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Author's Chapter Notes:
wanna rp (roleplay) with me check me out at drrrchat.com my name is nadeshiko you will find me at the zombie rp..come join me!! the site is free no sign up :)

*flash back*

"M-mommy where they taking shiroi?" Nadeshiko looked at her human mother, tears filling her light blue eye.

Her mother sighed "Im sorry nade, but i cant tell you" Her mother said looking off in the direction that demons where taking Shiroi. There was a long pause. "Nade sweety, please just go into the house"

She did what she was told. Her head hanged low as she walked over to a window and saw her sister being taken away. "SHIROI!!!" Nadeshiko yelled with sadness in her voice.

Shiroi's white wolf ears perked up looking in her direction. "Nade!..Ill find you!" Shiroi yelled back. Tears filled her red eyes as she was taken away from site. "s-shiroi....no" Nadeshiko falls to her knees crying. Her mother came over and saw her child on the ground. She put her hand on the little black wolf back.."It had to be done"....*flash back ends*

Nadeshiko looked off into the distance. It was night time with a full moon out glowing over the feild of trees. Her light blue eye glowed a little bit from the moons light. She then jumped and sat on the tallest tree on its limb, her black wolf tail hanging off the side swaying slowly side to side.

"shiroi....we will be together again, whatever it takes or costs, I will get you back" She sighed whispering under her breath.

" 'hehe such strong words for a prissy young girl, your nothing but a pathetic little freak' "

"w-What?! leave me be D!nade, you know how much i hate you!" Nadeshiko growledher fangs showed abit as she did, grabbing on to her head hoping she would let her be. Tears formed in her eyes crying for her sister. "shiroi..please help..."


*next day*

Nadeshiko looks around not knowing where she was going. She lowers hear ears."Oh geez where did i go to now?..Hm? oh hey a village"

Nade hesitats but still enters the village not knowing if they will be nice to her or fear her for  being a demon and all. Some of the villagers, who where harvesting crops, watched as she walked into there village. They stared at her with a little fear in there eyes. After a while nade got closer to the village but was stopped as she reached the entrance.

"Halt!..why are you here demon? what is it that you seek? Are you here to kill or to take over?" The head of the village man asked. He was old like in his 50's. The man had brown hair, it was neatly trimded.

"uh..um i need a place to stay if its ok with you" Nade bows while asking in a sweet gential voice.

"you seem good enough for me, but ill be watching you, ill let you stay..there is an empty hut just over yander" The man points in the direction of the hut that was close to the end.

"Oh thank you" she bows once more and heads off into that direction with a tired look on her face..soon she reaches the hut and goes in. There was a bed, a little place for a fire, and a window. The hut was in a circular shape. 

"hmm nice place think ill end the night here the sun is setting" She said looking out the window. The sun was becoming an orangy color as is went down. Nade sat down on the bed laying down...the room was quiet, she rolled up into a ball and fell fast asleep. 

Chapter End Notes:
hope this is a good one :3
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