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Chapter 2

It was the next morning and Kagome had made it through her first night of many in California this summer. When she woke up, she noticed she was the only one in the bed and figured Sango had already gone downstairs for breakfast. So, without further delay, she got out of the bed, brushed her hair into a messy but and went into the bathroom to freshen up before going downstairs to join the rest of her family. Once in the bathroom, she washed her face and brushed her teeth while trying t process all the events that happened to her the night before. It was still too good to be true that she spend her entire last night with a celebrity…that probably hates her guts right now. But the even stranger part of last night’s events, is that, that same celebrity was now in her family’s shed out back.

“Okay Kagome, get a hold of yourself…yesterday is over and now it’s a new day. You’ll probably never see Inuyasha ever again except for TV. So, it’s time to get back to reality and try to make the most of this summer vacation.” She said to herself.

After the little pep talk she gave to herself, Kagome left the bathroom and went downstairs to find her mother, father and brother, as well as Sango all sitting at the breakfast table. A buffet off foods was spread out on the table with foods like bacon, scrambled eggs, waffles, fruit, cereal and other things.

“Good morning, Kagome!” Her mother said, initiating a conversation with her half-dressed daughter. Since Kagome decided to sleep in, she was the only person not fully dressed at the table, with the exception of Souta who woke up not too much earlier than Kagome did.

“Good morning,” Kagome replied. “Wow, you really went all out this morning huh, mom?”

“Well, it’s because I was not sure what types of things Sango would want to eat, so I just made everything.”

“Oh, wow! Mrs. H, you didn’t have to do all this for me. I like everything you make!” Sango cut in.

“So, how was that new club you girls went to last night?” Kagome’s father asked, averting the conversation o something else.

Both Kagome and Sango hesitated and looked at each other. Since it was late, they hadn’t talked to each other yet on a story in case this very situation came up. Sango was the only person at the club with that guy Miroku, while Kagome was off with Inuyasha…but of course they couldn’t tell her parents that.

“Oh…well, actually. It wasn’t all the great. You could almost say it felt like I wasn’t even there…that’s how boring it was.” Kagome said nervously.

“Yea, what she said…” Sango added.

Kagome’s mother raised her eyebrow, she knew that look teenage girls give when they aren’t tell you something. She used to give that same look. “What do you…”

“Aww man, no syrup!?” Souta cut his mother off completely making her loose her train of thought. Kagome knew she would have to thank her little brother for this one day.

“If there is no more in the cabinet, then you’ll have to go look out in the shed outside. You may be able to find some in there.”

Souta nodded to his mother, “I’ll just go look outside then…” He replied.

Not really paying attention to the conversation going on, Kagome spooned a mouth full of cereal in her mouth, before her brain registered and she spit it all out across the table. ‘Oh no, Inuyasha’s in there! What do I do?’

“Uh, don’t worry Souta! I’ll go look…I, uh…need something from out there anyway!” Kagome quickly said and stood up from her seat to chase her brother to the back door.

Souta gave his sister an up and down look, “Um…no thanks, I’m capable of walking across the yard.” He said to her while opening and exiting the house in rout of the shed. Kagome was hot on his heels trying to come up with reasons why he didn’t need to go and get the syrup. When the two reached the shed, Souta went to open the door, but Kagome closed it back before it was opened. “Kagome, what are you doing?”

“Who needs syrup anyway? Haven’t you heard too much sugar can be bad for you, little brother?” Kagome said cheerfully nervous.

“…I’m a kid, I like sugar.” Souta once again attempted to open the door, but Kagome closed it back. “Stop doing that!” He yelled.

“Make me? You’re like half my size…”

Souta hated when Kagome teased him, so he kicked her shin and made her move from in front of the door. “Ouch!” Kagome screamed while falling to the ground, “I’m going to get you back for this!”

