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Chapter 3

"Damnit, my cheek is still burning from yesterday!" Inuyasha whispered to himself as he continued to bench press at a gym not too far from his house. "Stupid girl, why can't I seem to get her off my mind!? This is exactly why I don't get serious with females. They're a piece of work; and after what she did, I'm not through with Kagome. She's got another thing coming to her!"

"What did you say about Kagome?"

Inuyasha heard a faintly familiar voice coming from over top of him and looked up. He noticed one of the guys from his school was over top of him spotting him while he was benching. "I know you; you're that guy that's always following Kagome around."

"The name is Miroku," He said with an irritated raised eyebrow. "And I don't follow her around; she's a close friend so naturally we're always together. But what exactly do you know about her?"

Inuyasha blinked a few times then shrugged his shoulders, "It's nothing important, and I wasn't even talking to you so why does it matter?"

"Fair enough," Miroku agreed and proceeded to go some chin ups not too far from where Inuyasha was benching. "You're pretty strong, what are you benching?"

"Two-fifty…" Inuyasha answered as if it were a common question to him.


After that, the conversations ended between the two men and the air got really thick and awkward. For Miroku, he was curious about what Inuyasha knew about Kagome…and for Inuyasha; he was still deep in thought about her. Inuyasha placed the weight back on the stand and sat up. His face was dripping in sweat and he was breathing heavily. Once he regained his posture, Inuyasha glanced at Miroku.

"Hey, if you're really good friends with Kagome then you could tell me why she's so short tempered."

"Huh?" Miroku let go of the chin up bar and sat on the floor to do some sit ups. "Kagome's not short tempered. She's a really sweet girl when you get to know her. What makes you think she's short tempered?"

"Sweet girl, please! More like wild as a gorilla! She slapped me the other day because she was mad about…" Inuyasha stopped; by the way the conversation was going Kagome hadn't told Miroku anything yet. He wasn't sure if the information was right to come from him.

"About what…?" Miroku asked.

"Nothing, forget I said anything."

"Attention guests, due to the approaching storm, we will be closing in the next fifteen minutes. Please gather all of your belongings and start heading towards the exit."

Inuyasha stood up and whipped some sweat from his face. "If you ask me, everyone is being a bit premature about this storm. I've lived in different parts of the world and seen real storms. I'm sure this isn't going to be that bad."

A rawr of thunder clapped loudly from outside and the lights started to flicker in the gym. "I think you spoke too soon Inuyasha…"

"Feh, big deal…but I guess I'll see you later anyway. Who knows when we'll be allowed back in school?" Inuyasha said while walking towards the gym exit. After he roamed the parking lot a bit he finally found his car and started his rout back to his house. The rain had already started to come down and was coming down hard. Due to flash flood warnings school had been cancelled so he decided to spend his day at the gym. "This town must be pretty small, everywhere I go I run into someone I've seen at least once before."

The dark clouds and heavy rain made it hard for Inuyasha to see so he was forced to drive slowly. As he started to pull up to a red light he noticed a girl sitting on a bus stop bench in the pouring rain with no umbrella.

"Who in their right mind would just be outside in this?" He asked himself. "Whatever, it's none of my business." The girl however looked familiar to him, or he at least recognized the outfit she was wearing. She also appeared to be crying. Inuyasha knew he had to do something so he pulled over.

"I can't believe I was stuck with that animal since yesterday…he used me for his own selfish gain and then just kicked me out in the pouring rain!" Kagome was furious and she felt dirty. She hadn't been home since the day before since she was basically being held hostage for sexual favors and getting blackmailed to do so.

"This isn't fair…why me? What did I do to deserve any of this! If gods really exist, I hope you know you're CRUEL! What else are you going to dish out at me!?" She yelled to the dripping sky. Soon however, she got quiet as tears and rain water dripped down her face. Kagome whipped her eyes and sniffled. "Great, I'm going to be sick by tomorrow…my apartment is probably a flooded disaster by now."

