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Story Notes:
AN: To be blatantly honest, this is based off the movie Star Struck. So if you've seen the movie…you kind of already know how this is going to end. Of course, I am going to try to make this as much my own as possible. However, the plot is going to mostly follow the plot of the movie.

Chapter 1

The final bell of the day rang signaling the end of freshman year, "Guess I did it…I finally survived being a high school freshman." Kagome said to herself as she packed the remainder of her belongings from her locker into her school bag. She sighed and ran her fingers through her silky black tresses.

"Hey Kagome!" Sango, her best friend's voice bellowed from down the hallway. "So, do you have any special plans for the summer?" She asked,

"Not really," Kagome answered, "Just the usual summer beach house in Beverly Hills. You know my father gets a time share down there…"

"I don't know why you always seem to bored with the fact that you spend summers in California! You have like, an eighty percent chance of meeting a movie star…honestly, I'm jealous of your rich ass!"

Kagome rolled her eyes, "I'm not rich…and, well…I guess I'm just not all that into meeting celebrities. There's more to life than that. When we go to Cali, half the time I just go to the beach and read a good book. I've never had a real adventure not that I was looking for one either."

Sango shook her head at her friend, "You really need to burst out of that antisocial bubble you live in. It's honestly a buzz killer. What you need to do this summer is go to Hollywood half naked and catch the eye of someone rich and famous!"

"That's not what I need to do…it's what you want to do." Kagome responded while finally closing her locker door and heading out of the school building with her friend.

You could see the fascination inside of Sango's eyes at the thought of getting to travel and meet someone like that. "Well of course I would want to. That is like, every girls dream! But since you actually get to live it, I will live my dream through you, Kagome."

Kagome had an impulsive idea, "Why don't you just come with us…?" She asked her dear friend.

Sango burst out into laughter, "That's funny; the day I could afford a trip like that would be the day pigs fly…"

"I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind paying your way. Besides, we already have the beach house, you can share a room with me, of course. And the house is paid for, all you would need is air fare and my parents wouldn't mind paying. You're practically family, Sango. Once I persuade them…they're sure to let you come along!"

The two girls decided to slowly walk to Kagome's house together to try and come up with a convincing story as to why it was important for Sango to tag along with Kagome's family to California. Before they knew it, they were in front of her Parents presenting their case.

"So you see, mom and dad, I never really enjoyed our trips to Cali because, dad's always working and mom, you're always off doing something that doesn't interest me. I'm stuck in the house watching TV, or on the beach just sitting in the sun. If Sango comes, it will be much more enjoyable for me. She can keep me company, and we can go out and do girl things. I don't have any friends in California that can do stuff like that with me…"

Sango chided in, "And, I already asked my parents. They're totally cool with me going if you guys are. We don't do anything during the summer anyway. So, instead of me being here alone and bored, and Kagome being eons away, bored…we can be together, and both have an awesome summer."

The two rested their case and stood silently before Kagome's parents waiting for an answer with their fingers crossed. Kagome looked at her father with pleading eyes, "I promise I won't ask for anything else for the rest of the year. Except for my birthday…and Christmas! Please….?" She begged.

Her parents looked at each other, and then back at Kagome and Sango, "Fine…." Kagome's mom answered. "If it will get you out of the house and doing something to actually enjoy your summer vacation, why not."

"No way!" Sota, Kagome's younger brother yelled down the stairs. "It's bad enough I have to put up with Kagome all year! Now I have to put up with her and her friend all summer!? Double the girl germs! Don't do this to me, mom and dad! I thought you loved me!"

"Oh, poor Souta, stuck in a house with two girls all summer. Oh, how will you ever survive?" Kagome mocked.

Souta just stuck his tongue out at his sister and ran up the steps. "This is going to be the worst summer ever!"


After hours on an airplane, Kagome, her family, and Sango finally landed in LAX. The airport was packed with people that all seemed like that were in a rush to get to one place. There were screaming girls everywhere and camera flashes going off ridiculously.

"Ugh, here we go…" Kagome said nonchalantly,

"What do you mean?" Sango asked.

"It's LAX, the main airport in California. There's probably some celebrity either getting on, or off their flight here and all these fan girls are here with the same hopeless dream of getting a photo or autograph from that person. It's sad really…because the celebrity, whoever it is, won't ever remember them once they leave. I pity all the girls that waist their life chasing celebs." Kagome answered in a very monotone voice, like this was everyday activity.

