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Chapter 4
Kagome was dragged through the door of a supply closet and thrust against the concrete wall behind her. Her mouth was still covered as she stared into the eyes of her abductor.
“I knew I wasn’t going crazy. You do look familiar, sweetheart.” Bankotsu said under a low nefarious voice. He pulled out his cell phone and held it up against Kagome’s face. There was a picture opened on his phone that was taken from Kagome’s Sexy Baby website. “Now, I’m going to let your mouth go…but you better not scream.” He did so and Kagome just breathed heavily in fear of what was in for her.
“What do you want with me…?” She uttered out, nervously.
Bankotsu smirked evilly, “Not quite sure yet…I’ve fantasized a lot about you.”
His remark disgusted Kagome and she thought she was going to vomit. She couldn’t believe that her desperation to earn money would ever lead to something like this. Lately, it seemed like one bad thing after another and she wasn’t sure how much more of it she would be able to take. “Y-you can’t do this…Naraku will know we’re both missing.”
“Please, he didn’t notice you leave the table or me. I doubt we’ll be missed. Besides…” He grasped her chin and started pulling her face towards his own. “We won’t be busy for very long. All I need for you is to lay it down the way you do in your videos for a few minutes…and we can both be on our…”
Before Bankotsu could finish his statement, he was struck in the back of his head…hard from behind. He blacked out and collapsed on top of Kagome who was still pinned against the wall. “You alright, Kagome?”
She gasped as the voice of the one person she wanted to hear at a time like this, “Inuyasha…” She looked up and saw her savoir staring at her with a new kind of look…protection.
Inuyasha pried the unconscious man off of Kagome and just left him fall to the floor. “Let’s get out of here before he wakes back up.” He said while taking Kagome’s hand and leading her out of the supply closet. Inuyasha led the way to a door that opened up to the boats balcony. Kagome was filled with awe at the sight. The rails were lit up with crystal colored lights that twinkled in the reflection of the water. She walked over to the edge and leaned against the railing while looking p into the night sky at the stars.
“So beautiful…” She whispered,
Inuyasha stared at Kagome’s figure and was amazed at how the moonlight highlighted the girl’s body. “Yes…you are,” He let out, though he didn’t realize he had.
“What was that?” She said, not completely hearing what Inuyasha said.
He cleared his throat, “Uh…nothing! Anyway, what are you doing here? And what were you doing in the closet with that guy? Who was he!? And why are you dressed like that!?” Inuyasha started asking question after question.
“Whoa, slow down Sherlock Holmes! And what does any of that matter to you anyway? It’s not like you own me. I can take care of myself…” She answered.
“Oh, yea…because you were doing a great job of that just a few moments ago. But whatever, tell me what you’re doing here though.”
“I’m…uh, on a date…sort of.”
“A date!? With whom…not the creep that had you pinned to a wall just now?” He yelled out!
Kagome raised an eyebrow, “What’s with you right now? Why so many questions all of a sudden; and no, it’s not with him it’s with…” She stopped, “Somebody else…”
“Tell me!” He countered.
“What difference does it make who my date is with or not, Inuyasha? Do I question you about the other girls you’re screwing every other night when you’re not with me!? I appreciate the help a moment ago, but I don’t belong to you there for I don’t owe you any explanations!” She yelled and started walking back inside, but Inuyasha grabbed her arm and swung her around.
“What did you just…” He let out a deep sigh, “Kagome I…”
“You what…?” She asked a little annoyed. Kagome was tired of getting pulled around and jerked around just because she was small. It was starting to get really old, and make her consider start hitting the gym for some strength exercises.
Inuyasha on the other hand stammered for on how to complete his sentence. “Nothing, forget it. What video was that guy talking about?”
Kagome furrowed her eyebrows, “Huh…”
“That guy, before I hit him…he said something about you laying down on a video. What was he talking about?”
“Oh, um…nothing, I don’t even know what he was talking about.” She replied with obvious signs of lying. “Look, I have to get back to my…”
“Don’t try to change the subject! Tell me!” He yelled at her.
Kagome was getting irritated, “Can I ask you something? Why are you so concerned about me and what I’m doing all the time? What I do and who I do it with is my business…not yours, Inuyasha. You and I are just bed buddies. We occasionally have indiscriminant, meaningless sex…that’s it. What I do outside of your bedroom door doesn’t concern you and vice versa. So, I would appreciate it if you stop sticking your nose in my business.” She said nonchalantly.