Something heavy and dark was draped over Kagome's head and shoulders stopping the rain from pouring on her. Her head was already down and she saw a pair of wet sneakers in from of her. Kagome looked up and was face to face with probably the second to last person on earth she'd want to see. But due to the way she felt right now, she didn't even care.

"You alright…" Inuyasha asked.

Kagome pulled what was over her head off, which she then realized was a hoodie and handed it back to him. "What do you care," She said. "Just go away and leave me alone…"

"Gladly, once you get out of this rain and go somewhere dry. What are you doing out here anyway…you're still wearing the same clothes you had on in school yesterday. Haven't you been home? Don't tell me you had another one night stand."

Had Kagome not already been in this depressed mood, that comment may have actually upset her, but due to the circumstances he was right and there was no point in arguing. Instead, she stayed quiet and hung her head in shame. "Could you please leave me alone, Inuyasha…I don't want to talk."

"Fine, I'll leave you alone. But let me at least take you home first. Then I won't bother you ever again."

"I can't go home…I know my apartment is flooded by now. That makes out here and there no different." Kagome looked up at him again, but this time with a different look in her eyes. There was a glint there that looked like a cry for help. "I don't need your sympathy Inuyasha…I just need to be alone."

"Look, I'm not going to leave you out here in this weather by yourself so you can forget about that. You don't like me, fine I get it…the feeling is very much mutual. But it wouldn't sit well with my conscience if something happened to you out here when I could have done something to prevent it a little. So maybe you should shut up and help me help you!" He said while holding his hand out for her to take.

Kagome looked at him, then at his hand as if it were laced with poison. But eventually took it and was guided to his car.


Kagome sighed deeply while sitting down her dead cell phone on the night stand in Inuyasha bedroom. "Well, at least it's quiet now…I get a few moments of peace." She said referring to the piece of plastic that got her into this mess in the first place. Her phone was ringing off the hook since she never showed up to her shoot due to being stuck with Naraku. Her life was going smoothly until the day her phone was taken. Her world suddenly got more complicated…and then there was Inuyasha who seemed to have split personalities. Smooth playboy, arrogant jerk, and sensitive sweetheart. He had given her one of his old robes so she wouldn't have to sit in wet clothes until he could find something small enough to fit her. Kagome used this time to scope his bedroom. She'd been here a few nights ago but the lights were off, so it was too dark to actually see; plus, her attention was focused on other things at the time.

This time was different, and Kagome could take notes on her surroundings. His bedroom told a lot about him. She guessed his favorite color was probably red since the carpet, curtains and sheets were all red, as well as half his wardrobe. Even the robe Kagome was wearing was red. He also had a lot of music, CDs of every variety and genre. On top of Inuyasha's dresser she noticed a collection of snow globes, each having a name of a country carved in the base. "These must be all the countries he's traveled to in his life." She said while picking one up and examining it. However, instead of looking at the snow globe, she started looking at bruise that was forming on her wrist and she sighed. "I guess the handcuffs were too tight…I bruise so easily." She said and looked at herself through the mirror on the dresser. She saw a similar bruise forming around her neck as well.

"Is everything alright?" Kagome's thoughts were broken by Inuyasha who came back in the room with a t-shirt and two mugs in hand.

Stunned, Kagome put the snow globe down and started tugging down the sleeves of the robe she had on. "Yea, I'm fine…I was just looking at the globes. You collect them?"

He put the mugs on the dresser and handed the t-shirt to Kagome. "Here, you can put this on. It's a little big but it's better than that raggedy old robe. As for the globes, yea I do collect them. It started when I was a baby and my father wanted to travel. On every trip he'd always bring be back a snow globe. But when I became old enough to travel as well, I just continued to get a new one with every place I went. I like to shake them and watch the snow move around in there. It's calming."

Kagome smiled, "I guess you're right, they are fun to watch. I've only ever had one snow globe and it broke in a small earth quake many years ago."

