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Summary: A short take on Inuyasha's childhood. One-shot.
Rated: G
Categories: General > One-Shots Characters: Inu Yasha
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Word count: 879 Read: 1753
Published: 27 Jun 2014 Updated: 27 Jun 2014
Story Notes:

First story, eh?! Yeah, I know it sucks but I don't have any other ideas right now so...

Love it... please? T.T

1. Inuaysha by kalika [Reviews - 1] (879 words)

I don't own Inuyasha at all because I am not that creative... (eh, naw! Im freaking amaz-*cough*) so in case you somehow thought I owned it... no, I dont. All rights and love and fanmail go to the guy who made Inuyasha!