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Chapter 5
“So you see, I’m still underage. I’m really sorry for deceiving you and if I could take it all back I would. If you want me to pay you back for all the checks I earned, I will. I don’t know how…or even how long it will take me to do it, but I’ll figure something out. If the company promises to shut down, and keep down the Sexy Baby site, I promise to keep quiet about ever working for you. No one has to know you ever had a minor working.” Kagome had been pleading her case for the past hour and a half to argue why she had to quit her job and the high risks she put herself and the company in just by working for them.
The pleasingly plump looking old man with pepper colored hair and a long goatee eyed the girl up and down with an incredulous expression. He looked tired and was smoking a large cigar blowing a few puffs of smoke in her direction. “You know, I already had a feeling you were lying about your age from the minute you applied for the job here. I knew you weren’t twenty three, but I never suspected sixteen. You have really put my company in a tight position. How do I know that you will not go to the police claiming that we forced you to work for a sick kiddie porn site? What stability do I have that you will not try something funny once I have the site shut down?” He asked.
“I’m not asking you to believe me…but I just want my life back. Ever since I started working here I have been becoming less and less me. I started turning into someone that I do not even know myself. I don’t expect you to understand that, but I need you to trust that I wouldn’t turn on you like that. I have been working for you this long and have not once gone to the authorities and I would not now.” She paused, “Besides…even if I did, that would make me responsible as well.”
“Hm…” The man thought for a moment while stroking his beard. He then pulled out one of his desk drawers and pulled out a file that was titled ‘SB’. Kagome noticed that file, it was her file. It contained the contract that she signed her life away to. The man took his cigar out his mouth and put the fire lit end to the corner of Kagome’s file. Slowly, the file started to catch flames and the dropped it him his mettle garbage can. “We’re going to miss you sexy baby…feel free to come back, when you really are legal.” He said and gave her wink. “Now get out of here.”
Kagome’s face lit up, she couldn’t believe how easy and well that went. “Thank you, sir!” She bellowed and happily danced her way out the office and out the building.
When she stepped through the doors that led to the outside world, Kagome felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders and all she wanted to do was tell everyone that she was finally free. But, there was no one for her to tell, except for Inuyasha. After all, he was the only person that she had ever told. And of course there was Naraku whom she figured would find out himself and would leave her alone since he no longer had anything to hold over her head. Yes, life was finally going to start turning around for her starting now.
Miroku was sitting in a small coffee shop by himself for a while. It seemed as if he had been spending a lot more time alone since his outburst at Kagome. He knows he probably came down on her harder than she needed, and he could have chosen his words better. Still, it was something she needed to hear. She was getting out of control. But he knew he hurt her, and he desperately wanted to settle things with her, he just didn’t know how. Miroku also feared rejection from her. The two of them have never had a fall out like the one that caused her to run out of his house half dressed.
“Here’s your pumpkin latte, can I get you anything else?”
Miroku was broken out of his trance by a young woman waiting on him in the shop. He knew she looked familiar, but he wasn’t sure where he’d seen her. “You know what I hate?” He responded.
The girl was startled by his outburst, “Uh…people taking your order?” She asked.
“Huh? Oh, no…I’m sorry. Forget it. I’ll just have a lightly toasted beagle with strawberry-cream cheese.” He said. The girl nodded and left to go and get his order.
Miroku sighed and pulled his cell out his pocket. He debated on rather he was going to call Kagome or not. He already knew he owed her an apology, if only for shoving her, the way that he did. Rather she deserved it or not, he could have handled the situation differently. Then maybe, Kagome wouldn’t have run off the way that she did. “What should I say though…?” He whispered to himself so no one would hear him talking to himself.
“Here’s you beagle.” The waitress came back and placed the beagle on the table as well as a small dish of strawberry cream cheese like he asked for.
“Thank you, Miss…?” He pauses and scanned her blouse for a name tag, and also took a sneak-peak at her body in the uniform. “Sango…?”
