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Chapter 3
“How DARE you steal my car, Kagome!? What were you thinking? I am absolutely disgusted with you right now! You could have gotten yourself hurt, or even worse…KILLED! You don’t even have a driver’s license, nor are you old enough to even drive for that matter! I have never been more disappointed in you than I am right now! You stole my car, left Sango stranded on a beach in an area she in unfamiliar with, but, unlike you, she attempted to make friends who were kind enough to give her a ride back here. AND above all else, you disappeared for several hours and think it is okay to just walk in AFTER MIDNIGHT! You are fifteen years old, Kagome! When your father gets home, I’ll let him decide what your punishment will be. I can’t even think straight right now. I want you in your room and out of my site for the rest of the night!”
Kagome hung her head in shame during her mother’s entire lecture. She had never been spoken to like that by her mother in her entire life. If only she could explain to her mom what really happened…but, nothing justifies the fact that the car was stolen in the first place; and that she and Sango were not old enough to drive. So, she decided it was best to just leave the subject alone. “Yes, mom” She said, and started her decent to her room where her best-friend was waiting for her.
“You really messed up this time, sis…” Souta said to her from the top of the steps.
“Shut up!!” Kagome yelled and ran into her room and slammed the door shut. “It’s not fair…none of this was my fault!” She whispered to herself as she slid down the door to the floor and sighed heavily.
“Are you alright, Kagome?” Sango’s voice rang in Kagome’s ears from over by the bed.
“At the moment? No, but I’ll survive…”
Sango stood up from the bed and walked over to where her friend was sitting on the floor. “I’m really sorry you got yelled at like that. It was all my fault, I’m the one who suggested taking the car…”
“Yea, but I’m the one who got involved with…I mean, never mind” She stopped remember her promise not to tell Sango that she was out with Inuyasha, though by now she probably already knew. After all, she had his car the entire day…speaking of the car, “How exactly did you get back to my house today, Sango?”
Sango chuckled, “Funny you should ask that. While you were off spending your day with Mr. Inuyasha Takahashi…I took the liberty to be an annoying fan girl and go to his house. I found the address on the registration papers to the Bugatti you two left me with. When I got there…his friend, Miroku was in the house and spotted me. First, I was drilled about why I was there and how I got there…but after that conversation was over, Miroku and I talked a little bit in Inuyasha’s car…then he drove me back here. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to just drive Inuyasha’s car back here and have it sitting in the drive way when you parents got back since I didn’t know how long you were going to be out with him. When your mom came home, she was suspicious. I tried to cover…but I couldn’t lie to your mom’s face about the missing car. I’m sorry…”
Kagome just starred at her friend blankly, “So, you already knew who I was with?”
“Well, I kind of figured it out. I mean, it’s not every day a Volkswagen turn into a Bugatti. I just hope it was worth it…what did you guys do? Did you have a romantic outing, like in the movies? Did he sweep you off your feet and call you his princess?”
“You sound like a crazy person, Sango…and no, he didn’t do any of that. We went into town, did a little site seeing, and took some pictures. Oh, “Kagome raised her right arm and showed Sango the charm bracelet on her wrist. “He also got me this. But that was it…nothing special. It was a pretty chill day. But, I’ll admit, he is a lot different than I expected him to be?”
Sango smirked, “So…does that mean that you two are like…dating?”
“Dating!? No way! We’re just…friends I guess. Nothing more, he’s nice…but I don’t see him as boyfriend material. He’s a big Hollywood star, and I’m just an upper-middle class girl from Japan. It would never work.” Kagome said almost as if she was letting reality settle in on herself, rather than Sango.
“News flash Kagome, number one, you are here every single summer. Number two, you are going to be here for six weeks…that is plenty of time to get close to Inuyasha, even if it is for a short while; and number three…Inuyasha Takahashi is FROM Japan. So, there is no doubt that he can’t find some time to come and visit his home land.” Sango said.
Kagome stood up from the floor and started walking to her dresser and pulled out a fresh pair of underwear, a black bra, and some yellow and black batman pajama pants. “Why are you so convinced that Inuyasha and I have a chance? First of all, he has a girlfriend, she is that club owner’s daughter…”
“Of the night club he never sang at, you met him at, and by some mere chance has found some way to be around you ever since? I think its fate…something is meant for you two.”
“Do you listen to yourself when you talk Sango? Or is it like word-vomit?” Kagome asked while walking into the bathroom attached to her room. “Anyway, I’m going to take a shower and get out of this swimsuit…I’ve been wearing it all day.”
“I’m telling you Kagome…it could happen.”
