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Chapter 15: Learning Something Every Day

* * *

“Gah! My head huuuuuuuurts...” Kagome muttered as she sat upright in bed. Her left hand flew to her throbbing forehead- not believing the pressure building up in her temples and behind her eyes. “Freaking hangover!” Letting herself fall back onto her bed, on her side left, she looked around her room. Buyo was in the small basket she had bought him a few days ago at a yard sale. The obese cat stood and yawned, rubbing against Kagome’s foot before heading out the door. Smiling slightly the teenager rubbed the sleep from her eyes and reached for her comb.





Her eyes snapped open. It was right here! Right by her- DIARY! It was gone too! Her teeth gritted in anger. Sota was soooooo dead! Pushing herself up off her pink comforter she had collapsed on, she smoothed down her black nightgown and stomped to her door, swinging it open and almost growling. Her hair in a complete mess, she ran over to her brother’s room and flung open the door. Her bloodshot chocolate eyes widened in anger as she saw, on the floor, her brother and one of his friends, Yasuo, picking at the lock of her diary with an un-bent paper clip.

Upon hearing a noise, Yasuo had turned to the door. And, upon seeing Kagome’s expression, his face paled as he tugged on Sota’s shirt.

“S-Sota?” He asked as his voice started to squeak.

“Hold on; hold on,” Sota mumbled “I almost got it-!”

“SOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAA!!!! YOU ARE SOOOO DEAD!” Kagome yelled as she tackled the two boys. They screamed as they fell under her weight and she mercilessly tickled them. All for show. Kagome laughed as the two boys almost wet themselves. Bending over she held down Sota while Yasuo jumped onto her back and started pulling on her hair. Laughing she rolled on the floor until the young boy with dark brown hair and eyes let her go, smiling and giggling the whole time.

“Kagome!” Sota said “Yasuo is picking the lock again!”

“Oh no you don’t!” Kagome said while giggling. She then leapt and tackled the poor boy.


* * *


Ding Dong

Mrs. Higurashi looked up from the magazine she was reading. “Now who could that be?” She asked herself as she went over to the door. Opening the large oak and glass door, she looked out and smiled. “Hello Inuyasha!” She said “Kagome is upstairs. I think she and Sota are having a bit of a quarrel,” opening the door wider she said: “Would you like some orange juice? Fresh squeezed!”

The silver haired hanyou walked in. Today he wore a regular red T-shirt and baggy blue jeans. On his head he wore a regular ball cap and on his shoulder he carried a small backpack. “Thanks Mrs. H,” he said as he took off his hat and set it on the table.

“Mrs. H...” she repeated “I like it! Mrs. H!” Smiling happily she walked off to the kitchen.

Inuyasha chuckled slightly at his girlfriend’s mother. Turning the corner, Inuyasha quickly jogged up the steps to the second floor, where Kagome’s room was and stepped into the hallway.

Oh no you don’t!” he heard Kagome giggle, and then a clatter. Interest and curiosity sparking, he walked leisurely down the beige carpet into the intersection of the three rooms. Her mother’s room was open, and Kagome’s door was open as well. Sota’s was closed though, and the loud sounds were coming from within. Raising an eyebrow he reached for the handle and opened the door.

* * *


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! KAGOME STOP!” Yasuo laughed, tears forming in his eyes.

“Only when you hand over my Diary!” Kagome said back, leaning over him as Sota held down his arms.

“Ya know Kags, polka-dotted panties really aren’t your style,” (I’ll give you ten cookies if you can figure out what that quote is from! ^^) Inuyasha said, a wide smirk across his face. A hint of dark pink came to life on Kagome’s cheeks as she leapt up and screeched at the poor hanyou, who had to flatten his ears against his head in response. Laughing like mad men, Yasuo and Sota rolled mercilessly on the floor, holding their s as tears came to life in the corner of their eyes.

“It’s not funny!” Kagome yelled as she held the ends of her nightgown past her thighs. Her face was a good scarlet color by now, and her eyes were shut tight in embarrassment. Inuyasha gave a sweat drop as Sota and Yasuo laughed even harder... And then... Silence.

“I think... I have to use your restroom...” Yasuo said as he ran out the door, Sota on his heels.

