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"So you say you think this man, Naraku, started that fire and kidnapped the boy?" the officer asked while stroking his mustach all the while, brown eyes flicking from person to person.

"That's right." Sango said from her place next to Miroku. Her head was still bandaged up, but her burns had dissapeared. Her dark brown hair was up in a messy bun, and her eyes were close to tears. "How could I have just fallen asleep and let him be taken?!" she wispered to herself. Miroku soothily rubbed her shoulder, and using his free hand he- "Don't even think about it Kazaana!" she quickly said before he had a chance to carress her ass.

"Eh, right!" he said quickly and scooched his chair out of reach of her hand.

The policeman watched them suspicuosly, and took a drink of his coffe "Do you have a discription of this man?"

"Well," Kagome said quietly "He's tall- maybe 6.5? Black hair, and uh... maroon eyes I'm guessing."

"Mmhmm, 6.5, black hair, and yah maroon eyes, sure." though he wispered 'sure' to himself. He tapped the pen on the paper "Do you have any idea where we could find this man?"

"The allies of downtown." Kagome said. She knew he always prefurred the dark, less used parts of towns or cities. She shuddered as she remembered the first time she saw Naraku... She had only been eight.


A small girl ran through the dark allie ways, carefull to make sure not to run into rats and garbage cans. Closely held to her was a small pink jewel that was covered by a cloth, as to not let light escape. She kept running until she was out of breath.

"I " huff "Can't keep" huff "Running forever. Oh mom! Please be okay!" she wispered. Her short black hair covered her face as she drew up her legs to her chest. She huddled in silence behind a large dumpster. Surely the garbage would hide her scent!

"So that's where you wnet." came an uncaring voice. Kagome's eyes shot open as she heard her. Kagura! "You might as well come out. I'm not going to hurt you. That bastard Naraku is sick minded if he thinks I'm going to kill a defenseless kid."

"Kagura, surely you know he will have your head for this?" came a soft emotionless voice. Kanna's blank eyes shifted from the ground to the Wind Sorceress. Her elbino hair shifted slightly to her shoulders from behind her back "This is the third time you have let the child go."

"So let her go," Kagura said simply, her redish eyes flicked to the dumpster "Come on already, what's the hold up? Get out of here before Naraku shows up."

"Before who shows up?" came a wicked voice. His long ebony hair covered his face, and he wore a long black trench coat. "So Kagura? You're going to let that jewel get away from me?"


"Save it. Kanna, get the girl." Kanna simply bowed her head slightly and walked slowly towards the dumpster. Kagome's eyes were clouded over with horror when Naraku lifted the hair from his face. His eyes were blood red! Kanna came over and quietly wispered "Get out of here. Leave the jewel and you may just escape with your life." There was a hint of pleading in her voice.

"No." Kagome said quickly. She bolted from behind the dumpster and started to run. She heard a gun shot, and imediatly felt a grate pain in her shoulder. She'd been shot! "Ahhh!" she screamed in pain through clenched teeth. Gripping her arm she kept running until she could no longer see the dark allies in sight...

Kagome was snapped from her thoughts as she felt Inuyasha's arm come around her shoulders. She looked at him surprised "You okay?" he asked. She nodded her head "Good, now let's get going." He stood up and grabbed her purse for her. She gratefully eccepted it and let him help her up. Once outside the group headed for Miroku's car. But then-

"Inuyasha! Inuyasha!" came a voice. A girl that looked almost exactly like Kagome came running from out of nowhere and embraced him.

"K-Kikyou?" he asked stunned.

"Excuse me?" Kagome said "Exactly who are you?" her eyes burning with anger.

"Why I'm Kikyou. Ya know? Inuyasha's girlfriend?" she examined Kagome. By Gods she looked just like her!

"You are not!" Inuyasha said as he pushed her away. He crossed his arms and scowled at her.

"Oh I know you missed me you big puppy!" she said trying to hug him, he pushed her away though. She looked back at Kagome "And who are you?"