Again, Souta opened the door, but with Kagome on the ground this time there was no one to obstruct the door. Kagome held her breath knowing that Inuyasha was now exposed and that she’s probably going to be in a world of trouble for the night before. But, her worries were put to ease when she realized that Inuyasha wasn’t there. Souta opened the door to a nothing out of the ordinary food shed. Inuyasha must have left way before now. In a way, it actually upset Kagome. She still never got the chance to properly apologize to Inuyasha. The way she acted was eating her up inside, especially since the persona he has of her isn’t actually who she is.

Once Souta got the syrup, the both of them went back into the house and finished their meal with the family. After dinner, everyone discussed their plans for the day. Kagome’s dad was going to work of course; Souta and Kagome’s mom were going to some arcade Souta said he wanted to go to. All that left was Kagome and Sango which…neither of them had any plans.

The two girls lay in opposite directions of each other on Kagome’s bed discussing what they should do for the day.
“We could drive to the malls and blow some money…” Sango suggested.

Kagome sighed, “Actually…I’m not in a shopping kind of mood. I’d rather read a good book.”

Sango noticed that her friend wasn’t acting like herself and decided to ask her why, “Kagome, what happened to you? What’s going on? Did something happen last night, and that’s why you’re so down?”

Kagome chuckled, “You always know what is wrong with me, Sango.” But the reason for my mood is my entire fault.” She explained everything that happened between her and Inuyasha, even the part about him being in the house the night before. Honestly, Sango was expecting some crazy out of the story books, fairytale type of night, but instead got just the opposite.

“Kagome, how could you be like that? Don’t you know who he is? You had the chance to have an amazing summer with him…but you pretty much made the guy hate your guts.”

“…thank you, Sango. Because, I didn’t figure that much out myself.”

“Oh, right…I’m really sorry that happened. But hey, we can still make this a great summer!” Sango got up off the bed and started sifting through some of Kagome drawers and pulled out a neon green and orange, bandeau styled swim suit and threw it at Kagome.

“Sango…what are you doing?”

“Put on the bathing suit…now!” Sango said aggressively, “We’re going to the beach…and we’re guy watching!”

Kagome furrowed her brows, “Y-you’re kidding me…right?”

“Do I kid, Kagome? Never that! Now…c’mon because we are going to Malibu beach!”

 “And…how do you propose we get there?” Kagome asked nonchalantly.

“With your mother’s car…duh, she and Souta are taking a cab to that arcade; and judging by your brother’s enthusiasm, they’ll be there all day. You and I will go to Malibu, have a little fun and be back before anyone even knows the car was gone.”

Kagome didn’t think the plan was the best idea…but what did she really have to lose? She already didn’t do much on her California vacations. If her parent’s home bound her until they go back to their actual home, it wouldn’t really affect her anyway. In fact, they’d be giving her what she wanted. So, she agreed.


The air was dry, the sand was warm and the salty sea water was refreshing. It had been ages since either Sango or Kagome relaxed the way they were doing just now. The two had only just gotten to Malibu, but the instant they stepped onto that sand, it seemed like nothing else in the world mattered anymore. Kagome was lying out on her towel reading a book while Sango splashed around in the water. Though Kagome had a bathing suit and full capability to go into the water, she just didn’t want to. Water wasn’t one of her favorite things in the world unless it was a shower. So, she was content watching her friend have splash fights with random guys that she met on the beach.

Several feet away from her, she noticed a male figure sitting in the sand. He was wearing a fishing hat and sunglasses, so she wasn’t quite sure if the person she was seeing was actually who she was seeing. But she recognized that outfit. “Hm…I wonder?” She said to herself while standing up and brushing some sand off of her denim mini shorts. Kagome was wearing just the swim suit top and her shorts to allow her skin a little vitamin D. She walked over to the person and stood behind him, blocking his sunlight.

“You know…you remind me of someone I met last night.” She said. But the person did not say a word of response, he merely shrugged his shoulders. That did not stop Kagome from trying to press a conversation with the guy. She sat down next to him and sighed, “I want to apologize for the way I acted to the person you remind me of…I know it doesn’t concern you, but…just getting this off my chest maybe enough since I’ll probably never see him again. If I were ever given another chance, I would like to start over again.”