Her words hit him hard, though in all honestly she was absolutely right. The two of them did decide to keep their relationship on a sexual level and not a personal one. But there was something about this girl that kept drawing him in. Sure, he’s has other bed buddies but he hardly calls any of them as often as he calls over Kagome. He just liked having her around, but the feeling never seemed mutual. Whenever Inuyasha tried to be soft towards her, she shut him out.
Inuyasha nodded his head and let her arm go, “You’re right…go, do whatever. I really, don’t care anymore.”
“I just seem to attract trouble no matter where I go. It’s really starting to piss me off. I really can’t wait till graduation, and then I can finally be off to college and start doing the things I want to do.” Kagome said while collapsing on her best friend’s bed.”
“Awww, you’re going to leave me and forget I ever existed? After all we’ve been through together?” Miroku joked.
“You know I could never forget you. But this town just holds so many unwanted memories. I really just want to be rid of them and have my own life; settle down, get married, have a baby…you know, all that mushy stuff. But that’s really the life I want to live.” She chuckled to herself, “I suppose in a way, every girl wants that, right?”
I few days had passed since Kagome’s encounter with Inuyasha at the Thaitanic. Since then, Inuyasha hasn’t really shown any interest in her, not even for a booty call. Though, that didn’t mean she wasn’t still a call girl. Kagome still had to go to work some days. On the others, she was keeping Naraku happy. Kagome was starting to get worried though. Her intentions weren’t to shut Inuyasha out completely; she just wanted some amount of her privet life to stay privet. The last thing she needed was for one more person to find out her secret and find some new way to torture her. Especially after she tried so hard to keep that part of her life buried as deep as possible. Kagome signed deeply as she replayed that night and the words that left her lips. After giving it some thought, could she really blame Inuyasha for being concerned. She was in a dark closet with a man that had her pinned down with thoughts of doing god knows what. All Inuyasha asked for was “why”.
“Is everything alright with you today, Kagome?”
She tilted her head up, though from her point of view, Miroku was upside-down. “Miroku…what’s wrong with me?”
Miroku who was initially not facing her, but instead the computer desk in the opposite direction, swiveled the chair around and looked her in the eye. “Nothing’s wrong with you, Kagome. What makes you say that?”
“Because…bad things always happen to me. Karma follows me, and the gods are punishing me for my indiscretions.”
“Sometimes bad things happen to good people for lessons unknown to them at the time. It all makes sense in the long run, though.”
Kagome bit her bottom lip and thought about his words for a moment, “Miroku…what do you think of me?”
That statement caught him off guard, his face even heated up a little bit. “W-what?”
“I said…what do you think of me?” She repeated.
Miroku took a deep breath, “Kagome, you are a beautiful girl with a really big heart who has had some unfortunate events happen in your life. You’re young and just trying to get by in this would like everyone else. You were forced to grow up a lot faster than most people in this world because you don’t have parents. But you still always try to do the right thing.” During his monologue, Miroku made his way over to the bed and lay next to her.
“I wish I could believe that…but nothing good ever seems to come to me. I just…I don’t know what to do at this point. All I want is for that one person to see that I need them, they can save me from my troubles and haul me away to a better place and live happily ever after. I deserve that much…don’t I?
Miroku rolled over and was now hovering over her, “Of course, you do…there’s a person out there for everyone, especially for you because you do deserve it. You just have to find that person, and also be willing to give yourself to that person fully.”
Kagome looked him in the eye and her eyes softened. She cupped his cheeks in her hands and started pulling his face down towards hers. “Do you really mean what you say?” She whispered.
“I would never lie to you, Kagome. You’re my best friend and I love you.”
To both Miroku and Kagome’s surprise, Kagome had captures his lips with her own wrapping her arms completely around his neck. She wasn’t even sure why she did it. She never felt any romantic attraction towards her friend. But she needed the comfort of knowing there was someone there for her and always would be. Kagome needed a reassurance of that comforting feeling, so when the opportunity arose…she took it.
Both their tongues dance around each other as they battled for dominance. Miroku started to run his fingers through Kagome’s hair as she began to work on the buttons of his shirt. However, Miroku suddenly realized what he was doing and who he was doing it to and grabbed her hand in his own to stop her from undoing his shirt and he sat up. “Kagome…are you sure you want to do this? I don’t want either of us to regret it in the end. ”
A tear rolled down her face, “Please…please.” She pleaded with her friend while trying her best to pull him back down to her level. “No regrets…just, please.”