“No problem, can I get you anything else?” She asked.
“No, but…have we met before?”
Sango furrowed her brow, “No…I don’t think so. Why do you ask?”
“You just look really familiar, and I swear I’ve heard your name before; could be my imagination. I’m sorry for bothering you.” He answered.
“Don’t be. I don’t mind. People come in and out of here all day just wanting their service and leave. It’s nice when customers engage in some sort of conversation every now and then. Even if only because they thought I was someone they knew.” She smiled and started to walk away.
“Hey, Sango” He stopped her, “Could I ask you for some girl advice?”
She came back over to the table and took a seat in the booth across from him. Business was slow that day, so she could afford a small break since she didn’t have any other tables to tend to at the time. “Sure, I guess so. What do you need? Girlfriend mad at you or something? Solution to that, call her up and just start apologizing…and crying. Guarantee it will work.” She joked causing a small skirt to form across Miroku’s lips. “I knew that would get a chuckle out of you. But in all seriousness now, what do you need help with?”
Miroku tapped his fingers on the side of the coffee cup in from of him. “I’m having problems with my closest friend. She seems really troubled, but I don’t know why. I think…I think she tried to tell me, but I pushed her away. But that was only because she wanted something from me that I couldn’t give her. I mean, well…I could have, but it wouldn’t have felt right. There wouldn’t have been any meaning to it. It just would have been…something physical.”
Sango knew there were a bunch of holes in what her customer was saying, but knew it wasn’t her business to ask too much since he was speaking to her out of confidence anyway. “Well, what do you want?” She asked.
“I want her to be happy. I want her to find the person she can be happy with, that person just isn’t me and I feel like she’s spending so much time looking that she isn’t actually seeing. Does that make sense?”
“It does…I understand where you are coming from. Have you tried talking to your friend? It sounds like she really needs you. You should ask her what is going on in her life that is causing so many disturbances in her life.” Sango told him.
“It’s not that easy…Kagome’s…not that easy. She never has been.”
Miroku never even realized that he let slip her name and suddenly the brief, full of holes story he was telling her was starting to make a little more sense. Sango remembered talking to a girl named Kagome who was really distressed and had a lot going on in her life.
“Kagome…short, pale, skinny-girl with the pretty hair?” Sango started describing the Kagome she knew wondering if they were talking about the same girl.
“Yea…how do you know her?” Miroku asked, curiously.
“I met her, we go to the same school; she a grade below me. Really sweet girl, but troubled…and a little promiscuous. Of course, that’s her business not mine.”
Miroku wondered why Kagome had never mentioned this girl to him before, she told him everything. Though now, it did make sense as to why she looked so familiar. He must have seen Sango around school and heard people saying her name. But since he did not know who she was, he never actually paid her any attention. “You go to Jewel Prep? So do I, and I know Kagome because she’s my best friend…though that’s quite questionable right now.” He sighed while biting his beagle.
“I do, I’m a senior…and so you must be Miroku? Kagome told me about you. If you are her best friend, why are you asking me about advice on her? According to Kagome, you know her best of all. You’re like family to her.”
“We are like family, Kagome is like my sister. And the other day…she tried to have sex with me. We were alone in my bedroom, and things started to get a little steamy. But then I came to my senses and realized what was happening and I couldn’t go through with it. It would have been like sleeping with my baby sister. It’s felt like insect; Kagome didn’t seem to understand why I wouldn’t go through with it. She ran off before I could explain myself and she hasn’t talked to me since. I feel horrible. Do you think I should have just given in to what she wanted?”
Sango’s eyes were wide. Not at all did she think she was going to hear what she just did. She kept herself composed nonetheless. “If you feel as strongly as you do, it’s a good thing that you did not do anything more with her because it could have some major regrets in the long run. You two may not have been able to look at the other the same way and it would have built a huge wall in between your friendship. Once you leave the friend zone, it’s really hard to get back into it after things have gotten really far. I know you value your friendship with her more than a simple one night stand, right?” She asked.
