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Chapter 2

Kagome's head kept bobbling up and down as she fought the urge to fall asleep in her class. She was in the middle of a test and the last thing she needed was to have to explain to her teacher why hers is still completely blank after having forty-five minutes to attempt to complete it.

"Pst, Kagome…are you alright?" She heard the whisper of her dear friend Miroku from next to her. "You look as if you are about to pass out. Did you get enough sleep last night?"

She turned her head and faced him, "I guess I'm just tired. I was up really late last night. Must have lost track of the time…I'll be alright." She answered.

"Studying all night?" Miroku questioned.

'As if…'

"Uh, yea…studying, you know me. I can never get enough studying."

"Is there a problem Miss Kagome? This is a test, you shouldn't be talking!" Mr. Onigumo said from the front of the class room.

"I-I'm sorry sir…it won't happen again."

"I know you're sorry, because you're done. I won't tolerate cheating in my class. Bring your paper up here and go stand in the hallway until the end of the period."

Kagome groaned and rolled her eyes. This is not what she needed early in the morning. She took a look down at her test that had nothing else on it other than her name. The way she saw it, some points were better than no points. In her case however, no points was her only option unless her teacher was in a generous mood and gives her points for writing her name. This wasn't an SAT though, therefor that was out of the question.

When she approached her teachers desk she passed him her paper, he examined it and shot her look. Kagome sighed and started on her way to the hall.

"See me after school…" Her teacher stated.

Kagome nodded her head and walked out the room.

"Ugh, standing in the hall would be a lot more enjoyable if I actually had something to do." She said to herself while leaning against the wall outside her class room. "But then again, it wouldn't a punishment if I were entertained."

"Kagome…?" The voice of her late night ran-de-vu rang through her ears. "What are you doing out here?"

Kagome looked at and saw Inuyasha inching towards her from down the hall. "I got kicked out of the test, I don't even care really. But I have to stay later and meet with the teacher. What are you doing here? You just started yesterday so you're obviously excused from the test. Why did you come in so early?"

"I got bored in the house, I was going to just sit in the café and grab some breakfast, but then I saw you standing out here. What did you get kicked out of the test for?"

"I started falling asleep because someone kept me up all night…"

Inuyasha smirked, "Don't act like you weren't asking for it."

She rolled her eyes, "Anyway, Miroku started calling me. He was trying to make sure I was okay, but Mr. Onigumo caught me talking and kicked me out. So I guess getting kicked out of the test was all your fault."

"Hehe, don't blame me. You came ready and willing last night. I just complied." He leaned over and rested his hand by her head on the wall and leaned closer in to her face. "You want to come over later today for round two?"

*beep beep*

Kagome phone rang in her pocket and she pulled it out to read her text message.

Sexy Baby,
Photo shoot tonight…don't be late.

Kagome thought for a moment after reading the message from her agency. "Uh…I can't."

Inuyasha's face fell, "Why not? Don't tell me you have a boyfriend!?"

She rolled her eyes, "If I had a boyfriend, you wouldn't have gotten any last night! I don't believe in relationships and love is dead to me! I just have something else I need to do, maybe another time."

Inuyasha didn't seem convinced but it wasn't like he had any attachment to the girl so he really could care less what she did. He pulled back away from her, "Fine…but don't show up at my house asking for a booty call later, you had your chance."

"Like I would even want to be your booty call girl. I have more self-respect then that."

"You know, that would actually be convincing if I hadn't banged the crap out of you last night. You didn't even try to resist, face it…you're easy Kagome. Makes me wonder how many other guys have been inside your tank. Maybe I should go get tested."

Kagome's mouth dropped, she couldn't believe he had the audacity to say something like that to her. She could feel her hand itching to make contact with his face, and without even realizing she struck him across the face. "Don't make fun of me!" She screamed.

Then, the bell rang signaling that the period was over. Kagome ran down the hall as fast as she could to get away from Inuyasha. She refused to allow him to see her tears, but his words hit hard. It was one thing to hear cruel, and dominating things from people she got paid to sleep with. It was something else to hear them come from someone she knew personally. And even though she and Inuyasha didn't know each other that well, his words were enough to bring tears to her eyes because what he said was the truth. She did go with him willingly last night; she did give it up easily.

Kagome burst through the girls bathroom door, through her purse in the sink and locked herself in the nearest stall. "Jerk…" She whispered to herself. "He's an absolute jerk!"

One of the stall doors opened and Kagome heard the sink water start running. Kagome ignored it though; her mind was clouded with the words that she just heard. However, her thoughts were broken by a knock on the other side of the door to the stall she was in.

