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Story Notes:
I do not own Inuyash and company, though with all my heart I wish it was so.
Author's Chapter Notes:
The first chapy! Well it's short but still... well hope ya likez it!



Disclamer: I do not own Inuyasha but this story belongs to me.

Note: a line of ~ = That time has gone by, like one paragaph seperated by these are like a few hours passing by.

a line of - = That it's either a flashback, daydream, or it's telling the story of another charachter.



"So anyways like I was saying before I have to tell you this!"

"Okay okay, what?"

"I moved, and I transphered to your school!"

"Oh my god! Your'e lying!"

"Sango, have I lied to you before?"

"Well not as far as I know Kagome. But seriously you are?"


"Yep? Yep!?!? That's all you have to say?!?"


"Well when are you coming?"



"Yep, tommorow morning."

"Okay looking forward......... to....... it........"

"Sango you okay?"

"Yah, it's just that pervert Miroku. He's looking through my window."


"Well I have to go- oh no he's not spying on me. He just wanted to give me something."

"What is it?"

"An invitation to a pool party."

"What does it say?"

"Says that I can bring a friend."


"Wanna come with me?"

"Sure when is it?"

"Uh...... oh! It says it's July 24th."

"Okay, well I got to go. I'll see you tommorow okay?"

"Okay. I'll tell Miroku you said hi okay?"




Kagome hung the phone up and looked around. She walked over to her closet, and opened the doors. There was junk galore there. She carefully began to move some of her old clothes out of the way until she spotted what she was looking for. She carefully pulled a CD-rom from the bottom and walked over to her computer. She inserteed the CD-rom and sat down in her chair, knocking over a glass of water in the process.


She grabbed a towel from her bathroom, set the towel down over the puddle, and began to press it into the carpet. She stood up, picked the towel up, and walked into the hall.

"Mom?" she yelled

No answer.


No answer.

She walked further down the hall and yelled out their names again.

"Mom!? Souta!?"

Still no answer.

She went down the stairs and headed into the kitchen. She looked around and saw, on the fridge, a note. Kagome's chocolate eyes followed the letters as she read:

Dear Kagome,

Souta and I went to go do some aerins. We'll be back around five-thirty.



PS feel free to do whatever. I trust you.


Kagome looked around. It was true. She was the only one here. The TV was off and all was quite. She sighed, the whole house seemed empty and lonely. Maybe i'll go for a walk. She thought. She went upstairs and started to walk to her room, but then she stopped What am I thinking? she thought I don't even know how to get back here from half a mile away! She paused and started to walk again. I won't go far. Maybe around the block.

When she had stopped she was in her room in front of her closet. She tapped her finger on her chin for a moment and pulled out a green T-shirt. Then she stepped forward a little and reached into the back, pulling out a pair of blue-jeens. After she had changed, eaten, brushed her hair and grabbed her house keys, she headed out the door. She stuck the keys in her pocket and began to walk down the side walk.

She turned a few corners, noting her soroundings, and began to walk down a straight side walk. The trees began to thin out the farther she walked until she came to a small park. There was no one here today. Probably closed she thought. But when she walked over to the gate there was a sign there that read.

Park hours





It was Saturday and it was 3:00, So it's not closed she thought. She looked around It looks disurted. She opened the gate and went inside. It was a small park, the ground was covered with emerald green grass and in the very center was a fountain, around the fountain were a few benches. Kagome sat down letting the trees overhead shade her from the sun. She sat for a while, listening to the birds chirping and the leaves rustling in the trees above.

"What a wonderful day." she wispered

She was still watching the fountain as someone walked up behind her. She turned slightly to see none other than Miroku, who was wearing his usual short pony tail. He was wearing a black shirt and blue jeens.

"Hi." he said smiling

"Oh hi Miroku!" Kagome said happily

"Miroku hurry it up already!" came a voice

Kagome turned to see a boy about Miroku's age. He had white hair and golden eyes, Kagome guessed that he was a half-demon because of the white dog ears that were at the top of his head. He was wearing a red T-shirt and blue jeens, but they were a lighter color than Miroku's.

"Just a second Inuyasha, can't you see I'm talking with a friend?"

Inuyasha wasn't listening though, he was just staring at Kagome. Kagome could feel her face getting warm so she turned around to face Miroku, hoping that he hadn't seen her face start to redden.

"Uhm.... I have to go." she said standing up.

"Okay, well Sango told me that you were coming to the pool party. You are right?" he asked.

Kagome nodded "Yes."

"Cool well we have to go too, see you around Kagome."

"See you." she replied as she started to run off.

Inuyasha turned around to Miroku "Who was that?" he asked trying not to look to interested

"Sango's friend Kagome, she just moved here." he replied "She transphered to our school." he added a smirk crossing his face.

"Keh." Inuyasha turned around "I have to go."

"Where to? Your not going to stalk her are you? What with the way you were staring at her and all."

"Shut up!" Inuyasha yelled as he started to walk toward the way Kagome had left.

"I knew it! You like her!"

Inuyasha faked the most discusted look possible "Shut up, I don't even know her! So how could you say that?"

Miroku shrugged "I just can. I have ways of knowing that kind of stuff."

"Yah well whatever I still have to go." he replied opening the gate "I'll see you tommorow."

Miroku gave a salute "Tommorow then sargent lovey-dove!"


Chapter End Notes:

Well that's the first chapter! I know, I know it was short. Chapter two will be longer though I promise. :) Please rate!

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