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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sesshomaru will be very Oc so don't hate me. He had to be acting differently towards his son and Rin.

"My name is Melody." She whispered. "I am InuMaru, Prince of the Western Lands." InuMaru said softly. He picked her up and carried her out of the house. InuMaru looked down to see Melody had fallen asleep. He and Rin walked back to the camp following the trail of blood flowers. Back at camp Sesshomaru and Kagome were talking about the Western lands when InuMaru, Rin and winged girl Melody walked into camp. Sesshomaru looked up and ran to his son. "InuMaru are you alright?" He asked checking his son for injures. " Father I'm fine." He said smiling. "Lord Sesshomaru." Rin shouted as she hugged her foster father.

Sesshomaru saw the girl in his son's arms. "InuMaru who is this?" Melody woke up and became scared. "Don't worry, Miss Melody your allright now." InuMaru said and the girl calmed down. "She is a half-demon like me but I think she is part raven demon." InuMaru said before setting her down so that Kagome could tend to her wounds. "InuMaru, what happened?" Sesshomaru asked. "I got captured by a evil witch my Lord and InuMaru tricked the Witch to go into her own oven." Rin said happily. "How did you trick her?" He asked his son. "Well I played dumb." InuMaru said with a grin. "Once she was in, Rin and me latched the door of the oven and watched her burn."InuMaru smirked.

Sesshomaru shook his head. Placing his lone hand on his son's right shoulder he said. "InuMaru, I beg you as your father, don't go into battle wanting to shed blood. I have already gone down that horrid path and it is a wretched one at that. I want you only to fight if needed. Okay?" InuMaru relized want he had done and tears filled his eyes. "Forgive me Father. I wanted to protect Rin. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." InuMaru fell to his knees and sobbed. Sesshomaru pulled his son to his armored chest and hugged him. "It's allright my son, you learned your first lesson, the one which I igored. Never desire to kill." Sesshomaru smiled a rare smile and hugged his son and daughter. His family was almost complete. He felt a ping of pain in his heart. His missed his mate, his wife, Naomi. 

2 weeks later

InuMaru had found Melody's mother and had returned her to her home. 

1 day later

InuMaru sat on a rock thinking about stuff like what will he do in the palace? Would he make any new friends? Will he ever find a girl that would love him like his Father did? 

"Sire," A small voice said. A tiny flea hopped onto his shoulder causing him to being pulled from his thoughts. "Yes?" InuMaru asked. "Who are you?" "I am Myoga the flea demon vassel of your Uncle Master Inuyasha." "I am InuMaru." He said with smile. InuMaru looked at the flea. "Sire, you are grandson of Lord Inutaisho." InuMaru blinked. "So why are you here?" InuMaru said raising an eyebrow. "InuMaru do you know how your mother died?" InuMaru shook his head. "She was killed by her own village the very people she trusted." Myoga said. "Why was she killed?" InuMaru asked looking at his feet. "I don't think you would what to know that-" InuMaru interrupted him. "Why was she killed?" He repeated.

Myoga sighed and told InuMaru the sad truth. "The villagers were angry became she was pregnant with you. They felt their priestess was now impure so they killed the midwifes and set the shrine she was giving birth in on fire hoping to kill her and you in its flames. But God must have protected you because you are here alive. How you got out at that flaming shrine I do not know." InuMaru felt his heart began to rip and tear. "Mother died because of me?" Tears filled his eyes with sorrow. "I got Mother killed!" InuMaru sobbed burying his face in his hands. Just then a pale hand plucked Myoga from InuMaru's shoulder and pinched him between it's fingers. "Lord Sesshomaru, how are you?" Myoga asked innocently. "Quiet Myoga, What did you tell my son?" Sesshomaru asked with anger in his eyes. "I told him how his mother, Lady Naomi died." Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed. "You Did WHAT?" He shouted. This caused InuMaru to look up with sad eyes at his father.

"F-father, d-did I g-get M-mother killed?" He asked. Sesshomaru gave the flea a toss and knelt down in front of his son. "No my son no. You were not the one that sent your mother to her grave. It was her death that caused me to hate humans in the first place." Sesshomaru said before he pulling him into a gentle embrace. "Father, I love you." InuMaru whispered returning the embrace. "And I love you my InuMaru." Sesshomaru said. 