“Yea, yea…whatever you say, Sango.”
“Where have you been all day son? You didn’t call, your phone is off, and you have been missing since the party? You had us worried sick!” Inuyasha’s father, Inutashio said has Inuyasha ate sat at the bar in his kitchen and ate a bowl of ramen noodles.
“Look, sorry for not calling…but, I’m seventeen…I don’t need your approval for everything. I just needed a minute to disappear and clear my thoughts.” He said while slurping up some noodles.
“We heard that you skipped out of Kikyo’s party. Her father is very, very displeased at you for walking out on her, on her birthday.”
“And…and care about that because…?”
Inuyasha’s mother, Izayoi shook her head in disappointment, “She is your girlfriend, Inuyasha. How could you just embarrass her like that? Her guests, and normal club goers were all expecting a performance…and you just walked out. How do you think that makes her look?” She said.
Inuyasha rolled his eyes, “I really don’t care about how it makes her look. That is not my problem, no one asked me if I was going to sing for her. I was just expected to…that was why I didn’t do it.”
“You don’t need to make Kikyo and her father your enemy right now! Her father knows a lot of important people. Making them hate you, could really become bad publicity for you! Do you really want to lose everything we have all worked for!?” Inutashio yelled at his son.
Inuyasha threw the porcelain bowl of noodles to the floor, “What the hell does everybody want from me!?” He yelled and stormed out of the kitchen and out of the house while simultaneously dialing Miroku’s phone number. It was well after two in the morning, and he wasn’t even sure if his friend was even still awake.
“H-hello…” A groggy Miroku answered the phone.
“I’m fucking pissed!” Inuyasha bellowed loudly into the phone.
“Well, can you tell me about it in the morning? I’m sure you’ll still be pissed at a godlier hour.”
“What kind of friend are you!?”
“The kind that is nice enough to answer his friend’s phone calls in the middle of the night…”
Inuyasha hit a sharp turn, and his tires skidded on a streets. Miroku heard the rubber of the tires melt into the street through the telephone.
“Are you seriously driving at this time of night, Inuyasha!? Where the hell do you think you’re going? Have you lost your mind!?”
“I don’t know where I am going….I just felt like driving. I needed to get out of my house. My parents piss me off! Apparently, it’s wrong for me to have 24 hours to myself when living Hollywood life!”
“Well, I mean, in their defense…it’s really not too safe for you to be walking around in public alone. There are crazy fans…and paparazzi who life to ruin careers.”
Inuyasha skidded at another corner and honked his horn as he ran through several red lights. “Look, whatever, I can make my own decisions when it comes to my life!”
Miroku sighed on the other end of the phone. “Well, maybe they aren’t the best decisions. I mean, was it really a good decisions to give your car keys to a random girl while you go off and hand out with another random girl!? Your new little girlfriends, friend came to your house yesterday after find the address in your car because you decided it was a good idea to leave your keys with her.”
“Great…now she knows where I live.” Inuyasha let out an irritated sigh.
“Yea, and you are lucky she isn’t a crazy fan girl because you could very well be having to move to another house if she let your address go viral.”
“Look, I don’t need another lecture, I got enough of that from my parents. I’m just going for a drive…I’m not going to fall off the face of the earth, alright!?”
“Just, be careful…and don’t do anything that could give you unnecessary attention.”
Inuyasha heard what Miroku said, but decided not to respond. He hung up his cell phone and did 90 off into the night.
It was the middle of the night, and Kagome still couldn’t get to sleep. She had been up since her father came home and yelled at her even more than her mother did. The whole scene played over and over again in her head. Her parents hated her guts right now, for sure. She was grounded for the rest of the summer, and not allowed to go anywhere that wasn’t with the family. It really sucked that she couldn’t tell her parents exactly what happened...though, it probably would have only made matters worse for her. So, she decided it was best to just take her punishment and move on with life.
“What was that?” She whispered to her friend Sango, who was already fast asleep next to her and didn’t hear her.
There it was again, Kagome slowly slid out of her bed and looked around her room to see where the noise was coming from. At the same moment, she saw a small pebble hit her wall sized, sliding-glass windows. “What the hell…?” She whispered, as to not wake Sango.
Kagome walked over to the window, slid it open and walked onto the small balcony that it led to. She looked down into her back yard and saw Inuyasha. Instantly embarrassed that he was looking at her in no more than a bra, and pj-pants. She covered her exposed chest with her arms. “Inuyasha, what the hell are you doing at my house, and at this time of night? Don’t tell me the paparazzi followed you here and again, and you need a place to hide.”