Miroku complied and let her hand go. Kagome continued to unbutton his shirt which eventually made its way to the floor. She rubbed her hands along the smooth creases of the muscles in his chest. Miroku went from kissing her lips to sucking on her neck sending a strong tingling sensation all through her body. Kagome wrapped her legs around his waist, forcing his body into hers even more while he worked on rolling her shirt up her torso and off her body revealing a completely black laced bra that extenuated Kagome’s chest. He began to blow butter fly kisses down her arms and chest while stroking up and down her body with his hands. Kagome’s skin heated up with every touch and she started to get goose bumps. When she started to receive too much sensation, Kagome forced him off of her and jumped on top of him. She attacked his lips with her own while riding up and down on his pelvis. She started to trance his abs with her tongue now sending sensations through his body. Kagome then trailed with her tongue up to his chest and kissed his chest all over. She caused a soft moan to leave his lips and it made Kagome smile. She pecked him once more on the lips, and then started working on unfastening his jeans.
“Ka…gome,” He forced out. “St…”
“Shhh…” She said and started making out with him again.
“But…Kag…” He kept forcing words with each time their lips parted, but Kagome kept stopping his words by placing a kiss on his lips. However, Miroku started to get a little upset by her attempts to silence him that he pushed her off of him and she fell back on the bed. “Kagome, STOP!” He yelled. “I-I can’t do this…not with you. I’m sorry.”
She gasped and licked her lips. Her breathing was a little hitched because of loss of breath from their make out session. “Why…?” She asked her face beginning to fall and her eyes tearing up as if she was going to cry. “I thought you loved me.” She mumbled.
“I do love you, a lot! But not this way! C’mon Kagome, you’re better than this. Pull yourself together.”
“B-but…you said, there’s someone out there for me.”
“And there is! But it’s not me…Kagome.”
Kagome tried her hardest to force herself not to cry. She stood up from the bed and grabbed her shirt from off the floor. “I’m sorry…” She whispered and started walking towards the door.
“Kagome, where are you going?”
“I don’t know…” She answered and with that, closed his bedroom door behind her.
Miroku sighed and rubbed his lips. He couldn’t believe he almost had sex with his childhood friend. He and Kagome grew up together; he’s seen her in her weakest states. He watched her grow up, and boy did she grow up. Sure, maybe through time he developed a small crush on her and he has thought about a relationship with her. But Kagome was his friend, he never wanted to do anything that could tarnish that friendship. Even what little bit they just did is probably enough to make things awkward between them for a while and that’s something he never wanted between the two of them. He never wanted there to be bad blood between him and Kagome which is why they opted out of ever going farther than friends from the gate. He just hoped that things weren’t ruined right now.
Kagome was hurting inside and he knew it. But clearly she didn’t want to talk about it otherwise, she would have by now. Miroku was never one to force Kagome to talk if she didn’t want to. If she wanted his advice, she would ask. Therefor he never had any reason to pry. Though lately, she’s been acting more disoriented than usual. It started with being tired all the time, which turned into her not showing up to school on some days. Absents turned into depression on the days she actually did go to school. Yea, Miroku knew something was bothering her and he hoped she would open up about it. He always tried to crack the door to communication when he noticed something was wrong with Kagome. Just like the other day when he asked if she was tired and said she must have been studying late last night. He knew she didn’t study, but he hoped she would take the hint and tell him what was going on. It didn’t work however because Kagome is and probably always will be a pretty closed book. She picks and chooses what she wants people to know about her.
“Oh, Kagome…please don’t do anything rash.”
Inuyasha sighed from both exhaustion and from being in deep thought. “That was nice girl, but…it’s not enough to fix my mood. Not your fault though…”
The slim figured girl, with ruffled up, short, brown hair rolled her eyes. “Well…maybe if you told me what the problem was, I might be able to help you. “ She said while sitting up against the headboard of Inuyasha’s bed and taking a puff of a cigarette.
“Nothing you could say or do could fix my issues….” He mumbled under his breath.
“Whatever, dude…” The girl took her last puff and put the cigarette out. She then stood up and started putting all her clothes back on.
“Where are you going, Kagome?”
“Ugh, do you really even care? And my name is Ayame…by the way.”
“Inuyasha leaned back, you’re right…I don’t. But before you go, bring me a beer from out the fridge.”
