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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey all! Me again! Sitting here eating chocolate with one hand while the other graces the keyboard like a drunken swan on the lake. In case you didn't know, Golden Ashes has a new chapter! Anyways on with the story!


'So he did take Kohaku!' Kagome thought. Great. Just great. A thirteen year-old boy in the hands of the most wanted criminal in Japan. JUST GREAT! Her head fell against the pillow as she gave a wimper of pure defeat. She was stuck. She didn't have that kind of money. And there was no way in the seven hells she was giving up the jewel! 'But it said the money Sango had.' she thought as she gazed at her sleeping friend. Her head injury had almost completley healed, as today she was scheduled to have the bandages removed. This news was just going to give her emotional problems she didn't need.

She gave a slight sigh. She had gotten her friends into this. Even when she was little she had sworn not to have anyone outside her family involved. She had even sworn to try not to make friends. But her sparkling personality had made sure she had never gotten that accomplished. To make things worse, her best friend had almost died in a fire caused by Naraku, making it her fualt in the first place. Things basically sucked in her life.

"Every day," she wispered "I wish I had never found that jewel in the first place." So many years ago, when she had been in kindergarden, she had found the jewel in a locked case. The case had been under her basement stares at the house she had once lived in. She had opened it, only to be cursed to protect it at any cost. So many times she had tried to put it back, and to lock the case, but so many times it would unlock in the dead of night.

"You must find the key" her mother had said "That is the only way you can lock it for good."

Kagome groaned. Her life was terrible! She glanced over at her sleeping companions. 'Or maybe not...' her gaze drifted over each of her companions. Maybe life didn't suck so badly... These people, were her friends. Had excepted Kagome into their lives, no matter how much she warned them how dangerous it was. Then her eyes met a pair of golden ones. Inuyasha had woken up right about as Kagome had groaned. Her eyes were still a little distant, as though they couldn't focus all the way.

"How ya feelin?" he asked. She just turned away. He could understand why, Kikyou, the bitch, had tricked her into thinking something that she shouldn't have. It wasn't right, and Kikyou was going to get what was coming to her. He stood up and grabbed his chair, walked over, and sat beside her bed. "Listen," he wispered "I know it was Kikyou who kissed me but, I take the blame. She took advantage because I was... more or less... drunk. Hell! I shouldn't even have been drinking in the first place! I'm barely over age!" that made her giggle slightly and turn back to him.

"Note to self," she wispered "Never go to Kogas' birthday party again!"

He gave her a mock punch on her arm "See! Now you're talking!" Those two, Inuyasha and Koga, had been sworn enemies ever since their mothers had introduced them, at the age of three! Whenever one looked in the others' direction, there was a fight. Whenever one, say, tripped the other, all hell would break loose in school. SHIT! School! Great, the teachers knew how these high school birthday parties went. They'd check the students for consumption of drugs, alchol, the works. And then they would send any females with drugs in their systems to a hospital to make sure they weren't pregnant! They were worse then parents! This thought gave her a headache. She gave a slight groan of irritaion and flopped her head back onto her pillow. "Something I said?" he asked.

"No," she said "Just the thought of going back to school... I don't wanna.... well you know."

He smirked "You mean you really don't want someone sticking a cutip up your- mumphmphh!"

"Shut UP!" she said after she had managed to cover his over-active mouth. "Now tell me," she said "Excactley how many bottles did you have?" He pointed to his mouth. "Fingers." he rolled his eyes and showed the number seven with his fingers. She imediantly dropped his face, earning it in a spot iy shouldn't have been... square on her chest. (You know what I mean) "Get off!" she harshly wispered. A mumbled "No," came from... well... you know. "C'mon! Get off Inuyasha!" she hissed as she pushed him slightly "That's where I was cut remember?" he imediantly removed his face and smirked.

"Some other time then." he said stupidly.

"In your dreams." she replied. She shook her head. Boys. "Anyways," she said " I know it wasn't your fualt, it was... just the fact that you were kissing her just got the better of me. I'm sorry you guys had to worry over me."

Inuyasha took her hand in his "Kagome, you have nothing to be sorry for." she smiled and he smiled back. And for the first time, since everything became so serious...

They kissed.

It was long, but sweet. Her lips parted oh-so-slightly, as did his, and their tongues danced for supremisy. Then they broke apart for air. "I have to go do something important." he said after a moment "I'll be back in a little while okay?"

She gave a warm smile "Kay."


