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The next morning Kagome was the first to awake. To her surprise her eyes caught sight of Koga. ‘What is he still doing here? I thought he would have taken off last night when he came to.’ She thought to herself as she made her way to the still blazing fire. Ashrah was sitting across the fire from Koga poking the logs with a large stick to keep the flame big.

“Good morning Kagome!” Ginta and Hakkaku said in unison as Kagome approached them.

“Good morning.” Kagome looked at Koga as he rushed to her side. “Um… hi Koga.”

“How did you sleep Kagome?” Koga asked as he took Kagome’s hands.

Kagome had an expression of embarrassment across her face as Koga took her hands, “I slept well… I am glad to see that you woke up without any problems.”

Koga smiled at Kagome, “That puny mutt’s sister couldn’t hurt me if she tried.”

Ashrah looked up from the fire at him, “Says the wolf demon that I knocked out for three hours last night.”

Koga gave her a death glare as Kagome giggled lightly. Feeling as though his honor had been challenged in front of his “mate” he approached Ashrah.

“I was just taken off guard because I didn’t realize that you were a female and not the mutt.” He bolstered as Ashrah stood face to face with him. She was only about two inches shorter than Koga, but he still found in entertaining that he had to look down to talk to her.

“So you think you could beat me in fight huh?” Ashrah said with an eyebrow raised.

“Keh, he couldn’t beat Shippo in a fight.” Inuyasha’s voice came from behind Kagome.

“HEY! I heard that Inuyasha!” Shippo exclaimed as he ran to Inuyasha and punched him in the leg.

Inuyasha then kicked Shippo into the air. Kagome looked at him with a pissed off expression. “Inuyasha…” Inuyasha then began waving his hands back and forth,

“Kagome! I’m sorry! I promise I won’t do it again!” He pleaded. “SIT!” Kagome yelled as Inuyasha’s subjugation beads forced him to the ground with a crashing sound.

“So what do you say wolf boy?” Ashrah said with her arms crossed across her chest. “Let’s battle. First person to be pinned to the ground is the winner.”

“You got it she-mutt.” Koga said getting into fighting stance.

“As a lady, I should make the first move, but seeing as you got knocked out last night, I will let you make the first strike.” Ashrah said with a cocky grin that reminded Kagome of Inuyasha.

“Gladly!” Koga said using the jewel shards in his legs to speed him up. His fist made contact with the left side of Ashrah’s face, but to his surprise, unlike any other demon he had fought, Ashrah’s body did not go flying at the impact. In fact, her body didn’t move at all.

“Amazing!” Hakkaku exclaimed.

“She didn’t even flinch when Koga hit her!” Ginta followed up.

“Now it’s my turn.” Ashrah said calmly as she struck Koga in his torso sending him back into Ginta and Hakkaku which were ten feet or so behind him.

“Not bad, she’s got power, but no style.” Koga said as he used his minions to pick himself up.

“Koga! Ashrah! Please stop!” Kagome exclaimed.

“Kagome, just let them fight it out.” Inuyasha said watching the fight in amusement. “There is no point in trying to break them up.”

“If she is anything like Inuyasha there is no talking her out of anything anyways Kagome.” Shippo said returning from his “flight.”

                Inuyasha looked at him annoyed and pulled his fist back to strike Shippo, but before he could Kagome again commanded him to “Sit,” sending his head into the ground.

As Inuyasha collected himself the fight between Koga and Ashrah got more intense. Koga’s continued punches to Ashrah had begun to tire the half demon out tremendously.

‘Those jewel shards in his legs are making him damn near impossible for me to stop him.’ Ashrah began thinking. ‘I’ve got it!’

Koga smiled at his opponent. “You don’t fight half bad for a half demon little girl. But you can’t defeat me.” Koga knew her plan, and he was ready for it.

Koga charged at Ashrah with full force. As he approached her, Ashrah ducked under his fists and wrapped her legs around his tripping Koga, forcing him to the ground with her. While he was dazed Ashrah took her chance and pinned his shoulders to the ground.

“1!” Hakkaku yelled.

“2!” Ginta followed with the counting.

Just as they began yelling three, Koga kicked Ashrah sending her flying forward as he did a reverse backflip. Koga then pinned Ashrah to the ground as their faces were inches apart.

“1!” Hakkaku once again yelled.

“2!” Ginta followed!

“Come on Ashrah! Get up! Don’t let that wolf win!” Inuyasha yelled.

Ashrah struggled under Koga, but it was no use, she could not free herself.

“3!” The two wolf demons yelled in unison. “Koga wins!”

Koga leaned down to Ashrah’s ear, “And that’s how you win a demon fight.”

Ashrah growled at him lightly as Koga stood up. Being a gentleman he held his hand out for her to help her up. Everyone expected her to smack it away, but to everyone’s surprise she took his hand as he helped her up. Their eyes locked on one another as Ashrah bowed to Koga in respect.

“I’ll get you next time wolf.” She smiled lightly as she walked towards the fire and began tending to it once more.

Koga stood a bit dumbfounded as did everyone else. Except Kagome. She knew that look and smile all too well. She had found herself giving someone else that every same look once before.

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