After the girl was completely dressed again, she left the room and Inuyasha was left alone once more. It had been several days since he had spoken to Kagome and it was really starting to eat away at his skin. Kagome was like a magnet that kept sticking its self to his brain but he always tried to fight it. Every day he brought home a new girl, but in some way they all resembled Kagome. Either they looked like her, or their names sounded like hers. The girl Ayame made her way back to Inuyasha’s room and threw a bottle of beer on the bed and walked back out.
He sighed, “I just wish I could get this girl off my mind.” He mumbled, but then his phone rang and the name Kagome came across the caller ID.
He picked it up, “What…?”
“Can we talk?” She said threw the phone.
“Talk…” He said.
“Not over the phone…come outside.”
She then hung up and Inuyasha furrowed his brows. “She can’t possibly just be standing outside. Ayame would have seen her and said something…wouldn’t she?”
Whatever Kagome’s reasons were for showing up at his house, Inuyasha decided it would probably be best for both of them to at least talk about whatever the thick air is between them. So he decided to get out of the bed and throw on some jeans. He opted out of putting on anything else because if this was like any other one of Kagome’s booty calls, his clothes would be coming off soon anyway.
After his pants were back on, she shuffled down the stairs of his house and opened up the front door. Sure enough, Kagome was standing on the other side. Her shirt was in her hands and she looked like she had been crying. Instinctively, Inuyasha thought the worst had happened to her and his head started to fume. Kagome however, placed her hand on his chest, stood on her toes and placed a kiss on his lips. She dropped the shirt from her other hand and wrapped her arms around her neck. Inuyasha in turn snaked his hands around her waist. After a few seconds, the two parted and Kagome just hugged him.
“I sorry…” She said, “I just…really needed to see you.”
“Kagome, why do you always look like something bad has happened to you?”
She looked up into his eyes and breathed heavily. “I’ll tell you everything you want to know, if you promise not to judge me in the end. I need you right now Inuyasha…I don’t know what it is, but…I just feel at a comfort zone when you’re around and I can’t stay away from you. I need you in my life for my own sanity. I know…it sounds selfish, and I can understand if I’m the last person on earth that you want to be around right now. I’m sorry for getting on your case when you were only trying to help. And…I’m sorry for getting mad all the time, and…I’m just sorry for everything. Please, just let me in your life!”
Inuyasha grabbed her shoulders and pulled her off his chest, “Kagome…believe it or not, you’ve already been a part of my life more than I’ve been willing to admit. It’s like a said before, sometimes I can’t stand you…but other times I-I…” He stuttered.
“Say it…please, just say it. I need to hear it.”
“I can’t say what you want me to say, because I don’t know if it’s true myself yet. I would be wrong to fill your mind with false hope and I don’t want to be the ass whole that does that to you. But I will tell you that I care about you and your wellbeing. I don’t want anything to happen to you…and, I don’t want you around other guys but me.”
Kagome furrowed her brows, “Heh, really? Does the same thing apply to you Mr. Bed-hopper?” She said nonchalantly.
“I don’t mean it like that, though…I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t sleep around either. What I’m trying to say is that, you’re a really attractive girl, and you’re not very big. All it’s going to take is for someone to get aggressive and snatch you up, just like the other day. And…well, I might not be there to save you that next time. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if someone took advantage of you, and you’re setting yourself up for that! Haven’t you realized that yet!?” He yelled.
“I-I need help…but I don’t know if you can help me.”
“What happened? Did someone attack you just now?” He asked referring back to the fact that Kagome was topless on his doorstep.
“No…I was with Miroku just now and…”
“He did this to you!?”
“No! Inuyasha, just…calm down, hear me out.” He nodded, “I was with Miroku…and out of a desperate attempt for male comfort I sort of, came onto him. Things…started to happen,”
“So, you slept with him…” He asked. “Geez, Kagome! Why are you always like this? Why are you constantly looking for someone to screw?”
“We didn’t have sex! And you’re one to talk! You answered the door with no shirt on which means you either have a girl in your house, or she just left! I don’t want you to treat me like your child, but you did say you would hear me out!” She started to scream.
Inuyasha knew this conversation was sure to attract a crowed, especially with the two of them standing outside half-naked. So, he opened his front door and motioned for her to come inside. “We’re never going to get any real talking done if we keep attacking each other on what the other has done. Why don’t you come inside?”
Kagome rolled her already moist, puffy eyes. “I didn’t come here for sex this time…”
“I’m not asking you to come inside and take the rest of your clothes off! Just go inside and we can finish this conversation.” He replied.