Now that he had Kagome sure he wasn't a two-timing bastard he felt more at ease. Now all he had to do was find Kikyou, and sever all ties with her. Starting with his cell phone (wich he rarely used) he deleted her off of his list, even though he hadn't called her since the day he broke up with her. That's why she had never really let him go. He had broken up with her, and she had a grudge. She had ruined every relationship he had had. She had even ruined his relationship with another hanyou, Azami. She refused to let him date, unless it was her. The crazy bitch!

At last he had reached his destination, Kikyous' house. He needed to tell her it was over, and had always been. This was it... He was at her door... Just knock moron!... Almost... there...!


"Inuyasha!" Kikyou squeeled. He gave her a cold look. Kikyou lived alone, so of course she was probably thinking he came for one reason... Which he wasn't!

"Kikyou, I need to talk to you." he said sternly. She nodded eagerly and let him inside. 'This is going to break her heart...' he rolled his eyes 'Well I've done it once, and she still isn't over it.' Kikyou motioned for him to sit down and she sat across from him. Her home was HUGE! Well it made sense, seeing as her father was a succesful business man and her mother was a scientist. The walls in her living room were painted maroon, and was bordered by crown molding. Her kitchen was a soft peach and her bedroom was white. White like snow. Everything! Her carpets were spotless and countless maids bustled about on the second floor of the building.

"Shoot!" she said.

"Kikyou, I know that we broke up. And obviously you aren't over it." her face fell "Kikyou you need to understand that we gotta move on. You can't keep holding this stupid grudge against me anymore." Maids were peering over the second floors' balcony, listening to the conversation.

"So what do you want me to do?" she asked in a harsh tone. She had always had a few... mental problems. One minute she was happy and the next... You thought she was going to kill you!

"Kikyou, I ask that you just please move on. Find someone else. Find someone who will love you no matter what. Not for your money but just... For you." she gripped the tea cup that was in her hand, making it give off a soft crack. She gripped it tighter until small cracks began to cascade down the cup, until it began to break. And then....

It shattered.

"Leave." she muttered. Inuyasha nodded and stood up. He quietly made his way to the door and left. Kikyou glared at the door until she heard Inuyashas' car speed off. After a moment she called for one of the maids, who took the shattered remains of her cup and mopped up the floor, but there was still a stain. Her hand reached for the phone and she dialed a number. The phone rang for a few moments and then it was answered.


"I'll do it."


She hung up the phone, an evil grin on her face. "You will be mine Inuyasha!" she laughed evily "And your pretty little slut of a girlfriend won't know what's coming to her!"


Far off in the deepest and darkest ally came a chuckle "Foolish bitch." came the sinister voice. A wine glass was held in the persons' hand, spining the remaining droplets of wine inside. "Doesn't know what's coming to her."



Cristin: I looooooove cliffies! Don't you guys?

Inuysha: No

Miroku: I do!

Cristin: Oh yes, that reminds me!........... (grabs hammer) HENTAI! (wacks Miroku on the head) How the HELL did you get that picture of me in a bathing suit!?

Miroku: (rubs head) I uhhh..... found it?

Cristin: Mhm and I'm a monkeys uncle

Shippou: You are!?

Cristin: NO! There's two problems with your theory. 1: I'm a GIRL! and 2: Do I LOOK like a monkey to you!?

Inuyasha: Yes

Cristin: Inuyasha that was mean! That hurts (puts hands to heart) right here.

Kagome: Anyways we were wondering If you guys (the readers) missed these little character conversations. If you did please tell us and we'll be sure to put more up!

Sango: Yah, I kinda missed being able to say random things that have nothing to do with the series OR the fanfic.

Miroku: I hear you! (pulls out pictures of Sango in swimsuit)

Cristin&Sango: HENTAI! (wacks miroku with more hammers)

Miroku: Twinkle twinkle little star.... (faints)

Sango: He fainted

Cristin: In a manly way

Kagome: Singing twinkle twinkle little star?

Cristin: .....Yes

Inuyasha: Are you a flirt or something?

Cristin: (shifty eyes) Maaaaaybe

Everyone: (stares at Cristin)

Cristin: Okay fine!..... I'm not.

Inuyasha: (cocks eyebrow)

Cristin: Okay! Well that's it for now! Bye all!

Everyone: Bye! (waves)

Chapter End Notes:

Wow, I haven't updated in quite a while... Anyways hope you liked it! Reviews? Thankz you kindly! :D

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