"I'm Kagome. I'm Inuyasha's girlfriend." her ebony hair bounced as she ripped Kikyou away from him and started to walk off.

Miroku came in between them as they looked like they were about to fight "Ladies, ladies. Please? Can we stop this nonsense?" his hands reached where they shouldn't of had.


A three way crossblow from Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kikyou. But Kikyou looked sternly at Inuyasha "I wouldn't have expected you." she said hotly. She crossed her arms.

"Do what?" he retorted.

"Why, date a girl who looks exactley like me to ease your pain of my moving away that's what." her eyes glowed in satisfaction as she watched Kagome's reaction. Perfect.

"Is that why you asked me to date you?" she said in a horrified tone. Her eyes grew wider and full of expression.

"What? NO! Kikyou you bitch! Cut it OUT!" he said as he wipped his head from girl to girl, white hair following. "This is exactly what you did before! You bitch!"

"Tisk tisk Inuyasha." she stated coldly "It's not my fualt you're still in love with me."

The hanyou rolled his eyes "Just get the hell away from me!" he grabbed Kagome by the waist with one arm and headed for the car. Sango and Miroku followed closely behind. "Get in the back."

"But it's my car!" Miroku said indignatley.

"I don't care." and they were off.


Get the girl suspicous- Check

Get the guy mad- Check

Have the girl walk in on him and I in a 'private' moment- soon to be check.

Kikyou set down the small notebook in her car as she got out. She had followed Inuyasha and his friends to a eighteen and older club. Wonder what they're doing here Kikyou thought But this just works to my advantage. I just pull Inuyasha into the girl's bathroom, wait for that little bitch and kiss him like there's no tommorow. Piece of cake. She chuckled softly and went inside. She wore a small black leather dress that exposed way to much thie, matching heels, deep red lipstick, and her hair in a bun. "Hey!" came a druken voice. Kikyou turned around unimpressed to see a tall, red headed boy, coming her way. He was drunk alright, she could tell as he staggered towards her "You're hot."

"Yah. I know." she said irritaly. She reached into her purse. Surely it would come in handy.

"You wanna go to my place, and get a little crazy?" he asked, his hands snaking around her waist. She pulled out what she was holding from the purse.

"No. No I don't." she said as she realised the burning liquid into his eyes. Pepper spray.

"Ah! AHH! MY EYES! GODDAMN YOU BITCH!" he yelled. Kikyou just rolled her eyes and disapeared into the crowd of drunks. Carefully making sure that Kagome didn't see her Kikyou made her way to the drinks. Good she said as she spotted Inuyasha He's drunker than hell she smirked and swept her gaze to his friends. Sango was quietly sitting next to Miroku, who was making sure she didn't drink, due to her head injury. Inuyasha and Kagome were dancing, a little to close for Kikyou's concern. She pulled out a small hand mirror and turned around as to make sure they didn't see her. She angled the mirror to watch, and was irate when she saw them kiss. She mentally shook herself. The bitch would pay!

"I gotta go to the bathroom, be right back." Kagome said after what seemed like an eternaty to Kikyou. Maybe she should make her move now. Judging on how long it had taken her to go, it would be a while before she got a good chance. This will have to do. She waited until Kagome was around the corner and set her plan into action.

She rushed up to him "Hey handsom!" she said.

"Ki-kyou, what'er you doin here?" he asked drunkily. He blinked his blurred eyes. What was she doing?

There she is! "Say Inuyasha?" she said as she walked closely up to him, making sure their bodies touched.

"Yeah?" he asked as he tried to pry her off of him.

She kissed him before he could close his mouth, and forced her toung into his mouth.

Kagome gasped in horror as she watched the display. How could he? Tears filled her eyes and she ran as fast and far as she could. She shoved the club doors open and ran out into the empty street. She looked around and spotted an alley, ignoring her fears she ran inside, and started crying.

Chapter End Notes:


I know. *wipes tear from eye* it's so depressing! *sniffel* Reviews? *sniffel* Hankies? *sniffel* Thankies! *starts crying*

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