Still, the male figure still continued to just sit and say nothing.

“I know I…I kind of messed up last night, and I know I’m probably the last person on earth you want to hear from right now, but…I’m really sorry for the way I treated you. Everything you did, was because you wanted to help and…and I was too ignorant to notice it. If you’re willing to start over…I am.” She finished then chuckled, “Who am I kidding…I’m pouring my sorrows out for a complete stranger. I’m sorry for wasting your time, sir. I’ll get out of your way…” Kagome started to stand up, but the guy grabbed her wrist and pulled her back down. “Um, let me go…sir.”


This was deja-vu all over again, the last time she was shushed was by… “I-Inuyasha….?” She said lowly.

Slowly, the guy pulled down his sunglasses low enough so Kagome could confirm who it was, but swiftly put them back on. “Please do not draw any attention to yourself, just sit back down and act natural.”

Kagome scanned her surroundings and saw that no one was watching the two of them. Granit, the beach she was on was a fairly smaller one. She and Sango decided a more subtle, quiet beach was more suitable. “Inuyasha, what are you doing here?”

He sighed and shrugged his shoulders, “After I left your house early this morning, I didn’t want to risk gong straight home in the even someone may have followed me. So, I came here…I come to this spot a lot when I want to be left alone. It’s quiet and peaceful…nice to just get away sometimes. I’m able to think here.”

Kagome nodded and then looked straight off into the ocean attempting to avoid eye contact. Especially since she pretty much confessed her inner feelings to the person they were meant for, which was not her intention. “So…how are you?” She forced out.

“I’m alright, could be better…could be worse. My phone died sometime last night though, so I haven’t gotten any of my calls. I guess that’s a good thing though, no phone means no one to track my movements and tell me what to do. I can actually just relax for a while…or at least until I have to drop back into reality. You’re really lucky for your life, Kagome…” He stated and then things got silent between them.

Kagome started playing with the sand beneath her feet and sighed, “Um…look, everything I said before, I meant. I really am sorry for last night.”

“I know,” Inuyasha turned his head to face her. “I heard your apology the first time.” He smirked at her.

Kagome’s face heated up at the smirk he swung her way, “Okay, well…um, I guess that’s it.” She said and started to stand, but once again Inuyasha pulled her down.

“Wait!” He said as he looked around and noticed some people with camera’s just standing around the beach. “What the hell, how do they always know where to find me?” Inuyasha started pulling the hat further down his head.

“Inuyasha, anyone with half a brain would know where to find you. You’re not that hard to locate.”

“Alright, I need another favor from you…do you have a car?”

Her eyes widened, “No…no way! Not going to happen, it’s my mom’s car…and I’m not even supposed to have it!”

Inuyasha looked really nervous, as the pap’s numbers started to increase and he wanted to get out before they noticed who he was. “Look, I’ll pay you! Five thousand dollars…I’ll give you whatever you want. I just need this favor…right now.”

“Keep your money,” Kagome said and held out her hand. “Give me your keys…”

He raised a brow, “What…?”

“If you’re taking my car, you can’t leave me here without one. C’mon…keys.” Inuyasha pondered that, and wondered if he should just take his chances with the paparazzi. “You don’t have much more time to think about this, Inuyasha.”

“Okay, okay…fine!” He hesitantly pulled out the key fob to his Bugatti and dropped them into Kagome’s hands.

Kagome examined the set of keys and nodded. “Hm, Bugatti…keyless start car, huh? No wonder the paparazzi found you here, what normal person would have a car like this? This would be fun to drive into a brick wall though.” She joked.

“Don’t play like that, Kagome! I love that car as if it was my child…don’t do anything crazy.”

Kagome stood up and started walking to her things, “Don’t worry…I’ll take good care of your baby.” When she got back to her and Sango’s belongings, Kagome pulled her mom’s car keys out of Sango’s bag and replaced them with Inuyasha’s. “I just hope he gets back with my mom’s car before my mom actually comes back home…” She whispered while making her way back to Inuyasha. “Here you go,” Kagome held the keys out to him and he grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards the beach parking lot before any pap’s noticed them slip off the beach.

