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Chapter 5
Kagome sat down on her suitcase in attempt to make it easier to close. Six weeks of California came and went quicker than she had realized. Though, most of it was probably from not being able to leave her house very often since there was almost always a camera in her face. A lot of it did die down since her little outburst with the interviewers at her house a few weeks ago.
She sighed, “This was definitely a summer to remember,” Kagome latched the last lock on her suitcase and stood. “I really wish I wasn’t leaving on such a bad note with Inuyasha.”
“Are you still thinking about that boy?” Sango chided from Kagome’s bedroom door. “You really need to let him go. Don’t be upset because it’s over, be happy because it happened. Besides, if his fame is more important than his morals...you don’t need him anyway.”
Kagome dragged her bags into the hallway of her house, and took one final look at her summer home bedroom, trying to make sure she wasn’t leaving anything important. “That’s easy for you to say since you hit it off with his friend, Miroku. But, I suppose you’re right, Sango. That’s why I can’t wait to get back to Tokyo, and leave all this behind.”
“Exactly,” Sango play punched her friend in the arm, “It’s like that say…what happens in Cali, stays in Cali!”
“I believe it’s, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Kagome replied with a raised eyebrow.
Sango crossed her arms, “Vegas is in California, Kagome.”
“Vegas…is in Nevada.”
“Oh, yea…”
Souta came to the top of the steps, “Hey sis, the cab is here. Are you and Sango ready?”
Both, Sango and Kagome nodded their heads, “Yea, we’re coming down now.” Kagome said picking up her bags she dragged into the hallway, and Sango doing the same. The three of them descended the staircase with all of their things and met Kagome’s parents at the front door.
Kagome’s mom could see the anguish written all over her daughters face. She placed her hands on Kagome’s cheeks. “I’m sorry this wasn’t the summer vacation you were expecting. If it makes you feel any better, you can decide if you go with us, or stay at home in Japan next summer.”
Kagome didn’t answer the statement; she merely took a deep breath and walked away from her mother. Her dad opened the front door, and everyone filtered out into the driveway where the cab-van was waiting to take them all to the airport.
The driver and Kagome’s father loaded all the bags, while all the women and Souta got in the car. “Goodbye, Beverly Hills…it’s been real.” Kagome whispered, but, it didn’t go unnoticed by everyone else in the vehicle.
Sango grabbed Kagome’s hand and gave it a squeeze, “Everything is going to be better when we get back home.”
After all the bags were loaded, Kagome’s dad got in the car and the driver took his seat up front. “LAX please,” He said.
“You got it.” The driver replied.
Inuyasha played with the charm bracelet he had given to Kagome on the day they first hung out. The whole situation with her depressed the hell out of him. But, he really didn’t know what he could do to make things better. Plus, he knew that it was probably too late anyway. Even if he did find some way to make up with her, it wouldn’t matter because she would be going back home anyway.
*Ring Ring*
“Hello,” He answered his cell phone.
“Why does it sound like your moping? You better not be moping.” Miroku’s voice sounded through the phone.
“Miroku, what do you want?”
“I called to find out what you plan on doing to make up with Kagome? She’s going home today, you know?”
“Then, what difference does it make? If she’s going home, then there is no point in trying to make things right with her.”
Miroku sighed on the other end of the phone, “You really disappoint me sometimes, Inuyasha.”
“Yes, well…what else is new?” Inuyasha shook his head and threw the charm bracelet across the room.
“When are you going to get it through your thick head that you are NOT the only one hurting here? Did you know that Kagome has been nothing but depressed since the day you walked out on her!? Yea, she has! According to Sango, she has been battling with herself nonstop about going to see you, or wishing you would see her. All she wanted was to make things right with you, Inuyasha! She thinks you hate her, and she feels terrible about what she said on TV. But you know what? She shouldn’t feel bad, because the way you are acting is probably exactly why she said she wouldn’t want to meet you, even if she had.”
“Are you done…?” Inuyasha asked with a bored expression on his face that he knew Miroku couldn’t see.
“Well, since everything I just said clearly went in one ear and out the other, I guess I am done. I’m going to see the Sango off at the airport. Their flight leaves for Japan at 4:30 if you care…or if you come to your senses in the near future. I know it would mean a lot to Kagome if you at least said a proper goodbye to her, before she leaves. But remember this, Inuyasha. You can’t please everyone…so you should stop trying, and focus on the important people.”
“I’ll keep that in mind,” He said, and hung up his phone. “Too bad, there isn’t anything I can do. The media just doesn’t allow me to be happy. It’s either fame, or freedom in this business.”