“Nah, I just got into it with my parents and needed to get away from them for a while…”
“You got yelled at too, huh?” She asked, letting her chest go and using her arms to lean over the gate of her balcony.
“More, or less…anyway, get dressed and come down.” He said.
“No way…I’m already in hot water with my parents for coming in so late. I don’t need to add, sneaking out to my record too.”
“C’mon…I’m not going to have you out long, I’ll bring you back before the sun comes up. Besides, you’re already in trouble…how much more can you get into?
Kagome thought about it for a second, and he did have a point. There wasn’t much more trouble could she actually get into? She was already grounded…what more could they do? She smirked, “Alright…give me five minutes.”
In those five minutes. Kagome threw on a green half-top and a pair of light-denim mini-shorts. She also threw her hair into a side pony tail, and grabbed some basic, black leather flip-flops. When she returned to the balcony, she threw her flip-flops to the grass of her back yard, and contemplated how she was going to get down from the balcony.
“Just jump…” Inuyasha said, “I’ll catch you.”
Kagome’s eyes widened at the thought of possibly falling to her death, but she had a rush of adrenaline from sneaking out that allowed her to climb over the fence, and jump toward Inuyasha. He caught her of course, but the force of the impact, caused him to lose his balance and fall backwards resulting in Kagome straddling on top of him. They both looked into the others eyes, Kagome’s face heated up and she threw herself off of him in shock.
“I-I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean to.” She said.
Inuyasha chuckled, “Don’t worry about it…I kind of enjoy that position.” He joked.
Kagome rolled her eyes and picked her shoes up off the ground. “That was so inappropriate...”
“Calm down, I was just kidding. Let’s get going, don’t want to waste too much time here now do you?” He held his hand out to her.
Kagome gave him a side-winded look because of his comment before, but took his hand nonetheless and followed him off into the night.
The two drove around for a while before arriving at a lake with a beach not too far from Beverly Hills. Inuyasha lit a fire, they both shared a blanket he kept in his car just for nights like this when he stayed out.
“So, how much trouble did you get into because of me?” Inuyasha asked her feeling kind of bad that he dragged her into his crazy lifestyle.
Kagome sighed deeply, “A lot…my parents just don’t understand; and now…they don’t trust me at all. My mom doesn’t want to look at me, my dad is furious, and I’m grounded until the end of the summer. I’m not allowed to go anywhere unless it’s with my family. I shouldn’t even be out right now…but, I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. I’m already out, and can’t go back in time and change my decision.”
“Are you at least glad you came out with me tonight?”
She turned her head and looked at him, “Yea…I am. It beats sitting up in my bed all night. I couldn’t sleep. All my parent’s yelling just played in my head like song on repeat.”
Inuyasha placed his hand on top of hers, “I’m sorry for getting you into so much trouble. If I could take it all back, I would. I was just trying to protect you from the cameras.”
Kagome moved her hand from his, “Can I ask you something? Why did are you trying to protect me so much? What is the big deal if someone takes our picture? Are you embarrassed by me or something? We’re just friends after all, right?”
“I’m not embarrassed by you. Honestly, it’s not like that at all…I just don’t want to subject you the life that I live. You already said to me yourself that you don’t like celebrities. And, I kind of like being around you…I don’t want you to stop liking me because I’m the reason people follow you around all the time.” He stopped for a second, “But, I guess in doing that…I’m causing you problems at home.”
Kagome could feel the atmosphere getting hot and heavy, she jokingly shoved Inuyasha into the sand and stood up and ran. “Try and catch me if you can!” She yelled running in the direction of the lake water.
“Oh, you are going to pay for that one!” He yelled back and started running after her. Inuyasha quickly caught up to Kagome and picked her up and ran into the water and dunked her under.
When she came up for air, she splashed him several times. “You are so immature!” She yelled.
“Says the one that pushed me, face first into sand and runs away!” He said while picking her up by her waist making it impossible for her to keep splashing him. “I had to get you back for that.” Inuyasha said rather seductively.
Kagome could feel her body beginning to heat up, despite the cold temperature of the water they were in, and the breeze going by. Without realizing, she wrapped her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck. The look on her face softened, and as did his. Inuyasha’s grip on her waist loosened, and he began hugging his arms around her waist holding Kagome closer to him.
“You don’t have to worry about me getting into trouble for being with you…I don’t mind. I just want to be able to spend as much time with you as I can before I go back home in the next six weeks. I don’t mind being a secret…I just want to be able to see you.” She said while leaning in, and placing a chased kiss on his lips.
Unbeknownst to the two of them, a man with a camera had been following Inuyasha since he stormed out of his house hours ago, and had been taking pictures of both Kagome and Inuyasha since he picked her up from her house.