"Oh, wow. You really are a vacation buzz kill, Kagome. Getting noticed by celebrities can be fun. Regardless if they remember you or not. The thrill is the fun part."

All of a sudden, fan girls started running and screaming through the airport as a mod of body guards started descending a flight of stairs. They were in the form of a circle, most likely to protect whoever was in the middle.

"Who do you suppose it is, Kagome?" Sango asked.

Kagome shrugged her shoulders. "Who cares…."

"Inuyasha Takahashi, we love you!" Sango heard from a distance, "Inuyasha Takahashi…? The new pop singer! Oh my gosh, is he here!?"

"Don't become a zombie, Sango. You will make me regret bringing you with me…"

"C'mon Kagome, can you honestly say you don't think he's good? He rose from the bottom in like two seconds! He's really good! I want to meet him if he's here!"

"He's okay…" Kagome said with a very annoyed look in her face, "Look, our cab is here and my family is leaving rather you are with us or not."

Sango sighed and decided not to pursue Inuyasha like the rest of the fan girls in the air port.

The entire ride from LA to Beverly Hills, Sango stared out the window in amazement at all the scenery. "California is so beautiful, Kagome! How can you be so miserable being here? I don't even know if six weeks is enough to do all the fun things there is to do here!"

"We come every summer; I've done it all…at least twice."

"Stop being such a negative nelly!" Souta shouted from the seat behind the girls. "It's getting extremely annoying!"

"He's got a point Kagome; your vacation will only be as fun as you make it. You're fifteen…there has got to be a tone of stuff to do!"

Kagome merely rolled her eyes and popped her ear buds in and cranked up her iPod. "Whatever…" She said.

"Don't worry Mr. and Mrs. H, I'll make sure Kagome breaks out of her shell this summer!"

Kagome's parents chuckled, and after that, all was quiet for the rest of the cab ride. When they finally arrived at the Higurashi Beach house in Beverly Hills, Sango was actually pretty disappointed in the house in front of her. She was expecting some big Beverly Hills estate. But this was just like a regular house…just near the beach. Kagome walked her friend inside. Once inside the house, Sango who view on the beach house changed. It was beautiful, porcelain floors and stairs, glass tables and expensive looking furniture. Sango was afraid to walk too hard or touch anything in the event she may break it.

"This house is amazing…" She said,

"Eh, it's Okay…" Both Souta and Kagome said simultaneously.

"Y-you two are kidding…right?"

Kagome started walking upstairs, "Our old beach house was better…c'mon, I'll show you my room." She said and Sango fallowed suit.

The two girls came to a door to the far end of the hallway and Kagome kicked the door open. The room was huge, with sea foam green walls and pure white carpet. The bed was a queen sized water bed, and the ceiling was made out of mirror. There were two windows in the room that were wall sized with sheer green curtains, that Kagome was opening to let some light in. There was a dresser and vanity inside, and a huge closet.

"This…is your room," Sango bellowed.

"Yea, when we had to switch houses I told my parents I wanted the biggest room in the house. Since my dad is always working and my mom is always off doing her own thing, letting them have the master just seemed like a waste. So, they treated me. They have the second biggest room in the house, and then Souta has the smallest. But even Souta's room is a decent size."

Sango shook her head, "I am so jealous of you Kagome! Here you are living a dream life and you don't even appreciate it."

"I just don't really care about stuff like this." Kagome laid on her bed and started flipping through a magazine that she picked up at the airport. Meanwhile, Sango started unpacking some of her clothes.

"Aren't you going to unpack…?" Sango asked.

"No, I have enough clothes in my closet and drawers already. I just bring more clothes in case I want more options. But since I barely do anything, I guess that was pretty redundant."

"Listen to me Higurashi," Sango said jumping in her friends face, "You and I are going to make this a summer to remember!"

Sango's move startled Kagome and made her drop the magazine. On the back of it was an ad for a new teen night club that was opening up for the first time that night in LA. "Starting with this!" Sango said, "You are I are going to this party tonight." She shoved the ad in Kagome's face.

"No way, I don't do parties…or crowds of people!" Kagome protested.

