasn’t Kagome’s warmth around his member but his own hand. Toga was still leaning on the tree trunk and panting from the dissolving memories of his fantasy. When the afterglow of his release dissipated, his reason slowly came back to him. Guilt and shame washed over him.

Such vile thoughts. He hid his face into his hands.


Kagome barely registered the sunset and the rising moon. She continued to walk back to the forest in blind disbelief.

What she had gathered from the locals was that she had travelled well over 3000 years into the past. To this foreign place where she had no friends and no way of maybe ever returning home. The well wouldn't be constructed in few millennia and, as far as she knew, it was her only ticket home.

Kagome instinctively stopped at the place where she had parted with Toga, not fully being aware of stopping. She fought back all the tears in her eyes and the emerging feel of panic in her chest. She was left with an empty void within herself. Would she ever be able to hug her mother, bicker with her little brother, travel with her friends of be finally held by Inuyasha? Were all those things that would fade from her memory in time, dreams that would cease to exist as she was left to survive in this strange and hostile time?

At least she had managed to acquire a kettle by trading her necklace for it. A pretty sweet deal considering she had won that trinket on a gashapon machine. Of course, a kettle wouldn’t offer her the same comfort than her home and friends would have.

The young woman hardly noticed as Toga hopped down from the tree she was slumped against.

“If you are done with your inquiries, we must take our leave. I'm sensing demons nearby.”

“Yeah, you're right.” Kagome replied without as much as a blink.

Toga grouched on the ground so that Kagome could more easily climb on his back. She wrapped her arms around him and Toga was glad that his earlier release had taken the worst edge off the effects of her touches. Kagome curled against his back and Toga jumped high above the trees.


At the dead of night, they arrived at the dog demon camp. Kagome no longer rode on Toga's back. She had dozed off so many times and kept slipping on his back, twice dropping the kettle, that Toga had grown most irritated and decided to carry her back on his arms and bind the kettle to his waist.

When he walked past some male inu youkai, he couldn't help noticing the hungry gleam in the eyes of some of his brethren. They were obviously no more immune to the scent of a ripe untouched fruit than he was. But unlike Toga, they had no moral obligation to hold themselves off.

Toga bared his fangs at some of his fellow demons as a gentle reminder that the woman was his property. His.

Most of the male dog demons averted their eyes, but some defiantly followed Toga's moves from the shadows, licking their lips with anticipation.

Toga entered Kagome's hut and gently placed her on a tuff of fur and skin. He had to pry her fingers off his clothes and felt disturbing concern over her. She had a snowball's chance in hell if a pack of demons decided to sully her, powerful as she may be. Toga finally got Kagome off of him and looked at her slumbering figure. Small, fragile.

Toga exited her hut and sat smack middle of the entrance. He could easily go without sleep during the time her heat needed to pass. He would sit there guarding her sleep even if it made him feel submissive and humiliated. But he rather faced the snickers and snide comments from his pack than let them rape and rip her apart. A thought that should have been completely insignificant to him, but for the reason he still denied knowing, felt very significant to him.


Toga had sat on guard for the rest of the uneventful night and was already pretty confident that no one was bone-headed enough to challenge him, as horny as his companions might've been. The humidity was getting thinner and Toga knew that the sun was only few moments away. Right when he was sure that Kagome would still have her maidenhood intact in the morning, he felt a strong demonic aura near him.

An older male approached him and even though he appeared calm, Toga could sense his ominous agenda.

“Yanagi-san, I advise against what you are about to attempt.” Toga growled and tensed his muscles.

The one called Yanagi simply smiled lazily bearing his pearly fangs.

“Toga-san. You are not the king here. You have no first right to our prey, may as you be the general’s son or not.” His languid voice sounded almost gleeful. “Need I remind you, you are inferior to me in age and in rank.”

Toga stood up and faced Yanagi eye to eye. Toga saw the seeping crimson in his corneas, adding threat to his statement.

“There's truth in what you say, but this woman is already taken. She's mine.” Toga crossed his arms and lifted his chin up in an attempt to look bigger and taller which there was no real need to. He was clearly more sizeable than Yanagi.

The other demon snickered “Save your lies. I can easily smell from here that she is unspoken for. ”

Yanagi tried to push past Toga, but Toga halted him with his blade.

“Don't worry, Toga, if you so wish, I won't take her life.” Yanagi lowered his voice to almost a whisper “I'll even save some for you.”

The thought of Yanagi, or anyone else, toughing her, made him ill with rage. She was his to have, and when he'd wanted to have her, he would make sure she begged him to have her.

“Your last warning.” Toga snarled and felt his own eyes becoming hot with blood rushing to them.

“The hard way it shall be.” Yanagi replied and pulled out his own sword.

Toga didn't hesitate. Their rugged blades clashed together creating bursts of sparks. Neither demon used the real form of their swords because both understood that lashes of full demonic attacks could potentially destroy their camping base. So, the two demons merely competed by fencing. Toga was reasonably sure that he could have won either by using his special attacks or with just his hands, but he didn't want to actually kill Yanagi. So he refrained from using his real strength, even though Yanagi proved to be an excellent swordsman. Toga had to use all his concentration to avoid the swings of his opponent's blade.