“Of course I do! That’s the reason I stopped. But Kagome didn’t want to.”
“Because something is ailing her right now…she’s hurt and is looking for comfort where ever she can get it. Kagome knows you are her best friend and always have her best interest at heart which is why she confides in you. She tried to go farther with you because she knows that out of everyone in the world, she can always find some sort of love in you. Even if it’s not the love she really wants…or even needs. Sometimes, to be able to feel any form of love is better than not experiencing love at all.” Sango crossed her legs and folded her arms. She started staring off into space thinking back on her encounter with Kagome. “I wonder if any of this has anything to do with that guy Inuyasha she was talking to me about.”
“Huh?” That statement caught Miroku’s attention, “What are you talking about?”
“Kagome and Inuyasha…the new guy? He’s in your year I believe. The two of them were hooking up I guess. He wanted more, Kagome didn’t want to give in, he got mad…started insulting her, she slapped the crap out of him. I told her to leave him alone…but you know girls, we’re hard headed. I can promise you the two of them are still sleeping together.” She said jokingly not noticing that she let slip some information that Miroku had not known yet.
The news not only angered Miroku, but it also made him sad. He had thought the two of them had the type of closeness that they told each other everything. He had no idea that Kagome was seeing Inuyasha. Why didn’t she tell him about this? Miroku thought for a moment back when he and Inuyasha were in the gym together and he said that Kagome slapped him once. Could that be what Sango was talking about?
“Hey look, I’ve got to get back to work before my manager starts wondering why I’m sitting while on the clock.” She pulled the pen out from her order pad and started writing something on a napkin. “Here’s my number, you can call me if you still want to talk further. I get off at six, so call me any time after that. If not, I guess I’ll see you around in school.” Sango said then finally stood back up and walked away.
Miroku was left to ponder on his own about why Kagome was being so secretive with him so suddenly. It wasn’t like would have gotten upset if she told him about Inuyasha. If they wanted to date, it wasn’t like he was going to stop them. So why did she feel the need to keep that a secret from him? Or an even better question, why would she tell a complete stranger before she told him?
It was early afternoon, and just like the past several days, Kagome had been coming to school late. She took every initiative to avoid her first period teacher at all costs. She didn’t want to be alone with him any more or less than she wanted to be in a class full of students with him. Kagome just did not want to put herself in any position where he could potentially pull her aside and make her explain why she had been ignoring his constant calls or texts. So in doing that, she never went to him class in the morning. Though she knew he would make her grade suffer because of that. At this point she did not care. Even though she quite doing Sexy Baby, her former alter-ego still controlled her life. Kagome’s life still did not belong to Kagome and she hated it.
She pressed onto the front doors of the school building and they swung open. The halls were quiet, since classes were still in session. It was only about third period with still a few minutes left in the class. Just as she did every day, Kagome went to the main office and got her tardy slip, went to locker and put away her books, then just lounged around in the hallway until the bell rang.
It was a nice day, something that made Kagome happy. The sun was shining, she sky was clear, all the signs that summer was fast approaching. Because it was such a beautiful day, Kagome felt beautiful and decided to dress that way in a short, red sundress with blue flowers all over it. The dress was strapless, so she added a matching blue, short-sleeved cardigan to cover her shoulders. On her feet, she just wore a simple pair of red flats, and her hair was up in a high messy bun with a pencil tucked inside that actually held the bun together. Kagome admired her look in her reflection though the hallway window. She was so dazed about her outfit, that she never saw someone come up behind her. The person grabbed her forearm, and covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming. She was spun around and saw the very person she tried so hard to avoid all this time.
“I’m going to let go of your mouth Kagome, and you are going to come quietly into my office. Do you understand?” Naraku said to her.