“Uhm...” Kagome started, scooting away from where the boys had been on the floor. “I think I’m going to get dressed...” She scooted away out the door, than ran inside her room, slamming the door shut behind her. Sighing, Inuyasha looked down to see, what looked like, wet spots on the floor. Eyes twitching slightly, he scooted out of the room and into the hallway.

Finally he decided he had backed up far enough, right into Kagome’s unopened door. But instead of leaning onto the door, he fell right into her room, flat on his ass, on her floor. Glaring up at his girlfriend, he gave a simple “Keh,” at her tisking.

“Tisk tisk tisk Inuyasha! Backing strait into a young lady's room!”

Rolling his eyes the hanyou shouldered off his pack and reached inside. Pulling out the manila envelope, he stood up and handed it to her. Kagome was wearing a pair of black bell-bottom jeans and a violet t-shirt with her hair up in a high ponytail. “Ya know,” he said as she fingered the envelope “you never cease to amaze me.”

“How so?”

“You have so many different clothes it’s a wonder they all fit in your closet.”

Rolling her eyes Kagome asked: “What is this?”

“I’m not entirely sure, Azami gave it to me, saying something like their was information on Naraku in there. I was to drunk to remember...”

“Then why did you drive us home?”

“I said I couldn’t remember, not that I couldn’t drive.” Inuyasha snapped.

“Okay okay! JEEZ!” Kagome responded as she rolled her eyes. After closing her door and helping Inuyasha to his feet, she unclipped the little seal and drew out a few papers. “You know what surprises me,” she said as she looked over the files “is how Azami knew we were searching for Naraku.”

Inuyasha simply shrugged and said: “Maybe her dad works with that Police Officer we talked to a few weeks back.”

“...” Kagome pondered this for a minute until she muttered “...Maybe...”

In her hands she held at least three pounds worth of white, crisp, paper. Photos, writing, crimes, sightings, partnerships... And much more about Naraku. There were even a few News headlines dating back before Kagome was born. Man Single Handedly Robs Bank, Naraku Breaks From Prison!, Three Women Found Raped And Murdered... The list could go on! A certain picture in particular caught Kagome’s eye. Silently she read the article to herself:

Woman Taken Hostage! 12/20/1989

Sakura Way-Yesterday night a woman by the name of Rin Takashi was taken hostage by a man known as Naraku Murasahiiro. It happened at day break, five days before Christmas Eve, by a Restaurant known as Inari no Kaoru. Police officials and many FBI agents arrived at the scene, taking samples of torn cloth and blood.

Out of all the agents available, only one spoke to us. Hana Kanashi spoke only a few words to us. Hana told us “Naraku is a dangerous criminal who has been charged with criminal offences before. We’ve never been able to arrest him.”

Information on Naraku or where he may be at this time is unknown, and if you have any information please contact...

The paper dropped to the floor. Rin Takashi... The Aunt she had never met! Kagome had only been a small child when they had found her body. It had been a cold, rainy, day in February. The phone in her house had rung nonstop until her mother had picked it up, and when she did she had just slumped to the floor and started crying her eyes out. Rin had been her Mother’s only sister, her younger sister at that, and she had known right after that she had been taken hostage. When she was called the Police had talked with her, telling her they had found the body, ripped open in large gashes and half frozen.

After that her mother and herself had driven all the way out of town. They had arrived at a special building to identify the body. She remembered it well, even though she had only been five.

“Mrs. Higurashi we need you to identify the body for us.” A tall, young, woman asked. Her hair was cut neatly, and draped around her shoulders in a straight, chocolaty, veil. Her yellow/green eyes glowed in a sad way, and her voice cracked a tiny bit. In her green rubber glove covered hands she held a small book and pen. She was dressed in a pair of jeans, a yellow T-shirt that complimented her eyes, and a large black coat with the large white words ‘FBI’ on the back. On her feet she wore regular flat heeled shoes.

At Mrs. Higurashi’s hesitance the doctor in the room spoke up. “Please ma’am. If we don’t have someone identify her we can’t bury her or put the criminal to justice in the court of law.”