"Look, you're going! You're fifteen; you're hot…start acting like it!"

"I'm not going to that party…"

Four hours later…

"I can't believe, I am at this party…" Kagome said with her arms crossed, trying to cover her heavely exposed chest. She couldn't believe that Sango talked her into the party…and got her in the outfit she was wearing. Tight silver leggings, with a see through black shirt and black bandeau with black heels to match. "I want to go home, now…"

"No way! You look great, and you are going to have a really good time." Sango replied, the doors should be opening soon. So just hold out a little longer. I promise it's going to be worth it." Sango was wearing black leather shorts and a pink crop top with black leather thigh high boots. Her hair was also pulled back in a ponytail, whereas Kagome just left her hair down.

Kagome rolled her eyes and started patting herself down to find her cell phone. She knew any form of entertainment was better than just standing in a line she didn't want to be in, with a bunch of screaming girl that were gossiping about a special guest appearance by the club owner's, daughter's, boyfriend. "Hey, Sango…I think I dropped my phone somewhere. Can I borrow yours to try and find it?"

Sango pulled her phone from out of her bra, "Sure…do you want me to come with you?" She asked.

"No, I'll be fine. Besides, if we both go…we'll lose our place in line. You stay, I'll go. If I'm not back before the club opens, wait for me outside. I'll be right back." Kagome said,

"Um…okay," Sango wasn't sure if she was okay with letting her friend roam the streets at night alone, but if she said she would be right back, then she believed her.

Kagome retraced her steps from the moment she and Sango were dropped off. "Where is it?" She said to herself while looking under different cars. "If I lost that phone I'll never get anything nice until I'm thirty." She pulled out Sango's phone and started calling her own, from a distance, she could hear her ring tone, but it was really low. Kagome started walking in the direction she heard it coming from and saw it laying on the ground in front of the door to the back of the club. "There you are!" She let out a sigh of relief while running over to the phone.

"I never agreed to that! You should have asked me first, Kikyo!"

"B-but, baby…c'mon. It's the opening night. Please…for…"

"No! I'm out of here!"

Kagome could hear voices coming from behind the door, but she wasn't paying attention. Especially when the sound of footsteps got closer and closer, and before she knew it, the heavy, metal door swung open and hit her from behind, knocking her to the ground.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry…are you okay!?"

"Ow…" Kagome said while pushing herself to her knees and rubbing the back of her head.

"Do you want me to get help?"

Kagome looked up and saw the person that was talking to her was none other than Inuyasha Takahashi. Her face fell into a scowl, "No thanks, I'm fine…no thanks to you!" She snapped, spitefully.

"Inuyasha! What do you think you're doing? You're just going to leave Kikyo's party like…well, hello?" Another guy poked his head out the metal door and saw Inuyasha on the ground with Kagome. "What happened here?"

"Shut up Miroku, and help me, help her up…I accidentally hit her."

Miroku raised an eyebrow, "You…hit her? What the hell did she do to you, man?" He bellowed, while taking one of Kagome's arms, whilst Inuyasha grabbed hold of the other.

"I didn't just walk up to her and hit her in the face! She was behind the door when I opened it and got with the door." Inuyasha answered.

"Oh man…this is bad. You're looking at a potential law suit this early in your career! How could you let something like this happen?"

"I'm sorry; I don't interview doors before I open them to know who may be on the other side!"

"Shut up, both of you!" Kagome yelled, gaining the attention of both guys. She also snatched her arms away from them, "And let go of me, I don't need you guy's help!"

"But…you do need a doctor to look at your head. Come with me, I'll take you to someone that can look at that for you." Inuyasha said to her.

"I can't just leave; my best friend is going to be looking for me. And I have her phone, so it's not like she can call me!" Kagome said.

"I'll go find your friend, what does she look like? I'll tell her what happened and tell her that you'll meet her back home." Miroku offered.

Kagome thought about turning the offer down, but her head really was pounding and she probably did need to see a doctor. "Fine…" She said while showing Miroku a picture of Sango and said that she should be waiting for her outside the club. After that, she was guided by Inuyasha to a huge, black Lamborghini. She got inside and still rubbed her head, Inuyasha got in the driver side and revved up the engine.

"I really am sorry for hitting you in the head…" He said,

"You should be. You did it…" Kagome answered.

