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'He wants her, not me...' Kagome thought pitifully. She had ran until she couldn't run anymore. Hiding behind a large dumpster, filled with trash. She knew it would hide her scent, so he couldn't find her. Quietly she burried her head into her arms, wich were crossed accross her drawn up knees. Her mascara had been smeered by her sobbing, which she could not control. She punched the side of a dumpster next to her, making it rumble and vibrate from the force of the impact. "I'm such an IDIOT!" she half screamed, half wispered to herself. She ripped the small hair band out of her hair, letting it fall over her tear-staned face. She gave a weak sniffel, and slumpped up against the dumpster, not caring about the smell and the cold metal. She reached one hand up and wiped off her face. She stopped though at hearing a noise.

I't better not be Inuyasha!' she silently swore. She wipped around, just in time to see a familiar white-haired.... Girl? 'Shit! Kana!'

"Come," the albino girl instructed. The small miror in her hand reflecting sickening white light from the street lamps. The mirror began to glow and... slowly Kagome stood up.

'Wh-what's happening to me!?' she screamed in her head 'I have no control over my body!'

She followed until they came into a dark ally, and out of the shadows a shape came.



"Kikyo!" Inuyasha yelled as he shoved her away "Get the HELL away from me!" By now several people were staring at the scene before them. Several had seen the crying girl rush out of the building, and many of them suspected the worst as she had ran into the allies. The poor girl probably wouldn't come back out again.

"But Inuyasha! I love you!" she said desperatley. She was losing to a girl who had just run to her death sentence for Christs' sake!

"Bull pucky!" Miroku stated under his breath (lol bull pucky, my grandma used to say that). Sango rolled her eyes.

"You're nothing but a filthy slut!" Inuyasha yelled. Oooooh yes, that got her steamed. But it was true, she was. She had slept with several men, and when she was dating him too! And yet after he broke up with her, with great reason, she had set herself to destroy any relationships he had had except for her. Pitty. She was kinda pretty, but that was only the books' cover, so to say.

"Hey man!" came a druken voice "That ain't no way to treat a lady!"

"Shut the hell up!" he yelled. He wipped his head around to glare at the crowd, which quickly broke up, not wanting to get the life beaten out of them. He turned back to Kikyou who was starting to fake cry. "Damnit Kikyou!" he said harshly "I ain't fallin for anymore of your frickin tricks! Now get the hell out of my sight!"

"She won't win Inuyasha. She can't." and with that she turned around and stormed off outside to her car.

"Damned bitch better stay out of my myspace too." he grumbled. Then he remembered about Kagome and quickly ran to the door, he called Miroku and Sango, who followed without hesitation. The three ran out into the dark allies, Inuyasha following Kagomes' scent. 'Please be okay Kagome,' he thought despratley 'Please don't let that bastard hurt you!'


Now Kagome was panicked. In the short time you readers left she had been stripped of her shirt. 'Oh God help me!' she prayed silently.

"Where is it?" he said roughly as he took out a small pocket knife. He draped it across her arms and aske once again "Where!"

"I-I t-told you that I d-don't ha-have it-t!" she wimpered as the knife was pressed hard onto her skin. She gave a slight cry of pain as blood began to drip from it. He pressed the knife to her stomach. She shook her head as tears filled her eyes "Please, don't" she begged.

"I won't if you tell me where it is,"

"I-I don't know! I swear! My mom took it somewhere! I don't have it! Please STOP!" she screamed slightly as the blade dug itself within her flesh (poor kags). He pulled it up her stomach, still in her flesh, until he came to her bra. "No! P-Please st-stop!" she said inbetween sobs of pain.

"Then tell me where she took it!" he some-what hissed.

"I don't know! I swear to God! I don't-" she was cut short as the blade went deeper, cutting somewhat into her rib cage. She gave out a loud cry of pain as tears streemed quickly down her face, falling from her chin to the ground in the faint moonlight. She felt the blade quickly asend, cutting through her bra and reveiling her bare chest. Blood seeped quickly from her wound and she fell over in a heep, due to the blood loss.

"What shall I do with her?" Kanna asked quietly.

"Nothing," Naraku responded harshly "She knew nothing about where that jewel is. She is no use to us and probably will never be. The wounds are'nt to serious, but she will die eventually if she keeps bleeding like that." he turned quickly and walked back deeper into the ally. Kanna didn't move for a moment, and then followed without hesitiation, leaving a bleeding Kagome behind.


"I think I found her scent again!" Inuyasha said after a moment. They had been searching the ally, by scent and by sight. But Inuyasha had lost her trail behind a large dumpster, but had quickly caught it again. "I smell the scent of Naraku though," he said quietly, reffuring to Kannas' scent, which was mingled closely with Narakus'. 'They must be related' he thought.

"Hey," Miroku said, picking up something green "Isn't this Kagomes' strapless shirt?" either he was still drunk or he was just perverted. But he was right, it was her shirt!

Inuyasha stared in horror. Why would she be back here.... shirtless? He turned around as he smelt... blood!? And not just any blood! Kagomes' blood! That's when he saw her, behind a dumpster, bare-chested and covered with blood. Unconcious. "Kagome!" he yelld as he ran over to her, although he knew she couldn't hear him. He tok off his shirt and rapped it around her, trying to stop the bleeding and covering her at the same time.

"Oh no..." he heard Sango wisper. She carefuly staggered toward them, and sat on her knees by Inuyasha carefully wiping away tears that still clung to the girls' skin. "We should ger her to a hospital," she said quietly "But these aren't that serious."

"But we still should." Miroku said sadly as he stood over them.


When she woke up, she didn't know what to think. She was in a large white room, in a soft bed covered in white blankets. 'How did I get here?' she thought tiredly. She blinked slowly, letting her eyes adjust to the light. She slolwy turned her head to the left to see her three friends asleep in chairs that were a few feet away from her bed. Her eyes drifted up to a wall where a clock was perched, clicking the seconds away. 'It's four in the morning,' she thought 'And I'm in the frickin hospital... AGAIN!' she scowled slightly. "Why am I so damn weak!" she wispered "This is the nineth time for Gods' sake!" she let her head plop back onto the pillow, savoring the softness.

She slowly, and quietly as she could, pulled the covers off her chest to inspect the damage. "Well that's gonna be the nineth scar in the last four years," she wispered half to herself. "Oh and the bleeding stopp-" she froze as she pulled out a small peice of paper from underneath the bandages. Hr fingers slightly drifted accross it for a moment and then she opened it. It was a letter of cut-out letters from magazines and newspapers, which read:

I have him, Kohaku. And he will die if I don't get the money. You know what money I'm talking about Kagome. Tell his sister that if she wants to see him again, ALIVE, that you four will have to come up with twenty thousand dollars. Or your little jewel. Either way, it all works out. You have my word he will be returned safley and that I will forever be out of your pethetic little lives if you give me that jewel. And you know I'm a man of my word. Saturday nine pm. In the ally. Bring the money or the jewel or else the boy dies. It's your choice.


Chapter End Notes:

DUNDUHDAAAAAAAAAH! Lol little cliffy yes, but it's gettin good now huh? Yep that's my style a happy beginning and then a suspenceful middle and usually a happy ending. Anyways Reviews? Thankz u kindly! (And please don't be angry if updates are'nt coming very fast. I have like, a MILLION ides going through my head for Inuyashs fanfics. But anyways I hope you liked it!

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