"Really?" Inuyasha looked at all the globes he had on his dresser and picked up a globe that was about six inches tall. It had a moose and fox figure inside and instead of snow it was filled with glitter. "Take this…it's the snow globe my dad first gave to me when I was young. Use it as inspiration to create your own collection." He said.

Kagome looked stunned. "No way, that's too important and has sentimental value. I could easily just get a cheap one from a store."

He chuckled, "Take it, it's a peace offering." Kagome sighed but reached out to take it none the less. However, the sleeve from the robe pulled back some, and Inuyasha caught glimpse of the bruise on her wrist. He grabbed hold of her arm and pulled the sleeve all the way back. "Kagome, how did you get this bruise?"

Her eyes widened and she tried to free her arm from his hold but naturally he was way stronger than she. "It's nothing…I just banged my hand against something."

"This isn't a 'bang' bruise it's a 'squeeze' bruise. How did you get this? Just tell me." He asked stern, yet calmly but still refused to let her go.

"Let me go Inuyasha! Why do you care anyway?" All the squirming Kagome was doing to break free was causing the robe to loosen and eventually halfway slip off revealing way more bruises than the one on Kagome's wrist. She had black and blues all over her from what looked like welts from either a cord or wire. After realizing the robe had completely fallen off, she gasped and tried to cover herself with her free hand but Inuyasha grabbed hold of that one as well.

For a moment, Inuyasha just stared at Kagome's naked, but badly bruised body from head to toe. "Who did this to you, Kagome?"

"Why do you care!? It's not like I'm anybody important to you anyway! I'm just a call girl to you! You think I'm dirty and have no self-respect. Well ya' know what, Inuyasha? I guess you were right after all!" Tears started to flow from her eyes ones again and she began to sob heavier than she was when Inuyasha first found her.

"Look, I'm sorry I said all the crap to you before. You didn't deserve it, okay? But what in the hell happened to you!? Did someone attack you?" Kagome sobbed once more before forcing herself to stop crying in front of him. She then shook her head no. "Then tell me what happened!"

"Stop acting like you care about me Inuyasha, this nice guy act doesn't even fit your character…"

"What the hell, Kagome! If I didn't care about you do you think you would be in my house right now? Do you think I would have put forth so much effort to make you come with me so you weren't just sitting out in the rain all alone!?" He swung her around had Kagome pressed up against the wall of his bedroom. "Look, I don't know how to explain it. But I'm starting to grow this feeling for you, okay? I just haven't decided if those feelings are positive or negative yet. There have been times where I would see you and want to throw you threw a window and watch you plummet to your death, like the other day when you slapped me…but then, there are other times where I…" He stopped and started breathing heavily.

Kagome looked him in the eyes; she couldn't tell what he was thinking. His expression was unreadable. "You what…?" She asked.

Inuyasha took hold of the underside of Kagome face and started raising her head. "Other times…I want to do…this," He closed the gap between their lips. This time that he kissed her was nothing compared to the first. This kiss wasn't filled with lust or an anticipation of getting her in bed. This kiss was more like him begging for an answer to the emotional questions that were racing inside his head since the day he first laid eyes on her.

They parted lips and Inuyasha backed away from her. He took a deep breath before collapsing on his bed. "Kagome…tell me how you got those bruises on your body."

"I can't…"

He sat up, "Why not!?"

"Because, that information involves another person who told me not to!" She bellowed.

"Is someone blackmailing you!?"

"Look, just forget it. It's my problem, okay? I'll take care of it." For some reason, Inuyasha felt like it was his job to help her. But Kagome made it clear that she didn't want any for now; and he wasn't about to force himself on her. "How about this…if I really need some help, I'll come to you. Is that fair?" She asked.

He nodded once, "Fine…"


It had been five days since the storm and school was back in session, everything seemed to be going back to normal for Kagome. Her bruises healed, and Inuyasha stopped questioning her every chance he got. That however, was partially because she was sleeping at house until renovations where complete at her apartment after the storm hit. The damages weren't terrible, the carpet needed replacing and she lost a few unimportant items due to water damage but none of it was enough to ruin her day. But something that did were the couple nights she had to sleep over at Miroku's because Inuyasha had another girl over for the night.