Kagome tugged on her mother’s long, denim, skirt for support. “Go on mamma,” she pleaded “You can do it.” Mrs. Higurashi looked down at her daughter, giving her a slight smile.

“Alright dear,” she said in her sweet, soft, voice. She grabbed Kagome’s hand and gave it to the brown haired woman. “Hana, please don’t let her see.” Hana simply nodded, letting her gaze fall to Kagome.

“Believe me, I wouldn’t let Azami see this either.” She murmured.

The doctor nodded and pulled back the sheet slightly down off the woman’s face. Mrs. Higurashi gasped. The poor woman’s skin was tinted an icy blue-green from freezing, and her face was frozen into a look of pure terror. But the worst of it all...

Her soulless, empty, chocolate eyes were open wide.

Tears streamed down the face of Mrs. Higurashi as she sunk to the floor, her hands covering her eyes. Hana let go of Kagome’s hand and went over to her, leaning down she placed an arm around her shoulders. Just barely Kagome could make out their conversation.

“W-was it her?” Hana asked.

“Y-yes,” Mrs. Higurashi stuttered “It was Rin! I have no doubt in the world!”


She shook her head trying to rid her head of the memories. So Naraku had targeted my family from the start... She thought as unshed tears brimmed in her eyes. Anger filled her very being. That monster! He would pay even if it killed her!

“Kags?” Inuyasha asked as he placed his hand on her shoulder. She jumped a little at the contact and turned to face him.

“Yeah?” she asked as her voice cracked a little.

“Are you okay?” He looked concerned “What made you pale so fast?” She meekly passed him the news clipping, unable to speak. To many questions flooded her mind as she clutched the jewel she wore around her neck. She looked down at it in anger. This stupid little jewel was a beacon of light in a dark valley to Naraku. Her grandfather had even told her that it gave off some kind of aura that could be tracked by demons and advanced technology. What she didn’t get is why the FBI or Police hadn’t found it from her and taken it yet.

Maybe it was because they knew Kikyou was her great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great Aunt. Then her face paled more. Kikyou... Inuyasha’s old girlfriend shared the same name. Why would her parents had named her Kikyou? To Kagome’s family the name Kikyou was a sacred name and couldn’t be used again for many more generations to come.

So why? She didn’t know, perhaps her parents had thought she was worthy of having the name. Kagome twisted her face in disgust. That thing worthy? Hardly. She mentally laughed at her own joke until she felt two strong arms wrap her into a protective embrace.

“This is worse than I thought,” Inuyasha said “He’s been after your family before we were even born.” He rested his chin on the top of her head, and she relaxed against his chest. They never got to do things like this. The chase for Naraku was overwhelming their time together and Kagome was a little angry about that. Naraku was probably sitting in his stupid chair, drinking his stupid wine, laughing that stupid laugh with that god damned stupid smug smile of his! Kagome felt like growling, but just the feel of Inuyasha’s protective arms made her stay put and not complain one tiny bit.

“Maybe we could call Sango and Miroku.” Kagome suggested “I’m sure they’ll be delighted to know we have information, Sango especially.”

Inuyasha pulled her back arm’s length to look her in the eyes. “That’s not the only reason you want to go is it, Kagome?” He asked.

She blushed and looked down. “Well maybe we could,” she poked her two index fingers together in a cute way “go see Shippou?”

Inuyasha rolled his eyes “He’s grown on ya huh?” Kagome nodded. “Well then we’ll head there first okay?”

Kagome gave her most brilliant smile and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks!” She hugged him quickly and went over to her bed, where her purse was. Quickly grabbing the little black bag she grabbed his hand and raced out the door.

* * *

“Kagome!” Shippou cried out in glee. He jumped to his feet and ran over to her as quickly as he could.

“Hey Shippou!” She said as he jumped into her outstretched arms. The kitsune laughed as she twirled him around in her arms. Inuyasha just stood watching with a smirk on his face and his arms crossed. “Did ya miss me?” Kagome asked as she stopped. Shippou only nodded and hugged her as best as his little arms could.

He wore a blue t-shirt and some regular blue jeans. His ginger colored hair was up in it’s usual cute bun. His blue-green eyes sparkled with happiness as Kagome twirled him.