Music started playing on Inuyasha’s computer screen, entailing that someone wanted to have a video call with him. He clicked the accept button, and was met with his agent. “Inuyasha, my boy. How are things?”
Inuyasha raised an eyebrow, “Is there a reason you are on my computer screen?” He asked.
“I am just informing you about the movie deal I just arranged for you. It’s going to be the next big step in your career. You’re break out into the acting business!” Bankotsu said with stars in his eyes.
“I don’t know anything about acting, and what if I don’t want to do it?”
Bankotsu cleared his throat and gave Inuyasha a serious look, “You don’t have much choice in the matter, because it has already been arranged. You are to guest appear in a new movie at the end of the summer. Plus, with that girl out of the way, there is nothing to distract you from your duties. All you have to do, is do this movie, make music, and adore your fans.”
“There used to be a point in time where I made music for me, and not for other people…” Inuyasha shook his head, “Nothing is the same anymore.”
“Unfortunately, that is how Hollywood works. You live the life that most people wish they did, and here you are complaining about it. I need you stop thinking about yourself, and start thinking about other people. I have put a lot on the line for you. Don’t forget that, Inuyasha!”
“Yea, yea…whatever you say.”
“Good! Now, I have already talked to your parents about this movie deal, and they have all the details. You need to speak with them and finalize filming dates so they don’t conflict with your tour that begins the beginning of next month.”
As usual, LAX was filled with people and you couldn’t tell which way was up. There were about two hours before Kagome and her family would be departing for Japan and she knew that they would be boarding soon. Kagome sighed deeply as she finished writing the letter that she hadn’t quite decided if it was a good idea to send or not. Miroku was at the airport saying his goodbyes to Sango and Kagome couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. She wished that Inuyasha would at least say goodbye to her before she had to leave.
Kagome knew better though, the two of them said their goodbyes weeks ago. Plus, she knew that she wasn’t an important factor in his life anymore, if she ever was one at all. Still, she wasn’t upset about meeting him and she wished she could one last time.
“Sis, I’m sorry for getting on your case all the time. But, please don’t be all sad anymore.”
She smiled and gave her little brother a hug. “Thanks, Souta.”
‘All passengers for flight 109 to Juban City, Japan, please gather your belongings and line up at the gate. Have your flight tickets and passports ready.’
“Well, I guess this is goodbye.” Sango said with a slight tint of blush across her face. “I really had a great time here, and I’m glad I met you.”
Miroku took her hands in his, and kissed both of her knuckles, “I’m very grateful to have spent an amazing summer with an amazing girl.” He threw his arms around her, and held Sango tightly to his chest. “Take care, and promise to visit again someday.”
Sango felt so safe in his arms, and didn’t want to let him go, “I promise.” She said, and the parted ways.
Kagome walked up to Miroku and held out her hand for him to shake. Miroku looked at her hand quizzically, and caught her into a deep hug. “Be safe, and don’t let the thing with Inuyasha bring you down.” He whispered in her ear.
Unknowingly, Kagome relaxed in his arms, “I won’t,” She said. “But, speaking of Inuyasha.” Kagome put the letter she had in Miroku’s hand. “Can you make sure he gets this?”
Miroku nodded, “Of course I will. I’m sorry he didn’t come see you off.”
She shook her head, and cracked a small smile, “Don’t be, if he wanted to be here…he would be. So, don’t feel bad on his behalf.”
‘Last call for flight 109 to Juban City. Passengers will now be boarding.’
“Kagome, we need to board the plane! Let’s go!” Kagome’s mother yelled from the line.
“I’ll see you around?” Kagome said to Miroku and he nodded. She then joined the rest of her family in line to board her flight home.
Sango blew Miroku a kiss, which he happily caught with ease. Moments later, both girls disappeared as they entered the airplane.
Inuyasha stormed down the steps of his Las Angeles home in searched of his parents. “Mom, dad…where are you!?” He hollered.
“By the pool, son.” He heard his mother’s voice faintly from outside.
He followed his mother’s voice and found both his parents lounged on two beach chairs by his outdoor pool, both engulfed in their laptops. “Mom, dad, we need to talk.”
“Not right now son, we are trying to work your movie schedule in with your tour schedule.” His father answered him.
“Oh, how about ten days in between Japan and Brazil for the first few scenes?” Izayoi suggested.
“That’s an idea, and then he can work a few more during the week break between Europe and Hawaii.” Inutashio replied.
“Ooh, I like that!”
Inuyasha raised an eyebrow, and closed both of their laptops so he could have their attention. “You don’t have to do that anymore; I’m not doing the movie.”