She thought about his words for a second, but complied nonetheless and walked into the house. Inuyasha told her to have a seat in the living room while he went to grabbed them both something to drink. While he did that, Kagome went about her way of putting her grey tank top back on that was taken off about an hour ago by Miroku. She didn’t want anything to distract Inuyasha or herself from what she actually came there for.
After a few minutes, Inuyasha came back in the room with two mugs full of hot tea. He placed one on the coffee table, and gave the other to Kagome. He then, sat down next to her. “Okay, tell me what’s going on with you? And what you want me to do?” Inuyasha said.
Kagome took a deep breath as she still contemplated on telling him the truth or not. But it seemed like if she didn’t start with the root problem, everything else would seem irrelevant. She tapped her nails along the outside of the mug before beginning to open her mouth. “I…started off with a spool of string, and it’s starting to become a really big ball of yarn.” Inuyasha seemed confused by her metaphor, but stayed quite since he knew she would get to the point at some point. “After I was left to fend for myself, I started doing something bad; it could get me and a whole lot of other people in trouble. But, at the time…when I started, I was really desperate and didn’t know what else to do. I’ve been keeping it a secret for the past year. Something happened though, and now someone knows my secret and I begged him not to say anything and he agreed to do so…but on the condition that I agree to have sex with him whenever he wants it. I-_...I didn’t want to do it, but it was the only way to keep my secret safe, but now I’m being blackmailed. I don’t want this, I want to stop what I’m doing. I want to stop being his sex slave…I just want my life back!” She broke down and started crying.
Inuyasha couldn’t stand to see a girl cry…especially this one. There seems to be so much wrong with her. More than he knew he would be able to help her with. “What is this big secret? Who’s blackmailing you?” He asked.
Kagome sniffled and whipped a tear from her eye, I can’t tell you….” She said answered.
“If you don’t tell me, how can I help you?”
“You won’t even want to be around me if I tell you…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be dumping my problems onto you.” She started to stand up and head for the front door but Inuyasha got up and ran after her. He grabbed her from behind and embraced her tightly. Kagome broke down and her body went limp. If Inuyasha wasn’t holding onto her she would have fallen, but he safely guided her to the floor where she sat in between his legs and just cried. Still, Inuyasha held onto her and wouldn’t let her go. They needed each other, they just weren’t aware of it themselves yet. Kagome balled her fist and started hitting him in the chest. “Let me go…please,” She forced out through her sobs.
“No…I won’t let you go!”
Eventually, Kagome’s punches turned into slaps which became an embrace back. “Help…me,” She whispered.
“Then tell me what’s going on in your life. You begged me to let you in my life, but you have to let me in yours!” He said to her soft, but sternly.
“About a year ago…things started to get really rough for me. I was living on my own…I had very little money, bills were piling up and I was soon to be living on the streets, or be in foster care for the next two years…I-I didn’t want either of those to happen. I wasn’t ready to just pick up my life and be tossed from home to home for two years only to be thrown back into the streets alone when I turned 18. So, I started looking for a job and I came across an ad for some site-modeling. It said they were looking for young new faces and the pay was a few thousands a week. So, with the little bit of money I had left, I bought a fake ID and went to the studio. The management team must have liked me because they gave me the job and a sighed a stupid contract that locks me in for the next several months. I thought all I was going to have to do was pose for a few nude shots and that would be it. But…they started making me do more. They made me pose with other people, and then photos turned into videos and before I knew it I was a porn actress…” She paused and waited for a reaction from Inuyasha but he didn’t say anything. He just held this blank look on his face. Kagome sat up and faced him on the floor. She sniffled, “Well…say something. I know you have to have something to say after what I just told you.”
“Kagome…how many sexual partners have you had?” He asked.
She sighed, “You don’t want to know the answer to that…”
“No, Kagome! I really do!” He said while getting up and leaving her on the floor alone. “I…I can’t stand the thought of someone being all over you! So tell me! How many men have you been with?”
“If I tell you…do you promise not to get mad?” She asked nervously.
“Fine…” He agreed.
“Well…I, uh…stopped counting after twenty-three.”
“So there’s more than that!? Kagome, what the hell!?” He yelled at her.