Toward the palace of the Western Lands

"Father, are we going home?" InuMaru asked. "Yes." His father answered.

"Kagome had gone back with Inuyasha and his friends to collect the jewel shards about a week ago. I miss her but she has to help Uncle find the Jewel shards." He thought as he walked on a dirt road.

InuMaru walked behind his father his footsteps softly hitting the ground. Rin rode on Au-Un the twin headed dragon that InuMaru had become fond of. Jaken was walking along side Au-Un mumbling something that InuMaru could not hear. Soon they stood in front of a large palace with a large gate with large craving of a cresant moon. Great Dog statues stood on each side of the large gate.

"It's beautiful Father." InuMaru gasped. Sesshomaru looked out of the corner of his eye and smiled. "My Lord welcome home."  A handsome guard said coming out of the gate as it opened. He was tall he had blue stripes on his cheeks, long golden hair and green eyes. He was wearing a dark green kimono and hamaka with armor over it and boots like his father's. "Hello to you Shen," Sesshomaru said taking hold of the demon's firm arm as the demon took hold of his own. "My Lord who is this handsome young man?" Shen asked causing the boy to blush a deep red. "Shen, he is my lost son, InuMaru, Prince of the Western lands." Sesshomaru said smiling at his son. "Welcome home, My Prince. I am Shen of the Tiger clan of China, you're father's friend and most trusted general." Shen said smiling. The palace doors then opened and people became of come out.

InuMaru watched as the servants, some human, stand awaiting to welcome their master back home. "Listen to me well, This half-demon is my son, InuMaru. To you, he will be your prince and master as I am. You will call him sire, my prince, and your highness. Only personal servants will call him by name. Do you understand?" Sesshomaru said voice raised. They all answered with clearing voices. "Yes My Lord." Sesshomaru gently took InuMaru's right hand in his own and walked toward the doors after the servants made a path for their masters to walk though. The doors opened showing InuMaru a large hallway with banners of many colors with the Dog Demon smybol on them hanging down from the ceiling."Father I love it." InuMaru said happily.

Sesshomaru lead his son to a great throne room where a woman with white hair pulled back in two ponytails, the same cresant moon marking as on him and his father dressed in royal clothing was waiting. "Sesshomaru welcome home..." She paused her greeting to see her son hold hands with her lost grandson. "Sesshomaru is this..." "Yes mother this is your grandson, my son InuMaru. "Go on and meet her, InuMaru." Sesshomaru whispered in his son's ear.InuMaru nodded. He walked up to his grandmother. "Hello, my lady, I'm your grandson, I guess." He whispered the last part. InuMiki, knelt down and hugged InuMaru. "Welcome home, my boy." She said. 

Two days after InuMiki met her lost grandson,

InuMaru was practicing balance and dance while having a book on his head. "Good my prince, your doing so well." The female servant said as they danced (InuMaru was good at balancing.) cross the ballroom floor. InuMiki entered the room and a memory came to her mind while looking at her grandson dance.


"Dance, My young prince, you must dance elegantly." A 15 year old Sesshomaru tried his best to keep up with his dancing teacher. "You can do it my son, just keep at it." InuMiki, Sesshomaru's mother said right before he fell backward on his rear. "Mother is this necassery, I don't want to dance the night away with some girl I just meet." Sesshomaru said sighing. "You can do it, you just have to keep trying and if you met a girl I hope she will love you for you..." InuMiki trailed off.

End of Flashback

InuMiki laughed at the memory. Dancing was how Sesshomaru meet Naomi. Naomi. InuMiki's smile turned into a frown. InuMiki didn't like humans very much but Naomi, she was different. She was a powerful priestess with a heart of pure gold. She was very beautiful. She had long brown hair, brown eyes and ivory skin.

InuMaru stood and elegantly bowed to the servant. InuMiki walked up to her grandson. "May I have this dance?" InuMiki said smiling. "Of course my fair maiden." he said taking his grandmother by the hand and lead her into a graceful dance.

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