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A young priestess is the mighty Lord Sesshomaru's unknown daughter. Her name is Akemi. Akemi is about to go on a jounery with her newly found father and younger human sister to hunt down Naraku, the man who murdered her mother...


Sesshomaru x Past OC Sesshomaru x Kagome Inuyasha x Kikyo Miroku x Sango

Rated: G
Categories: Romance > Kouga/ Ayame, Romance, Humor, Romance > Sesshoumaru/ Kagome, Romance > Miroku/ Sango, Romance > InuYasha/ Kikyo Characters: Sesshoumaru
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Published: 14 Jan 2015 Updated: 15 Jan 2015

1. Prologue: A mother's Death and a Child's life by SouloftheJewel [Reviews - 2] (678 words)

2. Chapter 2 by SouloftheJewel [Reviews - 0] (119 words)