Kagome’s eyes widened in fear, but she nodded her head not wanting to know what the precautions would be she did not do what he said. She was already fully aware of what he was capable of. After he removed his hand from her mouth, Kagome was dragged by her arm down a few hallways into her teacher’s privet office. The office wasn’t much, just a small room where teachers could have meetings with their students or, have tutoring sessions. The room had a desk and chair, and two small sofa chairs. There was a book shelf, and a lap, that was about it. Once the two were inside, he closed and locked the door behind them and released her arm. Kagome took a few deep breaths and took a few steps back. Naraku still had not turned around to face her, and was actually still facing the door.
“Why do you insist on making me angry with you all of the time, Kagome?” He said in a low growl, still not turning around to face her.
“I-I’m sorry…I’ve been, pre-occupied lately and…” Before Kagome could finish, Naraku and swung around and back-slapped her forcefully across the face. She flew back a few steps and rubbed her sore flesh with her hand. Her eyes began to tear up and she gasped.
“What the matter Kagome!? You don’t have anything to say anymore!?” He screamed at her.
She began sobbing, and shaking her head. “I’m sorry…” She forced out in between sobs. Naraku was on edge with the girl. He balled his fists and ended up throwing a punch at her mouth. Kagome fell to the floor and her sobs turned into full blown crying. Her bottom lip split open from the blow and her blood started gushing everywhere.
“Apologies aren’t going to cut it this time, Kagome! You were avoiding, and ignoring me! You even had your little website shut down! Did you think I wasn’t going to find you at some point?” He said while kicking the girl in her back while she was on the floor.
Kagome screamed from the intensified pain that was now coming from her back that only added from the pain coming from her face. “Pl-please…”
Naraku gripped her up by her hair and pulled her face close to his, “Please, what? Huh!? Please, what Kagome? Please stop give you the well-earned beaten you’ve been begging me for the minute you decided you were going to ignore my presents!?” He yelled and threw her back into the floor and kicked her in the stomach. “I’m tired of your making your own decisions and deciding to do what you want to do all the time! All I told you to do was to keep me happy and satisfied! Do I look happy to you!?” He yelled while delivering another kick to her stomach.
Kagome started coughing and hacking up blood. Was he planning on killing her right now? She hadn’t the slightest clue, Naraku had never gone this hard on her before. “Wh-why…why me? What did I do?” She coughed some more, “What can I do…so you can p-put this all…behind you?”
Naraku grabbed the chest part of her dress and pulled her to her feet. “There is no ‘put this being me’ option. You are mine, until I say you are not any longer. You may have had the Sexy Baby site shut down, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was ever up. I still have plenty of evidence of you. And if you want those pictures of yours to stay hidden from the public, you will continue to do as I say. Am I making myself clear, Kagome?”
She started having another bloody coughing fit. “Y-yes…”
“That’s my good girl,” He said and kissed her on the forehead, but then threw her back to the floor. “Now, pull yourself together before you go to class! And if you tell ANYONE what went down in here, it will be the last thing you ever say to anybody.” With that said, he left Kagome in the office alone on the floor curled up in a ball. She was going to stay on the floor for as long as it took for all the pain coursing through her body to subside. Tears continued to fall down her face.
“I’m never going to have my life back…”
Since that day that, Kagome has been trying to balance three lives, her sex life with Inuyasha, her sex life with her teacher…and the few moments out of the day where her life actually belongs to her. Even if those moments only existed while she was in school and she had nothing else to think about other than school work.
As long as she kept, Naraku happy, he wouldn’t beat on her, and as long as Inuyasha was satisfied, he didn’t ask questions. He knew that Kagome as no longer working as a porn actress, and the times that she had to be with Naraku, she told him that she was with Miroku. Since Inuyasha and Miroku don’t talk, she didn’t worry about them ever talking about her whereabouts. Also, since she and Miroku still weren’t speaking too much, she didn’t have to worry about coming up with a lie to tell him anyway.