It had been about four days since Kagome had last seen Inuyasha, and other than her bring grounded, life seemed to be back in place. Inuyasha had been back and forth between recording studios and public appearances for the past few days, so he hasn’t had any time for her. And, since Kagome was grounded, she hadn’t had her phone, or even left the house since then.
Kagome was sitting in the kitchen eating blueberry pancakes and drinking orange juice when her best friend came running into the kitchen almost in a panic. “Kagome, you’re on TV!” Sango screamed.
Kagome raised an eyebrow, “What are you talking about Sango?” She said while taking a sip of her orange juice.
Sango turned on the small television in the kitchen and turned to some celebrity gossip channel which featured a picture of her and Inuyasha kissing in the water. Kagome saw the picture on TV and all her orange juice came flying out her nose. Thankfully from the angle of the picture, you couldn’t see Kagome’s entire face; just her cheekbone and lips. “When was that picture taken!?” She screamed while listening to the story on TV.
“Certainly a new raven haired beauty has caught the attention Hollywood, and the heart of our favorite pop singer. But, the question is…who is she, where did she come from, and where is she now? Inuyasha Takahashi himself has yet to make any comments on who his new mystery girl is, but, this is certain to become one interesting story as his is still supposedly tied to girlfriend Kikyo Hongo, whom he stood up at her very own birthday party. Could his mystery girl be the reason for this? Keep watching, and we shall soon find out.”
When the gossip show went off, Sango turned off the TV and turned to Kagome who looked as if she had just seen a ghost. “Start talking…” She merely said, breaking Kagome’s trance.
“I need to go find Inuyasha, like NOW!” Kagome got up from the table and started scurrying out of the kitchen when Sango grabbed her arm and spun her around to face her.
“Do you really think that is such a good idea? You were just on a celebrity talk show…sure, only half your face was in the picture, but if you go out looking for him, the person who took that picture could be out there. Obviously there is someone out there that knows exactly what you look like. And, who is to say that there aren’t more pictures out there? The one the TV could just be the one they decided to advertise. Plus, you’re also grounded. It wouldn’t be in your best interest to leave the house.”
Kagome snatched her arm from Sango’s grip, “I was grounded when the picture was taken, so I really don’t care about getting into trouble. I have to talk to, Sango!”
Inuyasha and Miroku were sitting in a recording studio looking through the several pictures of him and Kagome that had surfaced all over the internet. It was only a matter of time before they found out her name and her face was all over tabloids. This was exactly what he was trying to avoid.
“How could you let this happen, man? I told you NOT to do anything that could have negative effects. That girls very life is about to be disrupted!”
“I don’t know how this happened, I was so careful. It’s the damn paparazzi! They never fucking quit! It had to have been like four in the morning when these pictures were taken. How was I supposed to know they would still be lurking at that hour? This is exactly what I was trying to avoid happening to her.”
“I just hope all you’re sneaking off and disappearing was worth it. Because once her face in is the papers…they’re never going to leave that poor girl alone.”
“I just feel so attached to her, you know? I don’t want to subject her to this kind of life, Kagome is different, and she’s real…and honest. I just can’t do this to her.”
Miroku patted his friend on the shoulder, “Well…I wish you all the luck in the world.”
Just then, Kikyo came bursting through the doors of the recording studio. Upon hearing her come in, Miroku slammed the laptop close so she wouldn’t see the pictures. “Why hello there Kikyo…” Miroku said politely.
She gave him a sarcastic smile, “So…what’s all this talk I hear about you standing me up at my party because you were off with your other girlfriend? Who is she?” Inuyasha went to answer her question, but, Kikyo cut him off, “Don’t answer that. Is she another celebrity? Is she more famous than me?” She said sarcastically.
Inuyasha furrowed his eyebrows, “N-no…she’s not famous at all.”
“Exactly, so…why are you wasting your time with her?” Again, Inuyasha opened his mouth to answer, but Kikyo cut him off again. “Don’t answer that either. Listen, I’m done with this. It’s been fun…but clearly it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Well, in your case, I guess it’s lower things. But hey, we can still be friends, okay? So, you can have fun with your new little commoner girlfriend…in the meantime, I have a date with Kouga Wolf.
Inuyasha had a confused look on his face, “Are you breaking up with me…?” He asked.
“Uh huh! See ya!” Kikyo said a little too chipper and quickly left the two boys dumb founded in the recording studio.
“Uhm, Okay…” Inuyasha said, still not fully processing the fact that Kikyo just dumped him. “Feeling a little dumped.”