Yanagi swirled his katana effortlessly around Toga. Toga snarled as he was reduced to simply block his hits and not being able to deliver some back. A quick glint of steely gray flashed before Toga's eyes and white strands of hair fell to his feet. Toga was missing a fistful of his mane.

“Why bother defend her? She's just a human.” Yanagi laughed and cut some more of Toga's hair before the younger male could evade. Yanagi made a swift diversion for which Toga fell. Toga tried to lunge his sword at Yanagi, but the older demon went another direction. Before Toga could recompose his bearing, a sharp blow knocked him on the ground. Toga lost the grip on his katana and fell face first into the ground. Before having the chance to get up, Yanagi bestrode him, grabbing a hold of Toga's hair from behind and pulling his head up.

“As of yet I haven't hand any complaints. I'm guessing that she will even like some of the things I'm about to do to her.” Yanagi's words came out hot against Toga's cheek. Yanagi raised his sword and was about to pin Toga by the shoulder but Yanagi soon found himself laying on the ground.

Toga flung Yanagi's sword somewhere in the bushes and grabbed the other demon by his throat. Now Yanagi was underneath Toga and Toga let his claws pierce the skin of his opponent.

“You will leave now.” Toga growled, resisting the urge to sink his claws all the way through his neck up to his spine.

When Yanagi didn't reply, Toga let his claws sink even deeper. “And not come back until a week has passed.” Yanagi started to have trouble breathing and could only produce gurgling noises.

Toga moved his face so close to Yanagi's that he could taste the blood that was gathering in Yanagi's throat and mouth.

“A week. Nod if you understand.”

Yanagi's eyes slowly began returning to their aureate color and he weekly nodded. Toga let go of his throat and let him lay on the ground. Toga picked up his own katana and entered Kagome's hut without even glancing back.


The sun was up and the first light crept to walls of the hut. Toga wiped beads of sweat from his brow. It was hot in the hut. Partially because the sun was getting warmer by the day, partially because two persons in a small confined space created heat on their own. But mostly because Toga hadn't shaken off the adrenaline rush from the fight he had moments ago and Kagome smelled like a banquet to a starving man. Toga tried to moisten his dry mouth and reached for a small clay cup which served as Kagome's refreshment. He downed a few gulps of water and leaned back to the wall of the hut.

He had spent the whole night debating what to do about that peculiar human creature. He couldn't abandon her in the forest or take her back to the human village. The demons would make mincemeat out of her If left in the woods. And Kagome was clearly not like other humans. She dressed like she came from some faraway land and she had enormous miko powers. Other humans would burn her on the stake if they knew.

She was better off with him, Toga sighed and succumbed to the thought. But as long as she was in heat, she wouldn't be safe with his kin, not even perhaps himself. Toga looked at her sleeping figure and held his desire at bay. Her bare long legs were uncovered since Kagome had kicked off the fur blanket in the heat of the night. Sweat trickled down her smooth thighs in small streaks. She tossed her head in her sleep and grabbed the animal skins beneath her body. Her chest was rising and descending as her breath quickened.

Toga crawled soundlessly next to her makeshift bed and watched her brow crease and relax as she continued to dream of things Toga had no understanding about.

“Mama, the air conditioning is not working. Can I go out and buy an ice-cream?” She mumbled in her sleep.

Toga couldn't resist his curiosity any longer. He carefully grazed her lips with his thumb and they felt just as soft as he had imagined they would. He smiled. But suddenly, as if driven by a lash of whip, he backed away from her. His hand trembled so he tried to calm himself down by burying his claws into his forearm. He cradled his hands against his chest.

Kami, he had no shame or control over himself. That woman made him act and think in manners that he had never conceived possible. What would he succumb to? A puny human, miko or not, would not make a fool of a noble youkai. Who did she think she was, goddamn! Humans were filthy, ugly, feeble creatures. He'd rather burn in hell than defile himself with a weaker constituent.

Toga had almost convinced himself to resign his duties as that human woman's aid and guard until Kagome let out a small sigh and murmured someone's name in her sleep.


Toga crept back and observed her for longer. He had thought humans to be filthy, but her scent was absent of odors he usually associated with humans. Rorearu? He tried to remember the name of the soapy scent Kagome had mentioned that first day. Though did it really matter? Toga dipped his head into her hair and inhaled her scent. A shiver ran up his spine and instinctively he needed more of her.

Her smell would cling to him he thought as he continued to nuzzle her raven locks. He couldn't stop his hands from venturing down to her thighs. So smooth, so soft, Toga marveled half-consciously. This would be enough, he promised himself. Just a little touch to get it out his system, he swore.

But when his hand warily massaged her soft flesh, the human unexpectedly opened her legs for him.

“Inu..sh.” She murmured again and sighed.

The air fused with the scent of her arousal and fertile state. Toga could feel his eyes practically burn with blood-red desire. A sizeable bulge strained the front of his umanori. His hands stopped their venture on her body and he squeezed a wisp of her silky hair in his fist.