“Don’t be ridicules, Inuyasha. Of course you are.” His mother said while reopening her laptop, which, Inuyasha once again closed back down.
“No, mom…I’m really not. I already told Bankotsu that I refuse to do it.” Inuyasha replied while crossing his arms.
“You don’t have the authority to do that.” Inutashio said.
Inuyasha raised an eyebrow, “Yes…I do. It’s my life, and it’s about time I started taking charge of it. I finally realized that it’s true, I can’t please everyone. All this time, I’ve been so busy trying to please everybody…that I stopped pleasing myself. That’s why,” He pointed to both his parents, “You both are fired as my managers.”
His mother and father’s jaw dropped, “You can’t fire us, we’re your parents.”
“Exactly, you’re my parents…and that’s all I want you to be, my parents. When I come home, I want it to be home, not more business. I want to make music, but that’s all I want to do, and I want you two to be my biggest fans.” Inuyasha looked at both his parents with pleading eyes, “And when I mess up with my girlfriend, I want you guys to support me, and tell me what I can do to make it right. I really want to be happy again. I’ve been so caught up with what everyone else wants of me, I’ve neglected what I want for myself.
Izayoi looked at her son apologetically, “I’m sorry if you felt we were controlling you.”
“It’s alright. Can we start over, starting with Kagome?”
“You really like that girl, huh? His father asked.
“I think so, but…I need to fix things with her.” Inuyasha said, “Please, help me-”
His mother smiled, “Go to her, apologies. I’m sure she will understand.”
“But, remember how crazy it got when you two were just a rumor. Imagine how it will get when you two go public. Do you think she can handle that?”
“I’ll let her make that choice. I made the choice for her the first time, and I know firsthand what it’s like to have your decisions made for you. If she’s willing, I’m willing.”
“Then it sounds like you already know what you need to do.”
Inuyasha frantically ran into the Las Angeles International in search for Kagome with paparazzi got on his heels. For once, he didn’t care that they were following him. It was probably good this time, since the whole world find out the truth.
“Inuyasha…?” He heard the voice of his friend, Miroku.
“Miroku, where is Kagome?” He yelled.
Miroku raised an eyebrow, “If you finally came to your senses, you’re a little late. She already boarded her plane.”
“What’s her flight number!?”
“Huh?” Miroku shot Inuyasha a confused look, “Um, 109 I think…why?”
“I’ll catch up with you later!” Inuyasha brushed past Miroku.
“Inuyasha, wait!” Miroku handed him the letter Kagome had given to him earlier. “I promised Kagome that I would make sure you get this. She really is a good girl, man.” Miroku patted Inuyasha’s shoulder. “By the way, you might want to move quickly…the camera people are coming into the airport as we speak.”
Inuyasha looked over his shoulder, and winked at his best-friend. “Thanks, man.” He said, and ran up the escalator in hot pursuit of Kagome.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be departing in 25 minutes, please use this time to turn off all electronic devises, fasten your seatbelts, and please direct your attention to the screen for safety rules, and regulations.
Kagome took a deep breath, while clipping her seatbelt. Sango, whom was next to her gave her hand a squeeze, “It will all be better when we get home.” She said to Kagome.
Kagome lightly smiled, ‘I sure hope so…’ She crossed her legs and starred out the window. “Kagome…” She faintly heard and started scanning her surroundings.
“What’s wrong, Kagome?” Sango asked.
“I thought I just heard-…never mind.” Kagome sat back in her seat and looked back out the window. ‘That was weird,’
“Kagome!” She heard again, and this time she knew she wasn’t hearing things. “Somebody keeps calling my name,”
“I didn’t hear anything,” Souta said from the seat on the other side of Sango.
“Yea, neither did I…” Sango added.
Kagome shook her head, “No, I’m sure I heard someone call out to me just now.”
“Let me through, I have to talk to Kagome before she leaves!”
“I don’t care how famous you are, without a ticket and passport, you are not getting on this plane!”
Kagome unbuckled her seatbelt and started walking toward the front of the plane. “Inuyasha…” She whispered.
“Kagome, where are you going!?” Her mother called out to her.
“Miss, please take you seat. The plane will be departing soon.” The attendant said to her.
“I know, but…I have to get off.” Kagome said to the woman.
“Have you lost your mind, Kagome!?” Sango said, getting and pulling her friend back to their seats.
“Let me go, Sango! No, I haven’t…but I have to get off.”
“Ma’am, if you get off this plane, you won’t be allowed back on and the next flight to Japan isn’t for another 17 hours! You will also have to purchase a new ticket and itinerary.