Her life wasn’t much right now, but it was still hers and she was going to try and hold onto it for as long as she possibly could before something else could complicate things for her. Of course, she wanted out of her sex enslavement…but as of right now, the best thing for her would be to what he says. He had gotten into the habit of making Kagome come into his office or classroom for mid-day quickies during his free period. Kagome assumed it was because he liked the rush of risk taking. It felt good to him to get away with doing something like that in a place where it could cause the most problems for the two of them.
It had been about a week and a half since Kagome was beaten senseless in Naraku’s office. Right now it was a sunny morning and Kagome actually in her first period class this time. Since that day, she didn’t bother skipping his class ever again. Things seemed to be going rather well and the period was nearly over. She always looked forward to getting out of this class the most during the day. But right before the bell ran, the schools disciplinarian came into Kagome classroom with two policemen.
“Ahem, attention students; It has been brought my attention that there is a student here that has been committing acts of rather elude and explicit behavior.” He said.
The entire classes started whispering things like “I bit it was you!” and “It’s him over there!” Kagome never picked her head up from her; in fact, she didn’t even notice the dead and the cops come in the class. She was too busy starring at her watching counting down the last remaining minutes in the hell hole she called first period.
“I’ve had the chance to see someone be arrested from school before. I wonder who they’re taking in. This is going to be comedy!” Inuyasha mumbled under his breath.
“Sir, what is the meaning of this? I am trying to conduct class here,” Naraku spoke up.
“You’d best not be opening your mouth Mr. Onigumo, this is a serious matter.” He replied.
One of the police officers cleared his throat and stepped forward, “Is there a girl in here known as, Kagome Higurashi?”
The glass gasped and all turned to look at Kagome who was still staring at her watch when it finally clicked in that her name was said.
“Huh!?” She fell of the thought train she was traveling on and dropped back into reality. “I’m…K-Kagome, what’s going on?” She asked.
“Kagome, please stand up from your seat please.” The dean said to her and she did.
The two cops walked up the isle and stood on both sides of her, one of them patted her down while the other started to handcuff her. “Young lady, you are under arrest for delinquency, elude and explicit behavior, misdemeanor, indecent exposure, and possession and presentation of false identity.” They started walking her down the front of the classroom where all the students in her class just stared with their mouths gaped open.
“Why am I being arrested!? Who called you guys!?” She looked at her first period teacher, “You told didn’t you!? You said you wouldn’t say anything as long as I kept you happy! You are such a liar, you jerk! Bastard! I will never forgive you! Everything that you put me through, everything that you made me do for you! You were going to call the police on me anyway! Why!? Why didn’t you just kill me when you had the chance!? Why did you spend so much time torturing me!?” Kagome started screaming at Naraku while trying to shake away from the cops.
“Mr. Onigumo did not tip the police…” The disciplinarian said. “I received an anonymous tip in school and called them myself.”
“Sir, I assure you, I have no idea what that crazy girl is talking about.” Naraku said in response to the speech Kagome just delivered in front of everyone in the room.
“No need to plead your case to me,” The disciplinarian replied to him. “You can plead it at your trial.”
“Naraku Onigumo, you are under arrest for, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, battery, physical and sexual abuse, possession of child pornography, and extortion.” The police officers said while handcuffing him as well.
Kagome brain was cloudy; she couldn’t believe what was happening. Who tipped off her school? She only told one other person her story. Kagome looked up at her classmates who here all staring at her being hauled away by a group of police officers. She looked into each of their faces one by one reading the looks that each of them were sending her. When she got to Inuyasha’s face, she saw a look of worry and concern, but all she delivered back was one of hate. He was the only other person that knew of her secret. But the hardest face to look at was the vary one that she hadn’t spoken to for weeks. She looked into the eyes of her best friend as he watched her leave with the police. His face was expressionless because she never bothered to tell the one person who cared the most about her what was going on.
She didn’t want her secret to come out like this; she didn’t want it to come out at all. But if it ever had to, having it be this public was the last thing she wanted to happen. With one final look at her classmates, she was guided out of room, out the school building, and into the back of a cop car.
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