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Ashrah returned to the fire where everyone was gathered around, watching Shippo perform some of his fox magic. Ashrah took a seat beside Kagome. She noticed Inuyasha and Kagome were sitting differently than usual. Normally, they would sit next to each other, but about 6 inches apart. Now, they were sitting side by side and Inuyasha’s left arm was wrapped around her waist lightly. ‘I wonder if emotions change as well as our demonic power…’ Ashrah thought to herself as she remembered Koga wrapping her hand and blushed.

“Hey Ashrah, what’s with the face? You’re blushing.” Kagome asked with a smile on her face.

Ashrah hadn’t even realized she was smiling. “Oh, was I making a face? I didn’t even notice. I was just… ah… daydreaming. That’s all.”

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow at his sister as Koga rejoined the group. His cheeks had a bit of color that was beginning to fade. He sat between Ginta and Hakkaku, who were staring awestruck at the little fox demons tricks.

Suddenly, Koga caught a scent in the air and was back on his feet in seconds, Miroku gripped his staff and Sango her Hiraikotsu and stood at almost the same time as Koga.

“I sense a strong demonic aura, and it’s closing in quickly.” Miroku exclaimed. “Quickly, Inuyasha, Ashrah, hide in the bushes!” Kagome yelled.

“Forget it Kagome, I’m not hiding from anyone!” Inuyasha boasted as he took hold of Tetseiga.

“Well, you better be ready mutt. Cause this is Naraku’s stench.” Koga said as he balled his fists and wind began forming around his ankles. Ashrah took hold of Sounga tightly as she stood behind the group ready to defend themselves.

A woman’s laughter was heard as Kagura landed on the ground in front of them, “well, well, it looks as though I have caught you at just the right time.” She tapped her fan against her chin lightly.

“Oh yeah, and what’s the occasion?” Koga barked as he ran to attack her.

“Dance of Blades!” Kagura yelled as Koga was incased in a blast of razor sharp blades. “I am not here to play today, I have a mission and I just want to get it over with and leave!” She sounded extremely annoyed. Suddenly, Ashrah screamed from behind the group.

“Get me the hell out of here!” She screamed as she banged on the walls of a barrier.

“Quiet you!” Hakudoshi yelled as he lifted himself and Ashrah higher and higher off the ground.

“Ashrah!” The entire group yelled as she was lifted into the air.

Hakudoshi took hold of Ashrah’s head making her stand. “I will make you our greatest weapon.” Hakudoshi smirked as he spoke. Ashrah swung Sounga, hitting Hakudoshi in his side. “Naughty girl….” He struck her with his free hand.

“Don’t worry Ashrah, we will get you down!” Kagome yelled as she pulled an arrow into her bow.

“Dance of the Dragon!” The unexpected attack left the entire group motionless on the ground.

“Now, watch as your precious friend becomes part of us.” He pulled a tainted shard from his sleeve and placed it on Ashrah’s forehead, where it sank immediately into her skin. Ashrah’s eyes went completely blank as Hakudoshi dropped her on the ground. “Kagura, bring the girl back with you once she is done with them.”

“Hmph, as you wish.” Kagura huffed, and with that Hakudoshi disappeared.

Inuyasha began to move more easily as the sun finally rose over the horizon, regaining his half demon power. “Ashrah!” He exclaimed as he rushed over to her. He lifted her up into his lap. “Sister, wake up!” He begged.

Suddenly, Ashrah’s eyes sprang open and her hand wrapped around Inuyasha’s neck, her eyes once again blood red. Her fangs had grown as had her claws. She snarled at him as she stood and pinned him to the tree directly behind him.

“This is where you end Inuyasha, you and all of your friends!” Her voice was different, it was pure evil, she had no emotion but anger, rage, and hate.

She pushed herself away from him and pointed her sword at him, “Inuyasha, draw your tetseiga, I wish to see what you may offer me…” She grinned as he drew tetseiga from its sheath.

“I won’t fight you Ashrah.” Inuyasha said as he lowered his sword. Unfortunately for his pride, he loved his sister, and did not want to do anything to harm her.

“Oh? Then your passivism will be the death sentence for you and your friends, including those disgraceful humans!” She twisted Sounga around in circles, “perish.” She spoke in Naraku’s voice.

A dragon engulfed the ball of energy that took form within Sounga’s twist, and Ashrah spoke ever so softly, as if she were whispering into a lovers ear, “Dragon Twister.”

Chapter End Notes:
Sorry for the wait. Been busy and been having a major writers block. :
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