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Author's Chapter Notes:
sry the first 2 chapters where short ive been typing those on my dsi, if any of you could be SO kind as to tell me how to upload a pic on here i would b happy to draw all my oc's that take place in this story :)... id like to upload them from my photobucket

*next day*

"HELP DEMONS!!" the villagers screamed running in a panic. They were running around gathering weapons like bows and arrows, and spears. They would attack, but it was worthless. The demons were the wolf demon kind; they come in a great number of human form and regular wolf form. Their leader was none other than the wolf prince kouga. He stood at the top of a hill all proud like.

"Alright men I want all of you to search these houses and find all the weapons, pelt, food, and anything else you find useful." He ordered with a pointed finger pointing to the village.

"YES SIR!" they all sounded off and did as they were told and raided all the huts as if they were leaving no stone unturned.

Awhile has passed and one of the demons walked over to check in with his leader."Uh, sir I think you need to see something" The demon told heading in the direction of the specific hut he was checking. The leader, Kouga, followed behind wondering what it could be. They both entered, kouga had a surprised look on his face when he found a little teen black furred wolf demon asleep on the floor in a ball with a peaceful face, who was none other than nadeshiko. (Aka nade)

"SO! They think they can just keep this female wolf hostage I don’t think so!...those low life humans they disgust me" He spat on the ground with anger. "Well I guess we’ll take her to the cave to find out where she lives" With that the brown furred wolf picked up the girl who was still asleep, her black ears lowered, and put her over his shoulder. After that he took off at the speed of lighting.

After a while kouga, and his pack, have reached the entrance of his cave. The waterfall roared, as it hide the entrance. Nade soon woke up with a surprised yet scared look in her eyes. "W-What’s going on? Who are you people?!" she said in a shaky voice. She started struggling not knowing what was going on cause no one would tell her, they all just kept quiet until they entered the cave. Nade got doused with pounding water; her black choppy bangs fell into her face covering her light blue eyes. She then took a look around as Kouga still held her over his shoulder. "HEY! let me go!" she ordered still abit scared. As if he were actually following her order, Kouga put her down then kneeled down beside her.

"Hey were are from like what pack? I’ve never seen you before" He put a hand to her black ears and petted them, they were soft.

"Stop that!" Nadeshiko pushed his hand away then gave him a glare. "Im not from any tribe or pack...im a lone wolf, now what’s going on here?" She said in a demanding voice wanting answers. He just looked at her confused thinking 'why is she acting like this? We rescued her'

"Well one of my members found you in a hut and I thought those humans where keeping you hostage." Kouga shrugged.

"I’m out of here you people are crazy" She stood up with a huff then started out for the opening. After a few steps she was stopped by two of the members who seemed to be taller than her. That had that :well do anything for our leader: look.

Kouga laughed "You’re staying here madam" He got up then started walking towards nade slowly. "Now you’re not like all the other female wolves i know..."

"W-what are you doing?!" she began to freak out again, and then she started shaking. Her light blue eyes began to fill with fear. Soon she was being held back, the two that were blocking her were holding onto her arms so she couldn’t leave. Kouga but his hand gently to her cheek "I’m not going to hurt you, but it’s not safe to go out there by yourself, you could get killed" He had this soft deep tone in his voice. "So please can you stay here...i don’t want a beautiful young wolf killed out there" He looked at the guys who were holding her "Alright boys let her go... now miss it’s your choice where you want to go I’m not going to stop you this time" Nade stood there for a moment, she wanted to head out the cave entrance. But hesitated when she thought about what he said. "Um.. I guess I’ll...stay" Nade mumbled.

“Alright!” He said clapping his hand together smiling happily. “Now we don’t have any extra rooms in my cave here so, you are gonna have to sleep in my room with me.”Nadeshiko stood there wide eyed. “Uh..I’d rather sleep outside in the cold.” She said in a huff with a little sass in her voice instead of the normal gentleness.

“No! Now you’re gonna listen to me because you said that you would stay and I’m the boss and prince around here” His expression changed from happy to agitated in a matter of seconds. “It’s time for you to go to bed since you want to be like that.” The man grabbed Nade’s hand with a tight grip around her wrist. She tried to pull away but couldn’t. He then dragged her to his room setting her on the bed which was mostly just pelts from other animals. “I’m sorry, I can tell you’re a sweet gentile girl but you rubbed me wrong when you used that tone of voice I’ll be nicer from her on because…” He headed out but stopped at the opening to the room. “…Its cause I think your cute like this one girl I remember from the future times except she’s with someone else now.” He left finishing his sentence.

Chapter End Notes:
yea my dsi only allows so much type...so for now on im going to try and type this story from my laptop when i have time..arigato :3...if anything needs to be changed like the grammer plz dont hezitat to tell me in the comments id b happy to change it if needed to...oh and if your have any ideas i might like them and add them in
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