It was Friday, and she would have off the entire weekend from her job. After that shoot she missed due to her night with her teacher, the agency has been pretty pissed with her and has been working with other girls lately which didn't really bother Kagome too much because rather she physically worked or not, she still got a check at the end of the week. A free weekend was something she needed.

At the time, it was Kagome's lunch period, and she was using it to get some extra studying done rather than eating. So instead of getting a full meal, she settled for an apple and some water.

"Inuyasha…I don't understand why you don't have a girlfriend. You're so hot."

Kagome glanced up from her textbook and saw Inuyasha a few feet away gawking it up at a table full of girls. Despite the fact that the two of them have a physical relationship outside of school, he hardly even acknowledges her publicly. Kagome just figured it was for the best, she didn't want rumors spreading and she figured neither did Inuyasha. So whenever she saw him with another girl, she tried her best to ignore it.

"Why settle down with one girl and cut myself off from all you other beautiful ladies."

'Look at him…he thinks he's so smooth. Ugh," She couldn't watch this scene play out in front of her anymore. Something about these other girls fawn all over him just really got under her skin. All of those other girls were just pawns after all, she was the main one. She was the one he always came back to in the end…right? 'As if that's something to be proud of…"Kagome closed her text book and gathered her stuff to leave the cafeteria. She would find somewhere else to study.

Kagome walked back to her locker and started putting in her combination to unlock it. When it opened up, a small envelope fell out. "Huh…what's this?" She asked herself as she picked it up and opened it. The letter inside was short, sweet and to the point.

Come to my classroom when you are alone…

"What could he possibly want now?" Knowing her first period teacher doesn't stay in the school building past seventh period without reason, she decided to go see what he wanted while she still had a few minutes left during her lunch. When she got to his class room however, all the lights were out and it seemed like no one was inside but the door was unlocked so she decided to walk in anyway. "Hello…?"

Not many seconds later did Kagome hear some footsteps follow in the classroom behind her, "Kagome? I didn't expect for you to come at least until the end of the day. What are you doing here? I have class this period" Came the voice of her teacher.

"Well, I got your message in my locker, what do you want? And, where is your class anyway?"

"This period is doing a lab today; I just stopped back in the classroom for some supplies." He moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around small waist. "But I found a surprise instead. I enjoyed myself that night we spent together…did you?" He asked while squeezing her butt.

"Yea…sure," She said and wiggled free from his grasp. "You'd better talk fast because this period is going to be over soon and you have a class to get back to. What did call me here for?"

"You know, I really like that fiery attitude if yours, Kagome. But in any event, I called you here because I require you to attend a formal dinner tonight with some of my old friends. And then of course spend the night with me. I haven't…seen you without clothes for quite a few days."

"Why not make an account on my website and you'd get to see me naked all the time, ass hole! And as for the dinner, you can forget it! I agreed to sleep with you one time…that was it! You're not going to turn me into your personal sex slave!"

"If I recall, you said you would do anything I want in return for my silence. You made that vow before agreeing to the sex. So it is your obligation to do as I say if you want your double life to stay out of the news." He gripped her up by her shirt and pulled her close to his face. "You are going tonight…and you are going to do whatever I say, am I making myself clear Kagome?"

Kagome looked terrified; she already had an idea of what this man was capable of. "Crystal…"

He let her shirt go, "So…I will see you later tonight at my house, no later than eight. Make sure you're wearing something short and tight. You know I like you in as less clothes as possible."

The school bell rang and Kagome ran out of the room as quickly as possible.