Kagome stood up, “It’s not my fault though! It’s not like I have a choice when it comes to work. More than half of those people were because of work not for me…please, you said you wouldn’t get mad. I’m trying to be as upfront as possible; this isn’t easy for me either.” Inuyasha nodded once and led her back to the couch where they both sat down and Kagome continued with her story. “The agency that I work for made me my own site where photos and videos of me are up doing…uh, stuff. Since the site got popular, my biggest fear has been someone finding out about it and reporting the agency for having a minor posing nude…or worse, someone reporting me to the authorities and I’ll be arrested. Well, my biggest fear happened and someone found out about it, though due to circumstance it was kind of my fault that they did. But since then, my site has done nothing but make me the target of someone’s blackmail. I’m being used for sex and…I’m tired of it.”
“Wait a minute…” Inuyasha started to put two and two together. “Is that what that guy was talking about when he said something about videos back on the Thaitanic?” He asked. “Is that the guy that’s been blackmailing you?”
Kagome thought back for a minute and whispered, “Shit…I forgot about him.”
“Is he still bothering you?” He asked.
“No, I just…I forgot that he too knows about the site. And he knows my name. I just hope you hit him hard that he’ll have a memory laps and not remember ever meeting me. But to answer your question…no, he’s not the person.”
“Who is it then?”
Kagome brushed some of her hair behind her ear, “Um…I’m not ready to talk about that part yet. I just wanted to talk about me and what I did wrong. I did wrong by starting the site-modeling in the first place and now I can’t get out of it. I’m locked in until my contract is up and I need to find a way out of it.”
Inuyasha thought for a minute, “Didn’t you say you obtained a fake ID to work for this agency?”
Kagome nodded her head, “That’s correct.”
“Well, think about it. If you had false identification when you signed the contract, then it’s already void. It can’t be used as legal if the information on it isn’t accurate. Also, you’re not over eighteen yet, so if you go to the agency with valid information, they would have to break your contact.” Inuyasha told her.
Kagome had never thought of it like that. All she knew was that she signed her name and now she was locked in. But Inuyasha made a very valid point just now. So getting out of the site-modeling might not be as hard as she thought. “And with the contract broken because I’m underage…that forced them to shut down the site. With the site out of the way…there’s no more bait to blackmail me with! Inuyasha, you are a lifesaver!” She yelled feeling over joyed and kissed him on the cheek.
Inuyasha however, returned her gesture by cupping her cheek and placing a kiss on her lips. Because Kagome was so relieved, she didn’t bother to fight it. She loved having Inuyasha this close to her. She even climbed on top of him and started straddling him on the sofa while they made out. “Kagome…can you…promise me something?” He forced out in between breaths.
Kagome was kissing up and down his beat chest, “Sure…anything…”
“After I help you out of all this mess…will you stay away from other men? I don’t want anyone else touching or looking at you, but me.” He said.
Kagome stopped hissing him and sat up slightly, “I’ll only make that promise…if you do the same for me.”
“Erm…” Inuyasha was lost for words for a moment, he hadn’t thought she would ask the same request. But he knew she had just as much reason to as he did. “Kagome…listen,”
“Clearly…you’re jealous of me potentially being with other guys. And I knew it makes my skin crawl to see you with other girls. I’m not asking for a relationship because I don’t do relationships, and plus…I know you are going to be leaving the country at some point anyway. But, for the time being…while you’re still here, can’t we just belong to each other? When you leave, we can go our separate ways and our lives will go back to the way they were before we met. I’ll admit it; I’m deeply attracted to you, Inuyasha. And I know you feel something for me…you even said it yourself. We don’t have to be together romantically…but any form of togetherness is enough to keep me sane until I can no longer…”
Inuyasha covered her mouth with one of his hands. “Listen…okay?” He asked and Kagome nodded her head up and down. “I’m not going anywhere; at least, not for a very long time. When I called you earlier that day we met each other on the Thaitanic, invited you out to meet my parents, right? Well, the reason I wanted to do that was because whenever my parents take me out to some fancy place is when they are about to tell me we’re leaving again. I wasn’t ready to leave here yet because I just got here and wasn’t given a chance to settle in yet. I was going to ask you to pose as a potential girlfriend so I wouldn’t have to leave. They can turn me down, but they couldn’t turn you down. However, the conversation took a left turn and apparently, it’s my parents that are leaving. Sure, I was bummed about it at first, but when I gave it some thought…I hardly see them anyway. So if they want to go on another exhibition…why not let them? I get to stay here until graduation and have a chance at a normal life…if only for a short while. So…Kagome,” He said while cradling her face in his hands, “I’m not going anywhere…”
A huge smile started to graze across Kagome’s face. “So that means you will still sleeping around!?” She asked a little too excited.
“Erm…well, let’s talk about this…”
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