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Story Notes:
I own nothing extremely recognizable such as Inuyasha & Co., stores, TV shows, etc.
{A/N: This whole story is in Kagome’s POV unless otherwise noted}

“It was the first day of high school, yet it was the same as middle school. Most of the same people, the same attitudes, the same everything. Only things that changed: new teachers, new classes, more people, and harder assignments. That’s how I looked at it. I mean in middle school, I had friends. Coming into high school, I had the same friends. In middle school, I had enemies. Coming into high school, those enemies were still there. Is high school really supposed to be a life-changing experience?? As if hearing my unspoken question, I was given the answer in my first ‘Family Relations’ class.

The teacher stood proudly in the front. She began pacing in front of the class. “Now class, welcome to your first day of high school. Understand that just because it is your first day doesn’t mean you will not get an assignment. You are getting an assignment and it will be a year round project. Now can anyone tell me what this class is for??” A young girl raised her hand. “Yes, you Ayako.”

“This class is to study roles and responsibilities of families and most particularly in marriage,” the girl named Ayako said shyly.

“That is exactly correct. Now I am going to give you your project. You will be paired up with someone of the opposite sex from class and you two will imitate a marriage. I will tell you now that marriage is a compromise. You must give a little to get a little, as cliché as it might sound. Now I will tell you your partners.

“Sango, your partner is Miroku. Ayako, your partner is Akio. {time lapse} Kagome, your partner is Inuyasha,” she continued down her list of paired students. “Now, I want you to get into your couples so I can give you the guidelines.”

I moved by Inuyasha because he wasn’t going to move. I mean, we hated each other since middle school...and I don’t think it changed over the summer. I’m serious. We HATED each other. The teacher came around with the guidelines for the assignment. When she got to us, I quietly asked her if I could have another partner.

“To have another partner requires a divorce, and I want you to read the rules on that subject,” was her only reply. I took her advice and read the guidelines.

The Rules For The Marriage
1. Both partners must make it work.
2. It is worth half of your grade each semester.
3. If one partner asks for a divorce, it signifies that neither are trying to make it work, resulting in a failed grade for both participants. You also cannot separate from or ignore your husband/wife.
4. You must get together in your spare time every day for at least 1 hour
5. At least once a week, you must do an activity together with proof that the activity was done
6. After you pull jobs and work times, you will have to make a schedule so you will have time together.
7. Later on in the assignment, you may or may not be given an electronic baby to take care of.
8. You will be given daily tasks that would be normal in a married household to be completed each day in class.
9. If you do the minimum to get by, than I will give you the minimum grade to get by: a ‘D’
10. You will keep a journal on your husband/wife, one entry a day on how you feel about them, one entry a day on what you did together, to be turned in for you final exam.

“Now class, we will pull jobs and work times tomorrow. For now, get accustomed to your spouse, for they will make or break your grade.”

I couldn’t believe it. I had to work with INUYASHA TAISHO!! The rudest, most arrogant, person I have ever met, and I couldn’t do a thing about it. I looked at him and I imagine he was as mad as I was. I just hope we can do this and get a good grade. I decided I would have to be the first to say something. “So, Inuyasha, um...how are we going to do this??” I was tempted to add ‘because we both hate each other.’

“Keh. Wench, you’re going to be the good housewife and obey me,” Inuyasha said smugly. I couldn’t believe this. He wanted me to obey him like a ‘good housewife.’ SO NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!

“Excuse me Inuyasha, but we haven’t pulled jobs yet so I DON’T have to bow down to you.” I countered, knowing it wouldn’t do anything, but I had to let him know I wasn’t his slave.

“If you want to get a good grade you will,” commented Inuyasha. Touché. “I don’t care about this class. My mom is making me take it,” he smiled knowing he had me right where he wanted me.

Well, damn. I couldn’t believe it. He doesn’t care about his grade, and he knows my grades are important to me. I have never failed a class, ever, and now because of him, and his hatred of me I probably will. This is so not my day...
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