“Who cares!? You’re a free man! All you gotta do now is go deal with the Kagome situation. Then, everything will be good!”
Later that night…
Kagome really hoped that Inuyasha would find some time to visit her soon. It was getting pretty lonely in her house. The only times she was allowed out was for family events which didn’t happen often, because her father was always working. Since that night she snuck out, the only time she left the house was the one night her family went out for dinner. Sango also wasn’t much company either, since she would still go out and hand out with people she met around town and site see. It kind of sucked, because Sango was part of the reason she was grounded anyway.
At the current moment, Sango was out doing some site seeing with her little brother, while her mom went to tan on the beach, and her father was as usual…at work. The house was rather quiet, and all she really wanted to do was just go out with Inuyasha. She didn’t care where. As long as it got her out of her house for a little while.
She sighed, “Where are you, Inuyasha…?”
Just as she said that, a pebble hit the window of her bedroom and smile smiled as she walked over to where the shine of the sunset was coming through. Kagome opened the window and walked out to her balcony. “Hey, I was just thinking about you…I’m glad you came.”
“Can you come down? We need to talk.” Inuyasha said with a serious look on his face.
“Yea, of course. My parents aren’t here…so I don’t have to jump off the balcony. Give me a minute, I’ll be right down.” On that note, Kagome grabbed her bag, and descended the stairs of her house and walked out the backdoor in her kitchen which led to the backyard. Instantly, she threw her arms around him, and he reluctantly hugged her back knowing what he was about to do was going to be harder than he thought.
“Come with me…” He said when they parted from their hug. And he led her out to the front of the block her house was on.
“Where is your car?” She asked, noticing it wasn’t in her driveway.
“It’s parked on the corner of your block.” Inuyasha answered rather lifelessly.
The two started walking down the street towards the direction of where Kagome assumed his car was. “Where are we going?” Kagome asked full of excitement on whatever adventure he was going to take her on, and the thrill of sneaking out was coming back.
“We aren’t going anywhere…but, I am.” Inuyasha said before letting out a long held in sigh.
Kagome stopped walking, realizing the tone of Inuyasha’s voice. “What’s wrong?” She said.
Inuyasha didn’t turn around to face her. “T-this…needs to end.”
Kagome felt as if her heart was going to fall out her butt, “What needs to end?”
He finally turned around and looked her in her eyes, and you could see the anguish all in his face. This was hurting him probably a lot more than it was hurting her. “This, us…we can’t see each other anymore. It was a mistake for me to get involved with you, and I want to make things right before they get worse. In case you didn’t know…someone saw us that night at the lake. There are pictures of us all over the internet, and soon to hit tabloids. I told you that I don’t want to subject you to that kind of life style…so I can’t be seen with you anymore?”
“But why!?” Tears began to roll down Kagome’s face. “Why can’t you be seen with me? So what if someone takes a picture of us. What more damage can be done? Obviously the world is already going to know who I am anyway. That can’t be changed. So, what is the big deal at this point!? Why are you so willing to just throw me away because of a few stupid pictures? What is so bad about it!?”
“Because I’m Inuyasha Takahashi…and you’re just an ordinary girl!” He yelled at her.
Kagome gasped, and more tears flowed down her cheeks. “Y-You are embarrassed by me…you said you weren’t, but you lied. I was right about you. Your ego is just as big as your status in Hollywood. Well fine, if that’s the way you want it…then go! I never want to see your face again!”
Her words hurt, but he knew his probably hurt her just as much. “I will, but before I go…I need that camera from when we were out in your mom’s car…and that charm bracelet I got you.”
Kagome shot him a look of pure disgust. “You want my camera…and bracelet?” She said as her blood began to boil.
“Yea, it’s best if you don’t have any evidence that could link you to me.” He answered not wanting to see the face she was giving him.
Kagome ripped the bracelet off her wrist and threw it at his face. “You can have your stupid bracelet!” Then, she began digging through her bag and found the disposable camera from the other day and threw it to the ground and stepped on it, causing it to shatter into three pieces. “You can have this broke ass camera too! Because, I don’t want to remember you. It’s like you said, it was a mistake to get involved with each other.” Kagome sniffled and wiped some tears from her face. “Do you want to know what’s the worst part about falling for a guy that you know you’re not meant for? …You start to fall anyway because you hope that he might turn out to be different than you though. But, I guess I was all wrong. Goodbye, Inuyasha…” On that note, Kagome ran back up the street to her house and slammed the door shut.
The entire scene was filmed by some camera men hiding in some of Kagome’s neighbor’s bushes.
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