"Okay, what's your deal? Do you not know who I am or something?"

Kagome chuckled sarcastically and face him, "I think the better question is, if I care who you are? Because, I don't! I don't like you!"

If he wouldn't be putting his own life in danger by hitting the breaks in the middle of the street, Inuyasha would have. "How can you say you don't like me? You don't even know me…"

"Yea I do…Teen singing sensation, Inuyasha Takahashi. Psh, big deal…ask me if I care?"

"You still don't know me. You know my name…you know my profession, but you don't know me. From the moment I tried to help you, you've just been being completely rude! And, I'm trying to help you…"

"No, you're trying to help yourself so I don't go to the police and sue you for everything you have…or just started to get. Please, I don't want your money…"

"So, what do you want from me?"

"I want to you take me to this doctor…and then take me home, then…we can both forget that we ever met each other." Kagome snapped.

Inuyasha shook his head, "Say no more…"


"Okay Miss Kagome, it looks like you have all you have is a slight concussion." The doctor handed Kagome a small vile with tablets inside. "Take two of these, once in the morning and once at night every day until the bottle is gone, and you should be just fine."

Kagome nodded her head. "Thank you," She said. "Hey, you and Inuyasha look a lot alike, are you related."

"Unfortunately, he's my half-brother…"

"Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha came bursting in the examination room, "Do you have car here I can barrow?" He asked, seemingly in a panic.

"Nothing that you could bare to be seen in." He answered.

"Great, can I barrow it!? You can keep my car for however long you want!" Inuyasha said while practically throwing his keys at his brother.

"What's going on?" Kagome asked, while holding ice on her head.

"Paparazzo…everywhere, all in the waiting area. I don't know how they knew I was here! But I cannot leave in a car that they would suspect I could be driving!"

"Why do you always find ways to wrap someone else in you and your personal problems?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Look, I'm serious! I have to take this horrible little monster girl home! The last thing I need is for someone outside to be taking her picture."

"Who are you calling a horrible girl!?" Kagome chided.

"If it weren't for the girl, I'd make you walk right out there with all the paps, and their cameras." Sesshomaru answered and pulled a set of keys out his lab coat pocket. "Take the back stairwell, it will lead you to the employee parking lot. You'll find my car, and I'm sure no paparazzi will be down there. You should be fine."

"Thanks!" Inuyasha said while grabbing Kagome by the arm and dragging her out of the room and down the stairs.

"Inuyasha, slow down! I can't even keep up with you! Why are you in such a hurry!?" Kagome yelled.

"Shhh! Be quiet, and just keep running!"

"But, why!?"


When the two of them finally reached Sesshomaru's car, Kagome's eyes widened at the shock of how beat up and run down it looked. It was a grey, old, boxy looking Toyota with rust in certain places, peeled paint, and a missing headlight.

"This is what we're driving?" Kagome asked.

"Look, don't complain…this is the only option right now. Get in!" Inuyasha said.

"I-is this thing even safe!?" Kagome cried.

"Probably not, which is why it's driven by a doctor…look, get in! We need to get away from here before the camera people start wandering!"

Kagome quickly contemplated, but decided to just get in and Inuyasha zoomed out of the parking lot unnoticed.

"Do you mind explaining to me what just happened?" Kagome said.

Inuyasha peeked at me, "That depends…do you mind telling me what I did to make you hate me so much?"

"I don't hate you…" Kagome rolled her eyes, "I'm not exactly a fan of you…but, that's beside the point."

Inuyasha's phone rang and he answered it. "Hello? Oh, mom…wait? Tonight…? But, I though…" He sighed, "Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Something wrong…?" Kagome asked, not really caring. She just felt it was the civil thing to do.

"No, but um…we might have to make a stop before I take you home."

Kagome rolled her eyes, "Why!?"

"I uh, sort of…forgot I have to be at this dinner thing at my house. I thought I could get out of it by going to the club opening tonight. But since I'm not there…I'm obligated to be at this dinner."

"And, how long is this going to take?" She asked getting very irritated.

"Not long, maybe about thirty minutes…one hour tops."

She crossed her legs, "What else do I have better to do?"

With that note, Inuyasha changed routs and started going in the direction of his Hollywood mansion.