Before being able to stop himself, Toga had disrobed himself. He went to get the clay cup and situated himself next to Kagome. Slowly his hand sought for his throbbing member and began ministering strokes on the hardened organ. He let his free hand roam her body while he buried his head in the crook of her neck.

He gave a tender lick to her throat and Kagome let out a broken breath. In his imagination it was his name Kagome whispered. It was for him that she opened the gates to her inner sanctum. The speed of his strokes increased and he shut his eyes.


Sometime later Kagome woke up from a nice, relaxing dream. All things considered, she had had a good night's sleep. Even the usual coldness didn't disturb her night. She yawned and flexed her arms. Maybe she was starting to get used to the prehistoric setting she was stuck in. Maybe things wouldn't...

“Gyaaaaaaah!” She shrieked when her train of thought was cut by the realization that a man was standing in her hut. After the frantic brain of the scared-shitless Miko realized that it was Toga, Kagome gave up on trying to find whatever suitable for throwing at the intruder.

“Good Lord, Toga!” She huffed. “You took years of my life just now.”

Toga remained in his stoic stance and stared at her blankly. It seemed to Kagome like the poor man hadn't had a wink of sleep for a week. His complexion was pale...er than usual and his eyes bleary. And his expression was somewhat... constipated.

“Umm, is everything all right?” She inquired carefully.

The question seemed to snap Toga out of his trance. He cleared his throat and picked something up from the ground. It was a small clay cup, her drinking cup as a matter of fact. Rather it wasn't filled with water but with a thick murky ooze. Toga hastily placed it next to her bead and leapt away.

“Use it.” He murmured under his breath, barely audible.

Kagome picked up the cup and examined the ooze.

“How? What is it?” She placed the cup under her nose and took a sniff. It smelled like salt and protein. Toga buried his burning face into his hands but Kagome was too busy to notice.

“Smells like egg whites. Looks like, too.” The miko mused aloud and dipped her index finger in the cup. The ooze clung to her finger like mucus. She pressed her thumb and index finger together and when she parted her fingers, a thin string of the ooze appeared between them.

Toga shook with anger and humiliation. “Quit jesting around, woman! Just use it on your skin!”

Kagome wanted to shout back at Toga for yelling at her, but was silenced by his face. He was either having a stroke or he was actually blushing. Either way, Kagome was really confused about what was going on.

“Hey, is everything okay with your face? I mean, you look kinda... scarlet.”

Toga quickly turned his back at Kagome and spoke sharply back at her. “Never mind me. You need to apply it on your skin.”

“Why?” She demanded.

Toga slapped both of his hands on his forehead and tried to restrain himself from going over at her and either smacking her on the head or trying out another way to get his scent on her. Idea of the latter made his pants feel rather uncomfortable.

“Just. Please. For once. Do as you're told.” He begged. His voice was filled with sincere stress and strain. Kagome saw best not to argue with him further.

“Okay...” She muttered. “Where? I mean, where do you want me to 'apply' it on my skin?”

Toga swallowed painfully before answering. “On your inner thighs and abdomen.” Before submitting himself to further inquiries, Toga left her hut. Kagome was left behind with the clay cup in her hands and a puzzled look on her face.


Outside the hut, Toga sighed with relief and rubbed his wary face. At least now the other demons wouldn't cause him any more trouble. It was pretty much obvious to everyone that he had spent the night in the human woman's quarters. And with his scent masking her untouched state, no-one would dare to challenge his position as the one who had claimed her and owned her. And maybe his own scent on her would subdue his own primal urges for fornicating. His brain would interpret the scent as a sign of conquered prey. It would hopefully lessen his urges.


Short while after, Kagome pushed her way out of the hut. Dressed in one of those strange futuristic clothes of hers. This time she was wrapped in all the colors of the rainbow, like a human canary. Making her stand out like a sore thumb in the forest that was muted green. That creature's vanity rivalled her stupidity, Toga rebuked in his mind. Did she truly that badly want to be an easy target for hostile demons and predators? With those strange pants that were practically glued to her shapely long legs. And that whimsy, totally weather inappropriate shirt that did absolutely nothing to hide the shape of her bosom. Toga stared at Kagome's ass and smelled the intense scent of his sex on her body. In less than three blinks, he had gone from flaccid to painfully hard. Against his earlier forecast, instead of holding his sexual instincts at bay, smelling his own semen on her just made him want her even more badly. It made him want to take her right there and then.

“Is your stomach okay? You've been acting really weird this morning?” Kagome asked but her voice sounded like it came from a deep cave at a great distance. None of the words were even recognizable to his brain anymore. So, Toga didn't even try to reply and just crudely ran off. Kagome tried to wave after him, but he didn't hear her before disappearing into the woods.


“What the hell?!” Kagome yelled behind him and some of the dog demons further away in the camp stared at the strange human.

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: I got you there at the beginning, didn’t I? ;) Shame on you! You ought to know Kagome better than that! She would not give in so easily to Toga. Especially since she’s not totally convinced that he even likes her. 

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