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Summary: Inuyasha and the gang hear about a shard in a realm, will they need help?
Rated: PG-13
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Word count: 1443 Read: 7754
Published: 17 Jun 2013 Updated: 27 Jun 2013

1. Chapter 1 by Techno Zen [Reviews - 0] (284 words)
nothin much to say but plz comment

2. Chapter 2 by Techno Zen [Reviews - 0] (334 words)
Thx for tuning in unfortunently we wont get to meet the demon in this ch. sry...thx for reading

3. Chapter 3 by Techno Zen [Reviews - 0] (326 words)
Plz comment..i wanna know how its going

4. Chapter 4 by Techno Zen [Reviews - 0] (343 words)
Im beggin you, me a wolf demon on her knees beggin..funny, PLZ COMMENT ON HOW IT IS!..or even tell me wat part you like or even which character

5. Chapter 5 by Techno Zen [Reviews - 0] (156 words)
this is just izumi's past life in this ch.