Seven Hours Later…

"I hate feeling like I have no control over my life; it's as if everyone else in the world makes decisions for me. I can never make my own choices these days and I hate it!" Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs as she pulled up in front of her teacher's house. She this was one place she thought she'd never have to be again. Who knows what she'd have to endure this go around. It was bad enough Kagome knew her teacher had a weird obsession with bondage and was pretty temperamental at times. That's what got her all bruised up the first time. But of course, she had to do what he said. "I doubt tonight will be any different, hell, there probably isn't any dinner tonight anyway!"

*ring ring*

Kagome sifted through her clutch to find her cell phone, "Hello? Inuyasha…what do you want? Tonight…no, sorry. I have other plans for tonight. …What does it matter what I'm doing? …Do I question you when you want to be with other girls on certain nights? …Look I don't have time tonight, how about tomorrow? …Oh, really? They are, huh…? Well I'm really sorry but I can't tonight."


She hung up the phone and got out the car. Kagome was wearing the only thing she had that could be considered sexy and elegant at the same time. She was wearing a relatively short black halter, pencil dress with a side split that stopped right before her G-string line and a completely bare back. On her feet, she had on open toed thigh-tie stiletto heels. For accessories she decided on a couple black and silver bangles and some big silver hoop earrings and did her hair in an elegant bun to the side of her head. As for makeup, she settled for light eyeliner and mascara, a little blush to add some rose to her naturally pale cheeks and bright red lipstick on her lips.

Hesitantly, she walked to the front door and knocked and a few short moments following, the door swung open. "Kagome…eight-thirty? You're late…" Naraku said.

"Sorry...I got caught up, but I'm here just like…" Her sentence was cut short when Naraku slapped her across the face. Kagome gasped and palmed her cheek.

"I do not care what your excuses are, Kagome. You're lack of punctuality is making me late for my reservation!" He hit the unlock button on his car remote from the front door. "Go get in the car and do not say anything more." Kagome nodded, then walked to his car and got in. She waited about five minutes before Naraku joined her in the car. He handed her a bag with some ice inside of it before pulling off in route to their destination. "Sweetheart…you know I don't like to put my hands on you. I hate messing up that pretty face of yours. But sometimes…sometimes you give me no choice."

Kagome didn't respond, but instead looked out the window on her side while applying the ice to her face.

"How about I make it up to you, when we go out to dinner tonight…you can have whatever you want." He said while rubbing her legs, "So long as dessert is my choice…" Naraku shot her a toothy grin. "I really like your choice in attire, it's sexy. You did well at following my directions on what to wear."

"Are you sure it's okay for us to be going out in public like this so casually? What if someone sees us together?" Kagome asked.

"We will be at one of the most high end restaurants on the other side of town tonight. No one you know will be there. And as far people I know, you are my woman…after all, that part is true." The idea of that disgusted Kagome completely, but in a sick twisted sort of way, he was right. She did belong to him until she figured out a way to break free from his hold.

After the awkwardly silent forty-five minute ride to the outskirts of town, Kagome and Naraku ended up at the boating dock where there was a restaurant boat lit up with all sorts of white lights. The restaurant was called Thaitanic. Kagome assumed it was supposed to be a pun since they specialized in Taiwanese food, and the fact that it was a boat but anything named after the Titanic made her feel uneasy. When the two got out of the car, Naraku extended his arm to Kagome, which she hesitantly took.

Naraku pinched Kagome's hand with his nails, "You'd better fix your face and pretend like you want to be here. You're about to be eating the best damn food you've probably ever had in your life and you're not even paying for it. Now show some gratitude before me and you have a serious problem!"

Kagome let out a desperate, "Okay…" So the pain being shot into her hand would stop. After she agreed, he let her hand go and they proceeded inside.

"Last name, please?" The restaurant Host asked.

"Onigumo…" Naraku answered.

"Onigumo, party of six?"

"That's correct…"

"Right this way sir, the rest of your guests have already arrived."

Naraku put his hand around the small of Kagome's back and pulled her closer to him. They followed the host all the way to the far end of the restaurant where there was a big round booth with four other people she's never seen before sitting down.