"Hey, are you alright in there? Is this your bag out here?" Came a soft, unfamiliar voice. Kagome never answered though, she merely sniffled and tried to ignore the girl on the other side. "I don't know what happened, but I have a free second period and you can talk to me about your problem if you want? My name is Sango and I'm a senior transfer student. When I started school here in the middle of my junior year it was hard for me to make new friends…I remember crying my eyes out in the bathroom too as well. I know your situation is probably different than mine, but I sure wish someone had of come in the bathroom to talk to me in my time of need like I'm trying to do for you."

Kagome ran her fingers though her long black hair and thought about Sango's words. She wasn't sure about how she felt telling her personal business to a girl she's never seen before in her life. But it wasn't like Miroku was anywhere near, and even if he was, he couldn't come in the girls bathroom anyway.

"Well, I'm not going to force you to come out…but I will sit in here until the end of the period if you decide to come out on your own."


Kagome took the lock off the stall door and it slowly crept open. She was met face to face with a girl that had dark brown here a little longer then hers and a lot straighter. However, she was tied up in a high pony tail with a pink ribbon. Her outfit was nothing special either; tight pink sweater that matched her ribbon, and pair of denim jeggings and black thigh-high leather heeled boots. "Are you really that interested in my problems that you'd stay cooped inside a dirty school bathroom just so I'm not alone?"

Sango smiled, "Why not? I have nothing better to do other then sit in the study room. What's your name?"

Kagome whipped her eyes, "It's Kagome…and I'm a junior."

"You're a pretty girl, crying doesn't suit you. What's wrong?" Sango asked while sitting on the edge of the sink and crossing her legs.

"Well…" Kagome bit her tongue trying to choose her words carefully. But decided the only way for the story to make sense is to include all the details, she did exclude Inuyasha's name though. Sango listened intently and nodded every so often. True, she and Kagome did not really know each other, but guy problems are always the same and according to the girl code it was her duty to be there for Kagome. When she finally finished her story Sango sighed deeply trying to take it all in.

"So…you got into a bar with a fake ID?" Sango asked and Kagome nodded her head. "Could you tell me where to get one of those!?" She said a little too excited but Kagome did not seem amused. "Okay, I'm sorry…In my opinion I think you should just let it go and leave that guy alone. No guy is worth tears if they are the one that caused them. And from what you've told me the two of you aren't even romantically involved so this was just a random hook-up. Big deal, people do it all the time. Don't lose any sleep because he called you easy. If anything, he was just as easy…right?"

"That's true…"

"Exactly, so don't give him that satisfaction of getting to you. It isn't worth it. Also, don't give into him next time…"

Kagome raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"Well, believe it or not, all guys are the same and the think the same. The way he sees you right now is his 'go to' girl. Meaning, whenever he wants it, he knows he can call you and you would just come. Don't give him that power. It was good that you turned him down this time with or without reason. But odds are he's going to come back to you again, despite what he said to you. When he does come back…turn him down again, and keep turning him down. Eventually he'll realize it was 'one and done' with you and he will leave you alone…trust me."

Kagome took a moment to process what Sango was telling her and internally agreed. She was right, and Kagome wasn't going to let Inuyasha get to her. It was one hook-up, not the end of the world.


The school bell rang and that was the end of second period. Kagome got kicked out of her first and completely skipped her second; this was a great way to start off the day. Sango stood up from the sink and started gathering her belongings. "Well, I have to get out of here…you should too. Don't skip your third as well. This boy isn't worth losing on education, no one is worth that. School first…boys later." Sango pulled out a pen and a pad of paper. She wrote her number down and handed it to Kagome. Here's my number…call me if you ever want some more advice, or even just a friend to talk to." She said with a smile.

"Friend…?" Kagome asked.

Sango nodded, "Yes, friend." She then left the bathroom and the door swung closed behind her.

Kagome sighed heavily, 'I've never had a female friend before…girls are always so much extra drama. Drama is just something I never had the free time fore. But Sango…she's different. She's down to earth and seems really sweet. Maybe having her as a friend won't be so bad after all.'


Kagome tapped her pen on the temples of her head while trying to think of the right answers to the test in front of her. The school day was over, but she was stuck staying after school hours to finish her test. She honestly felt like getting a zero and having detention was better than being forced to take a test she never studied for. It didn't help that her teacher was eyeing her down the entire time either.

'How am I supposed to concentrate if he keeps staring at me…?'

"Is everything alright, Kagome?"

She looked up at her teacher who was already staring her down. "U-uh…actually, I was wondering if I could take the test some other time. I'm really unprepared."