“I don’t care! Just let me off!” She screamed and pushed Sango away. Kagome looked back at her parents apologetically, “Trust me…” She mouthed to her family, and exited the plane.
When Kagome walked back inside the airport, she was met with millions of flashing cameras, but didn’t care. She knew she heard Inuyasha calling out to her on the plane. “Inuyasha, where are you?” She said.
“Kagome!” His voice rung through the airport.
Kagome turned around, and saw him fighting to get out of the custody of the airport security. “Inuyasha!” She screamed, gaining his attention.
He looked in the direction of where her voice had come from, “Let me go!” He broke free of the guards hold and ran toward Kagome. She in turn, ran after him and the two embraced each other tightly. “Kagome, I am so sorry for everything that I said and did to you. If I could take it all back, I would.”
She pulled out of his grasp and looked into his eyes, “That’s it? You think you can just come here, say you’re sorry, and everything is going to be alright? Apologizing doesn’t make the wound go away, Inuyasha. Apologies have to be backed up by actions.” Kagome’s eyes started tearing up.
“I know, and you’re right.” Inuyasha cupped her cheeks, “I’m going to make things up to you.”
Before the two of them knew it, they were surrounded by an audience of people, and paparazzi all eaves dropping on their conversation. Several reporters were thrusting microphones and tape recorders at their mouths. They both looked around, and noticed that all eyes were on them. Kagome chuckled nervously, not being too comfortable with all this attention. Inuyasha however, knew what he had to do gain Kagome’s trust back.
He grabbed a microphone out of one of the reporter’s hands and faced directly at all the cameras, “All the stuff I said about this girl a few weeks ago was untrue!” He said into the microphone, and suddenly, the entire airport went silent. “She isn’t a blast from my past, she is not a gold digger, and was never after me for my fame. In fact, when I first met her…she wanted nothing to do with me, because of my fame. She was probably right when making that decision, because the fame got to my head, and I can admit to that. I lost sight of what is important, and started letting everyone control the person that I am. But, this girl right here was never like that.” Inuyasha turned to Kagome and looked her deep into her big brown eyes. “This girl right here is someone special; she’s spunky, argumentative, honest, and always full of smiles.” He took her hand in his, “Her name is Kagome Higurashi…and I’m crazy about her.”
Kagome whipped the tears from her face with her other hand, and smiled.
Inuyasha handed the microphone back to the reporter he took it from, and faced Kagome once more, the reporters moved even closer to the couple pressing the cameras closer to their faces. “I’m really am sorry about what I put you through. But, if you are willing to give me another chance, I would like to start over…the right way.”
She chuckled, threw her arms around his neck, stood on her toes and placed a long waited for kiss on Inuyasha’s lips. “I’d like that,” She said when they parted. Inuyasha picked her up bridal style, and kissed her once again.
Kagome’s POV
I can honestly say that Sango kept her promise. I did in deed have a summer to remember that year. I was like heaven, to hell and back to heaven again at the end. I suppose you are all wondering what happened after Inuyasha went public about us in the middle of LAX. Well, as I’m sure you know, I missed my plane, but quickly video chatted my family when they landed back in Japan. They were upset of course, but ultimately wanted me to be happy. I decided to stay in California for the last two weeks of summer, before I had to start school again. My parents think I was staying at our Beverly Hills home. Which, I was…but, I wasn’t exactly alone. Shhh, don’t tell them that though!
When summer ended, I went back home and completed the first semester of my sophomore year. Then, I went back to Cali and stayed there for an extended winter break. By extended, I mean…I didn’t go back to Japan. I started online school so that I stay with Inuyasha. I became a part of his entourage, but with a few more perks. What, I am his girlfriend after all! Those months of school were killer without seeing him. We didn’t get to talk much either because he was touring the world. We did have some time to spend when he was in Japan though. But, I wanted to be closer to him, and he felt the same way. So, I joined him on the road in place of Miroku. Oh, you want to know about him? He realized that he wanted to be closer to Sango, and moved back home to Japan. The two of them have been together ever since. All in all, things have been pretty well for everyone. I even see my dad every so often since he travels a lot with his job. I ran into him in Italy once while joining Inuyasha for a public appearance.
So, I must say that everything worked out for the best…at least for now. Hey, Inuyasha and I have only been together four ten months!
The End
AN: Well, this is the end of the story. I hope you enjoyed it. Yea, it’s pretty short…only five chapters. But since I was trying to portray the movie, I didn’t have too much to work with since Star Struck is a relatively short movie. Anyway, please tell me what you think in a review & if you don’t do so already, please read, follow, favorite, and review both ‘What Happened to Goodbye’ and ‘The Golden Paintbrush’
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