Inuyasha was led to a lime green, Volkswagen beetle by Kagome. “Y-you’re kidding…this isn’t your car.” He said.

“Look, this is the best you’re getting…at least no one would suspect you would be in this car.”

A paparazzi van pulled into the beach parking lot, and a plethora of pap’s started to filter out the van. When Inuyasha noticed the numbers of them, he pushed Kagome to the ground. “Ow!” She yelled,

“Shhhh…” Inuyasha crouched down and scurried to the driver side and got inside the beetle car. Meanwhile, Kagome started to pick herself up off the ground when Inuyasha pushed open the passenger side and hit her with the door, knocking her down once more.

“Okay, you really need to stop doing that! That’s the second time you’ve hit me with a door!” Kagome yelled at him.

“Shut up, and get in!”

She furrowed her brows, “What…? Why?”

“Get in!!!!” He yelled at her and Kagome just did so in the heat of the moment. Inuyasha started looking through the glove compartment and the back seat of the car and found a pair of sunglasses and a head wrap. “Here, put these on, crouch down as low as you can…and hurry up!”

Kagome scurried, not really knowing what was going on. However, she put on the glasses and the wrap.  Then she scouted as far down in the car seat as possible while Inuyasha started up the car and slowly drove off the lot trying not to draw too much attention.

After about twenty minutes of driving in silence, Inuyasha started to rise from the driver’s seat allowing him to be sitting completely up. Kagome followed suit.

“Okay…what the hell was that!?!?” Kagome started screaming.

“Pap’s…cameras, everywhere. You didn’t see them…and I didn’t want them to see you. That’s why I pushed you down. Sorry about that though…if I hurt you, it wasn’t intentional.”

Kagome sighed and shook her head. Lucky for her, she had her cell phone in her shorts pocket…but everything else of hers was left on the beach. She pulled out her phone and dialed Sango’s number.

“Who are you calling!?!” Inuyasha bellowed sounding like a nervous wreck.

“Sango…what’s the problem?” She asked.

“Listen, you cannot tell her you’re with me. You can’t tell anyone. Okay? I’m serious Kagome…not just for my sake, but also for yours.”

“Why not? What is the big deal? She knew I was with you yesterday…she’s bound to figure something is up once she realizes the car keys she has aren’t the ones to the car we came down in.”

“Just…please! Don’t tell her.” He begged her.

Just then, Sango’s voice mail pick up and Kagome had no choice but to leave a message. “Hey, Sango…its Kagome. Sorry, I skipped out on you like that. I got a little bored at the beach and decided to take a walk around town. I didn’t want to ruin your fun so I’ll take a cab home. Please grab my stuff and bring it back to the house, I’m going to take a cab home . I didn’t want to walk around with my beach stuff. I’ll see you later, thanks…” Then she hung up the phone and took a deep breath while taking off the head wrap and scarf. “So…what do we do now?”

“Well, we’ve got some time to kill before the paparazzi starts to die down. How much of Cali have you actually seen since you’ve been here?” He asked.

Kagome thought for a moment, she had been coming to California every summer for fifteen years and never actually went sightseeing.  “Not much…” She answered.

“Well then, next stop…Hollywood.”


Back on Malibu beach, Sango had finally gotten out of the water and parted ways with her beach buddies. “Hey, Kagome…” She stopped mid-sentence when she noticed Kagome was no longer there. Sango looked around wondering if she had wondered off, but Kagome was nowhere in sight. “Where did she go?”

Sango pulled out her cell phone from her beach bag and proceeded to call Kagome when she noticed she had a missed call from her, as well as a voice mail. She put the phone to her ear to listen to the message.

