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The sun began to rise over the mountians of the Western lands. The young prince, InuMaru, lay in his bedroom. It was large with pure white pillars in each corner with the banners of his clan's smybol on them. He had desk by the window and wardrobe that held his many new kimonos for any occanion. On the farest wall of the room was a pair of doors leading out to a large bacony. And on the wall nearest to the room's entrance door was a hallway leading to his own bathing chamber. In the middle of the room was a large bed you could fit 5 full grown demons in with elbow and leg room. In the middle of the bed was the young prince fast asleep with one arm above his head and the other arm hugging a soft pillow. His blanket was only covering his legs which one leg was bent and the other was straight.

Just then a heavy knock was on the door. "Your Highness, it's time to wake up." The female voice said. InuMaru groaned softly not wanting to wake up. He reluctly sat up his hair in a mess. He yawned and stretched feeling his bones pop into their correct places. "Who is it?" he said still sleeply. "It is Cania, my prince." The female said. "Come in." The pre-teen half-demon said getting to the edge of the bed. A young woman with long black hair and brown eyes came in. "Good morning my prince. After I get your ready for the day, your Father, Lord Sesshomaru, wants to see you in the dining hall." Cania said. "Okay." InuMaru said letting her help him take off his night kimono. He walked over to the wardobe and pulled out a light green kimono with white flowers on it with a matching hamaka and a light green and white obi. He pulled out a pair of black boots like his father's. Cania helped him get dressed. She sat him at his vanity and began brush his sliky hair. "Your very handsome, my prince." Cania said. "Thank You, Cania." He said. InuMaru walked to the door and slid it open.

He was about to step out when he tripped over his father's annoying servant, Jaken. He landed harshly on the floor causing Cania to flinch. "Ow." InuMaru groaned. "You idoit don't you know not to stand like a statue when someone is coming your way?" InuMaru said slowly getting up from his fallen state. InuMaru kicked Jaken so that he flew out a window. Sesshomaru whom was walking to the dining hall heard glass being smashed and ran to his son's room and hallway. InuMaru stood holding Jaken up by his kimono collar. "Jaken I should just drop you into the wood pile and let you bake in the sun." InuMaru growled clearly mad at the toad. "InuMaru, put Jaken down." Sesshomaru said to his son. "Father..." He said his eyes lowering the ground. He gently lowered Jaken to the wooden floor the walked to his father. "InuMaru you have every right to beat Jaken but not to drop him out of a 4 foot window." Sesshomaru said. "Sorry." InuMaru said softly. Sesshomaru pulled him into a hug and held him there.


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