"So you finally decided to show up, Naraku. And I say, you decided to bring a date this time." Said a woman with short black hair tied back, and wearing a pink and white kimono.

"Yes, well…things came up. This is my leading lady, Kagome." He introduced. "Kagome, these are some old friends I catch up with every now and then, Kagura, Bankotsu, Kanna, and Muso." Naraku then slid in the booth and gestured for Kagome to do the same which ultimately left her on the end.

"Hot girl, looks pretty young though. How old are you…uh, Kagome, right?" The one who Naraku called Muso asked.

"I'm twenty-two…" Kagome answered.

"No way, you have the face of an average teenager. Lucky you sweet heart, you age rather slowly. You're going to look really good when you get older." Kagura boasted.

"Uh…thank you."

"You look rather familiar, Kagome? Have we met before?" The other man, Bankotsu asked from across her.

'Could he be one of my site members…?'

"No, I'm pretty sure I've never seen you." She chuckled nervously hoping someone would change the subject.

Naraku noticed her uneasiness and decided to aid her, "Alright, enough gawking at the girl and let's order." He said.

"We were just trying to get to know her a little better," Kagura stated.

"Yes well, she doesn't talk much."

"Then she's no different than Kanna…great."

A young waitress with long greyish-pink hair, tanned skin and purple eyes approached their table. "Welcome to the Thaitanic, my name is Shiori and I'll be your server tonight…could I start you off with something to drink?"

Everyone at the table seemed to order something ordinary like water, tea or coffee…perhaps they were going to order something real when their food came later. Kagome however, wanted this night to end as quickly as it began, so when it became her turn to order her drink she instinctively demanded: "Raspberry champagne cocktail!" Shiori took the drink orders and went about her way to fulfill them.

"What do you mean you guys are going on another exhibition? You're going to just leave me here!?"

"Well, son…we have realized that we have made you do a lot of bouncing around your entire life and we don't think it's fair for us to keep doing that to you. You're constantly switching schools and flying from place to place. We're never home to guide you. So we think it's best if we allow you to stay in one place and live your life for a while. And we won't be gone forever, just until next year."

"It's freaking February! You mean to say, I'm not going to see you guys for eleven months!? You know, if you weren't going to be around to raise a kid…why did you two bother having one?"

"Don't see it like that, sweetheart…we love you very much. But we have needs too, and our needs aren't your needs and we just don't want to thrust our needs onto you anymore. So we'll go…and let you stay."

"Feh, sounds like a weak excuse to abandon your kid!"

Kagome could hear a conversation coming from another table, 'I know that voice…but here? No way…' She leaned over a little bit and started to scope to scope the restaurant.

"I don't believe this, you two come home for two hours and you already start talking about leaving again this time for longer than ever before! What kind of parents are you!?"

"Son, where are you going?"

"To the bathroom…I need to clear my head for a bit."

Then, she saw him and she couldn't believe her eyes. Coming out of another booth about three tables down was Inuyasha and he was walking towards her direction. She gasped and tried to shield her face with the menu but wasn't quite fast enough. Inuyasha saw her, but his brain was too fumed to even care.

'Of all the restaurants in the city…why did he and his parents have to come here!? Now, he's never going to forgive that I opted out of meeting his parents even though it wasn't my fault. Nor do I really even have a reason to meet them.'

She glanced over at Naraku who had his head facing the other direction so she figured he hadn't seen Inuyasha and hopefully vice versa. Kagome wasn't ready to try and come up with another lie as to why she was out to dinner with her first period teacher.

"I'm going to go to the restroom…" She whispered to Naraku who didn't even seem to pay her much mind. He was too busy chatting with his friends.

Kagome got up and started walking down the same hallway she thought she saw Inuyasha go down. The restaurant itself wasn't very well lit, and it didn't help that the hallway she was going down had so many dark shadows in it. "Inuyasha…?" She whispered. "Inuyasha, did you go down here?"

Just then, someone came up from behind her and covered her mouth, dragging Kagome through the nearest door.

Chapter End Notes:

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