‘Hey, Sango…its Kagome. Sorry, I skipped out on you like that. I got a little bored at the beach and decided to take a walk around town. I didn’t want to ruin your fun so I’ll take a cab home. Please grab my stuff and bring it back to the house, I’m going to take a cab home. I didn’t want to walk around with my beach stuff. I’ll see you later, thanks…’

“Ugh, really…you left me here? Some friend.” Sango mumbled while packing up all the stuff and walking to the beach parking lot. A bunch of camera men showed up and the beach get really crowed so Sango decided it was time to leave. Especially since it had been several hours and she knew Kagome’s mom and brother should be getting back to the house soon. She had to beat them there. When she got to the lot, she looked around for the green car but it wasn’t anywhere to be found. She took the car keys out her bag and attempted to press the panic button in order to locate the car, but the whole set of keys was different. “What the…?” She pressed the panic button on the car keys in her hand, and the alarm for a fresh, black Bugatti went off in front of her. Sango’s eyes widened, “Oh…my…” She turned off the alarm and unlocked the doors and began going through every drawer and door attempting to figure out who’s car it was that she was now inside of. Inside the glove compartment, Sango found insurance and registration papers for the car that read that the owner was Inuyasha Takahashi. “No way…” She whispered to herself while thinking back to the voicemail Kagome left her on her phone. ‘I got a little bored at the beach and decided to take a walk around town.’ “Kagome you little liar…” She laughed.


Kagome and Inuyasha had spent nearly the entire day together, and Kagome was having so much fun that she didn’t even realize how much time past. The two were off sight-seeing in Hollywood, they did a little light shopping where Inuyasha treated her with a simple charm bracelet with a charm of a dog on it. Now, they were sitting on the edge of the mountain that the big Hollywood sign sat on watching the sunset.

“This has been a truly amazing day,” Kagome whispered to herself whilst taking a sip of a Slurpee she had gotten when they were in town.

“I have to agree,” Inuyasha replied. “You’re not as bad as I thought you were…”

Kagome raised an eyebrow at him and lightly slapped him on the arm, “Are you ever going to let me live down how bratty I was to you? I apologized to you already.”

“Yea, I know…but, if your showed me how sweet you were from the beginning, you wouldn’t have had to. What did you have against me, anyway?”

She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed, “There wasn’t anything about you specifically…it was your social status. You’re so big…and I thought your ego was going to be big too. A lot of celebrities get like that when they get a little taste of fame. I didn’t want you to think I was going to fall all over you because you were a big star…”

“That’s understandable I guess. But…I’m really not like that. I mean, of course I like my fan attention. But I also like to just kick it with a good and trust worthy friend every now and then. I’m sure you can understand that.”

Kagome nodded her head and pulled out a disposable camera she had gotten off a cart in the city before they came to the mountain. She sat closer to Inuyasha and held the camera up to snap a picture of the two of them together. “Say, best summer ever!” She said and they both snapped some silly pictures together and just laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.

After the sun had set, Kagome and Inuyasha got back in the car and began their rout back to Kagome’s house so she could face her mom on the reasons for the stolen car. Kagome had been mentally preparing herself for the blow up she was in for as soon as she stepped foot into her house and just decided it was best to enjoy her day while she still had it. The entire ride back to Kagome’s house, they did not speak but through the silence, Inuyasha and Kagome knew what the other wanted to say. Every so often one of them would glance over and the other and flash a grin. Usually when Inuyasha did it, Kagome would begin to blush like a school girl running into her crush.

Forty-five minutes of driving seemed to have flown by as if it were two and Inuyasha had pulled up into Kagome’s block. He pulled into Kagome’s garage without making too much noise. Both got out of the car and stood on the sidewalk facing the other not really knowing what to say.

Kagome looked at the ground finding it more interesting than Inuyasha, and he in turn kept looking around in an attempt to avoid eye contact. “So…this is it, I guess. We um…part ways huh?” She asked.

“Uh…yea, I guess so. It’s time I got back home anyway…I’ve been out since yesterday. I need to get inside and wash shower and stuff. Come back to reality. It’s been fun though; I had a great time with you today.”

“Right…same here.” Kagome replied while sticking her hand out for a shake, “Friends…?”

Inuyasha took the hand and answered, “Friends.”

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