It was already past midnight, and Kagome knew that the club had closed by now. But Sango hadn't called her yet. Not even to see if Kagome was okay. She really wondered what was going on with her friend, but Inuyasha said he spoke with Miroku, and that Sango was with him. What they were doing…he had no idea, but they were stalling until they could get the girls back together.

Finally, Kagome and Inuyasha pulled up to the high gates of Inuyasha's home. There were giant T's on the gates that obviously stood for Takahashi. After the gates opened, Inuyasha drove inside and parked in front of the house not even bothering to turn the car off. He knew someone would be around to take care of the car soon. He and Kagome stood outside the front door for a moment before he unlocked the door. "Okay um…when I open the door, you'll see a swivel staircase, you need to jet up the stairs before anyone can see you. When you get to the top of the steps, three doors down on your right is my bedroom…"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why does it seem like you need me to hide somewhere? What's wrong? You embarrassed to be seen with me? But it's okay for you to chauffer me around all night? What the hell!?"

"No…I just…ugh! Look, there is this big event going on at my house. I have to perform a song for a number of different important people. My house is going to be filled with paparazzi. It's not that im afraid to be seen with you. I take pictures with fans all the time. But walking into my house with a girl that is not my girlfriend…well, that is just asking to stir up some gossip. I'm trying to protect you from that! The pap's…they don't stop! So just go upstairs into my bedroom and just hang out there for a minute until I come and get you…"

"And then you'll take me home?" She asked nonchalantly.

"Yes, yes! I'll take you home right after. I promise! No more detours."

Kagome sighed and gave him a look, "Fine…"

"Okay, on three…one, two…three!" Inuyasha opened the door and Kagome ran up the stairs and did just like Inuyasha had told her to do. Meanwhile, he went in another direction and met up with his mother and father that seemed to be waiting for him. Kagome could see the big crowds of people all through his house from the top of the steps. Of course, there was too much going on for anyone to look up the stairs to even bother noticing her.

"This has been…an eventful night," Kagome said to herself while walking to the room that Inuyasha said was his. When she opened the door, there really wasn't anything out of the ordinary. The room was red and white all over with a plain, nothing special bed. His room did have a balcony though. Kagome noticed some lights coming from outside and decided to be nosy and see what was going on. When she stepped on the balcony, she heard singing; a soft singing and an electric keyboard melody ringing through the air. Kagome looked down and saw Inuyasha sitting in front of a keyboard singing front of a large group of people. The song he was singing had a very calm, warm feeling that came from it. She closed her eyes and just let the song fill her up. When Inuyasha was done singing, Kagome was slightly saddened. She had no idea he could sing like that.

Kagome continued to spy on the goings on of the party underneath her. She saw Inuyasha being congratulated, most likely on the song he just performed. Judging by what she saw from a distance, he really didn't see like that much of a bad guy. But, he was a celebrity, and pretty soon her Cinderella moment would be over. It wasn't even like she was enjoying it…that much. Without realizing it, she started smiling, but softly. At that same moment, Inuyasha looked up at her, noticing a long time ago that she had been watching him from the balcony. He saw her smiling at him and he sent a quick smirk right back at her. Kagome gasped and her eyes widened, quickly, she ran back inside the room and sat on the bed. Her face was heating up…did she and Inuyasha just share a silent flirt?

Not much longer, did he come in the room and started changing his outfit. Kagome, feeling a bit awkward that she was in the room with him while he was changing his clothes decided to turn in the opposite direction of her. Her action didn't go unnoticed by Inuyasha, "You know…for a grouchy wench, you're kind of cute." He said.

"I am not grouchy!" Kagome turned around and snapped at him, but her face heated up at the sight of a topless Inuyasha and she immediately turned back around. 'Get a hold of yourself, Kagome! Why am I getting so flustered!?' "Um, so…when are you going to take me home?" She asked.

"Whenever you're ready." Inuyasha answered standing by his bedroom door in a completely different outfit.

Kagome turned around and saw him in a white V-neck and basic pair of jeans, with grey and black sneakers. "Why did you change your clothes?" She asked as he lead her out of the room and back down the steps. They went out of a different door than they came in.

"Because, all the pap's here saw me in that outfit and know what I'm wearing. I changed to try and throw them off a little. Normally, Miroku and I would just switch clothes, but since he's with your friend, I don't really have that option."

