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Kagome examined the female demon in front of them as Inuyasha blocked her with his body. She didn’t look very old, about Inuyasha’s age. She had long white hair and golden eyes just like him. In fact, the only difference between them is that the female looked more feminine, she wore a blue robe and she was a bit shorter than Inuyasha.

“What is your business here?!” The female barked as she stared at Inuyasha.

“That was exactly my question.” Inuyasha snapped back as their eyes locked.

“Ashrah! Stop!” A smaller female yelled.

“Huh?” The female demon exclaimed as she looked to her shoulder.

Old lady Shoga stood tugging on a strand of her hair. “Ashrah! You must not fight with him!” She exclaimed frantically.

“And why the hell not?!” Ashrah yelled at the flea on her shoulder.

Before she could reply Sango spoke, “Old lady Shoga? Is that you?”

Ashrah looked to the demon slayer then back to her shoulder, “You know them Shoga?”

Old lady Shoga looked over at the demon slayer and the rest of the gang. “Yes. and Hello.” She bowed lightly in respect. “It is nice to see you all again.”

Inuyasha and Ashrah stood dumbfounded as they stared at Shoga.

“Myoga.” Inuyasha called.

“Yeee…. Ye…sss?” Myoga stuttered.

“What the hell is going on here?!” Inuyasha barked.

“Yeah Shoga! What IS going on here?!” Ashrah barked as well.

“Well…. Ah…” The two fleas stuttered in unison.

“Well?!” Inuyasha exclaimed.

“Maybe you all should sit down…” Shoga suggested. “So we can explain.”

They all sat cross legged together, except Ashrah who sat on the opposite side of the gang. The two look-alikes had the same expression on their face, clearly annoyed.

“Well… I suppose there is no choice but to tell you two the truth now that you are old enough to handle it…” Myoga sighed as he gestured to Ashrah and Inuyasha.

“Handle what?!” They barked in unison.

“Sh…. Shoga…. Maybe you should tell them….” Myoga whispered as he hid behind her.

Shoga sighed. “Ashrah, Inuyasha, I don’t know how you are gonna take this… but ah… well you are…” Shoga stammered.

“We’re what?!” Ashrah barked.

“You’re… twins…” Shoga revealed.

Inuyasha and Ashrah looked at each other and then back at the fleas standing in front of them.

“We’re what?!” They both yelled as they stood.

“I thought so!” Kagome exclaimed.

“Shut it human!” Ashrah yelled as she looked gravely at Kagome.

“Don’t talk to her like that!” Inuyasha yelled to Ashrah as he began to rise defensively.

“Inuyasha, its fine.” Kagome said as she touched his shoulder.

“Hmph.” Ashrah huffed. “That ridiculous ingrate that is controlled by a mortal is supposedly my brother?! You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!”

“So now I am an ingrate?!” Inuyasha yelled as he stood.

“MY brother would never fall under the control of a mortal girl! Where is your sense of Half-Demon pride?!” Ashrah yelled as she took a step closer to Inuyasha so they were only inches apart. “And I suppose your excuse is that you’re “in love with her.””

“Hey! There is nothing with us being together!” Kagome yelled at Ashrah.

“That’s enough!” Inuyasha yelled as he grasped the Tetseiga.

“You wanna know what’s wrong with you being together?! Humans always betray demons! Always! Even if they have a human heart!” Ashrah barked as she ignored Inuyasha’s threat. “Even if they have given birth to the demon they betray them and leave them for dead!”

“What are you referring to?!” Inuyasha barked as she began to draw Tetseiga slowly.

“I’m referring to the fact that -” She was then cut off by a loud crashing noise from behind her.

A tree branch fell from a tree behind her, missing her by inches. After the crash had subsided, a deep, raspy laugh could be heard. Where the branch had broken stood a shape.

“What the hell is that?!” Ashrah exclaimed. “A baboon?”

“Naraku.” Inuyasha muffled under his breath as he drew Tetseiga from its sheath. As he did, Sango took hold of her Hiraikotsu, Miroku took hold of his staff, Kirara transformed, and Kagome drew an arrow into her bow.

“Why are yal getting all worked up?” Ashrah said unknowingly. “It’s just a stupid monkey.”

As she spoke Naraku interjected, “Brother against Sister, what a joyful sight to see.”

“Huh?” Ashrah exclaimed as she looked at the baboon in the tree. “What the hell do you want?”

“Hmmm. There are many things I desire. However, the only one I am interested right now is what lies before you.” Naraku said in his slimy voice.

As Ashrah looked at the baboon in confusion Inuyasha barked, “Well you’re not gettin it!” As he spoke he raised his sword, “move Ashrah if you know what is good for you!”

Ashrah looked at the sword he held she thought to herself, ‘That’s Tetseiga! Maybe what Shoga said is true after all…’

“Wind Scar!” Inuyasha yelled as he let the swords magnificent power flow to the baboon in the tree. Ashrah ran just in time for the wind scar to miss her.

“Are you trying to fucking kill me?!” Ashrah yelled to him. Before he could speak a giant explosion took place where the baboon once stood, but he too was too fast for even the wind scar.

As Ashrah stared at the explosion she felt a hand  grab her arm lightly and began to drag her to her feet. It was the girl that she had been arguing with previously, Kagome. “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Look, you can hate me later, but right now we have bigger problems!” Kagome yelled as Ashrah got to her feet.

“What the fuck is going on?!” Ashrah yelled as Inuyasha unleashed a second wind scar.

“I’ll explain later!” Kagome yelled. “Right now you need to take hold of Sounga!”

Kagome began running, dragging Ashrah with her. Ashrah released her arm from Kagome’s grip, “And what if I don’t?”

“Then we will all be killed right here!” Kagome pleaded.

Ashrah looked at the girl in front of her, she had never been afraid of death, but at this moment, something boiled to the surface, making her completely terrified. Ashrah nodded to Kagome and ran as fast she could to the sword. With every step she took, the baboon got closer to the sword as well. She was finally only inches from the sword she had been pursuing; she stood in front of it for a few moments, like she had been frozen in place. Naraku stood only feet from Sounga and lunged for it. At that moment something clicked in her head. She reached out and took hold of Sounga pulling it from the ground.

Then, all was silent.

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