"You were supposed to take the test this morning…there for this is later. You had all day to study."

"I know, but you see…I didn't know you were going to let me finish the test. I thought I was going to stay for privet detention. Had I known I was going to be taking the test, I would have looked over the materials some more. Please sir, I just need a little more time…"

"I cannot give you a make-up test unless you were absent today. These tests are reviewed by the school board. If I give you a make-up the test would have to be different especially because you had not one…but two chances to look at the original test. Since your test would be different the board would go and check you attendance which would come back that you were here on this day. So a make-up is not an option in your case right now."

Kagome let out a deep sigh. 'So my only option is to suffer though this and still fail in the end…?'

"Bring your test, and a chair up here." Mr. Onigumo stated.

She furrowed her eyebrows, "What…?"

"I said, bring your test…and a chair and come here. I'm going to help you."

Kagome looked to her left and to her right, "A-am I going to get in trouble for this?"

"The only people in this room right now are me and you…I don't mind keeping this on a don't ask, don't tell basis if you are."

It was evident that Kagome was uneasy about her teacher's suggestion. The last time she listen to someone who said "don't ask don't tell" she ended up being pornstar. However, Kagome was in no position to fail, her grades couldn't take the hit. So she did like she was told and sat down next to her teacher at his desk. "Okay, so…I'm stuck after number eight Mr. Onigumo…"

"Please, drop the formalities…they make me feel old and I'm only twenty-six. Just call me Naraku."

"O-okay…" Kagome furrowed her brows, she had never been on a first name basis with one of her teachers. "Well, Naraku…like I said, I'm stuck after number eight."

"The answer is D."

She shot him a look but averted her eyes back to her paper and marked the answer down that he gave her. "For number nine, I was thinking that the answer was C…but I'm not entirely sure."

"It's A…"

Kagome bit her bottom lip, "Sir…I thought you said you were going to help me. Not just give me the answers. Doesn't this like…go against the student code of conduct?"

He took his hand that was closest to her and stroked her cheek and ran his fingers through her hair. "Yes well, that's only if we get caught. Like I said Kagome, we are the only ones here now. You spent so much time contemplating on that test that I assume we may be the only ones in the entire building by now."

Kagome's pulse started to quicken as she no longer felt comfortable. "But…this is cheating. W-we're breaking school rules."

Naraku took his free hand and grazed it up and down her thigh. Kagome decided to wear a skirt to school today and the cold temperate of his hands sent chills up her skin. "What you call cheating, I call helping. Besides…" He chuckled. "Your job breaks the law...Sexy Baby"

Kagome gasped and whipped her head to face him so fast she almost got whiplash. "H-how do you know about that?"

"I decided to check out your little website after coming across a very interesting text message on your phone from yesterday; and might I say Kagome, you are a naughty little sixteen year old. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be about two more years older to be doing stuff like that. Unless of course, laws changed and I didn't hear about them yet."

"You went through my phone…" She whispered.

"Well, going through my students phones is beneath me and I have certainly confiscated a lot of phones through my teaching career and I never had the desire to go through them. However, your phone kept going off every two seconds and I guess curiosity got the better of me. And it is not like I was wrong, I have the right to go through a phone I take according to school policy as you like to point out."

"Please…you can't tell anyone. I'll do anything for you to keep quiet about this. I'm going to quit as soon as my contract is up, just please don't anything until then. It's my only source of income right now."

"You need not panic my dear; I had no intention on exposing you. But since you offered a bargain for my silence, why not take you up on it?"

"What do you want?" She asked sternly. Naraku started to lean into her but Kagome quickly moved her face in the opposite direction. "No…anything but that."

"But that's what I want baby, and if you won't oblige…then there is no reason for me to keep my mouth closed."

Kagome let out a sarcastic chuckle and started shaking her head. She couldn't believe the events that transpired today. Her encounter with Inuyasha, being called easy, and now she's being blackmailed to sleep with one of her teachers which basically proved Inuyasha's earlier accusation.

"Fine…" She said and looked him in the eye, "But just this once…where and when?"

Naraku smirked and threw himself at Kagome, violently squeezing one of her breast and capturing his her lips with his own.

Chapter End Notes:

AN: Alright, I know this chapter is a little bit shorter than the first one and I actually really do want to write more and was going to. But in my mind, where the next part would have continued I wouldn't be able to use at a chapter ender. So I'll just pick back up with it. Hopefully this chapter satisfies you all. Please leave me reviews and continue to subscribe to my story. Really, I love reviews and they keep me motivated.


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