Inuyasha led Kagome into a dark room with a heavy echo, "Where are we?" She asked and Inuyasha clapped his hands twice. The lights came on and Kagome realized she was standing in a giant garage filled with expensive cars.

"Pick one…" He said.

Kagome raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me…"

"You want to go home, right? Might as well go in style, right? Pick a car…I'll take you in whichever one you like the best."

"No! I'm not picking your car!"

Inuyasha shrugged, "Okay, fine…we'll walk. Where did you say your house was again?"

"Beverly Hills!" She screamed.

"Oh, okay, no problem. We'll get there…on NEXT THURSDAY!"

Kagome rolled her eyes, "Oh my gosh, you are so irritating!"

"What exactly did I do to make you hate me so much!? This whole time I have done nothing but try and be civil to you, but you are making it very hard! Everything I do upsets you! You keep finding some reason to snap on me when I haven't even done anything wrong. The only fault I made with you is hitting you with that damn door! And hell, I've been paying for it ever since! To be quite honest, I can't wait to get you back home and out of my hair! You're a chronic complainer with a really bad attitude! You might have a pretty face, but you are horrible on the inside!" Inuyasha yelled in her face and unlocked the doors to the closest car to them. "Hurry up and get in the car, the quicker you're in…the quicker you're out." Inuyasha finished his statement and slammed the car door shut.

Kagome just stood dumb founded, but got in the car nonetheless. She had never been spoken to like that before. Honestly, it hurt…but in a way, all Inuyasha did was give back to her what she had been dishing out to him all night.

Inuyasha turned on the car and started his rout to Beverly Hills. Twenty more minutes of this girl and he could be done with her forever. To mask the how thick shield of tension between them, Inuyasha turned on the radio that coincidentally was playing his song at the time. He didn't feel like hearing his self, so he instantly turned it back off deciding that silence was better.

"Kagome…" She spoke up.

"What…?" Inuyasha said, not bothering to take his eyes off the road.

"My name…its Kagome."

Inuyasha shrugged his shoulders, "You're point?"

Kagome took a deep breath, "I-I…just don't want to remember me as a grouchy wench. That's all…"

"A little late for that, don't you think? Look, just be quiet and we can make both avoid making this ride worse than it has to be."

'Good job Kagome…you blew it. Perfect start to the worse summer vacation ever…'

Twenty minutes came and left in the blink of an eye and now it was too late for Kagome to try and make up for the she was acting all night. She saw Sango standing by the back door signaling for her to sneak in. She knew Sango must have covered for her, but despite all her complaining, Kagome wasn't ready to go home. She was finally given the opportunity to have an awesome summer vacation and she ruined it all in one night.

"Thank's…" She said while getting out of the car,

Inuyasha merely nodded his head, just informing her that he heard her. After she closed the car door, he shook his head in disbelief that someone so small could harbor so much anger. He started the car back up and started easing out of Kagome's driveway, but realized that a paparazzi truck was heading down the street.

"Damnit! How did they find me!? Fucking relentless!" Inuyasha turned off the car and ducked his head down and low as possible in his car seat. He eased over into the passenger seat and slipped out of the car and crawled across the grass to the backdoor of Kagome's house. He knew he was going to regret this later, but he softly knocked on the door. Inuyasha was sweating hoping that he could find somewhere to hide before the pap's circled back around and spotted him, or his car. Inuyasha knocked on the door again, "Kagome…" He whispered.

A few seconds later, Kagome came to the door, "What…?"

"Look, you don't like me…and I don't like you. But the pap's are on your block and I just need one little favor from you. Hide me somewhere and I'll be out of your hair and out of your life before the sun is even up in the morning."

Kagome crossed her arms and leaned up against the door post, "Why should I?" She asked,

"Look, I'll pay you! Just…please, please!" Inuyasha's plea was truly sincere and Kagome could see it in his eyes. Perhaps this was the gods way of giving her a chance to make up for her attitude from before. She ran her fingers through her hair and simply said, "Okay…"

Chapter End Notes:

AN: End of first chapter. And just as I said before, if you've seen star struck…you'll know pretty much hoe this ends. I think that movie was a really cute Cinderella type story and I just wanted to make it my own. I hope you all like it. Please R&R :)


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