“We came to spend some time with you before we visit a friend,” Inuyasha said nonchalantly. Shippou’s smile fell. Inuyasha simply smiled “But then we’re coming back for a little while.”

Kagome nodded. “Don’t let him fool you! It was my idea to come!”


Kagome only giggled slightly. Shippou jumped from her arms and said: “Hold on! I need to show you something!” The couple (A/n: I simply love describing them as ‘couple’! ^^) simply smiled at the young demon as he ran up the steps of a staircase. Kagome looked around at the small room. The walls were a light cream color, with a few pictures dotting the walls. It was shaped like a rectangle, the long sides being the north and south walls.

To the very end of the left side of the room there was a large picture window. It was just simple glass with white sunlight streaming through. White curtains hung loosely and prettily on either side of it, and a little ledge facing into the building held a few purple flowers in small vases. Behind Kagome was a double French oak door, and under her feet was a small white rug.

She was surprised at how clean it was. Either Kaede was ‘Super Cleaning Woman’- which made Kagome shudder at the thought of the old woman in spandex- or not many people came around. Her gaze lifted forward, to where she saw an opening in the wall. It turned out it opened into a hallway. From where she stood, Kagome could see a small, narrow, staircase. It was painted white with a beige rug running down it. It seemed to be held down firmly though. To her right Kagome saw their was a closet on the far wall.

Finally Shippou came running down the stairs with a small stuffed animal in his arms. It was a nekomata plushy. It didn’t look like Kirara much though. Instead of a cream colored fur... Err... Fabric... It was back. The markings on it’s tails, feet, & the little diamond marking on it’s forehead were sapphire blue too, and it’s eyes were icy blue colored. “I named it Aoi.” (a/n: Aoi means blue) He said as he smiled and ran over to Kagome. She took it from his hands and looked at it. It was really, really cute!

“It’s so cute! Look Inuyasha!” She said as she practically shoved the toy in his face.


“Oh c’mon Inu! It likes you see?” She rubbed it against his cheek a little. He rolled his eyes. “So Shippou, where’s Kaede anyways?”

“She went shopping,” Shippou replied. “Can I have Aoi back?” Kagome gave a nod.

“It wants to fly to you! Catch Shippou!” Kagome said as she tossed Aoi into the air. Shippou outstretched his tiny arms and caught the neko plush, hugging it and smiling.

Inuyasha looked around, spotting a clock on the wall. Forty five more minutes, and then they’d see Sango. “So Shippou,” Inuyasha said as he began to take off his white tennis shoes “Do ya know how to make a paper airplane?”

(If I stopped here you’d all try to kill me. Don’t deny it. It’s true.)

“...” Sango was thunderstruck. All this information... And the things Kagome had just said... It shocked her, leaving her absolutely speechless. She looked down at the picture in her hands. It was the picture of the person she hated the most in this world. Naraku. She held back the irresistible urge to shred the picture to pieces, knowing that if she damaged it that her chance of finding Kohaku within this lifetime could be damaged like the fragile photo.

They needed every hint of information they could get their hands on, seeing as though police were only sitting and waiting. She tossed the hated photo into the small pile of papers already on her red comforter.

Miroku gave a heavy sigh from her left, and she leaned on his right shoulder. Kagome looked down at her hands that had rested in her lap. Remembering was one thing, but telling the story was another. All she wanted right now was to be held and cry, but that wasn’t being strong.

Inuyasha sat next to her, reading a paper that had been in the packet. It was Naraku’s birth certificate, an unlikely thing to come across. Inuyasha’s eyes narrowed. “Hey everyone, guess who’s the father of that bastard child Naraku?” Everyone looked at him with sad eyes. “The one and only Onigumo Jigoku!”

“You can’t be serious?” Sango said as her gaze lifted. Everyone knew about Onigumo, a man that had died about ten years ago. He had been a member of the Black Market and had been arrested for drug dealing. Later on Police and the FBI had found out he had also committed in Human Trafficking and Smuggling weapons onto loaded plains. He had also brought a few unwanted children into the world.


One had been Naraku, born from complete lust of two beings. He had been born pure and untainted, but his parents didn’t want him so innocent. His mother, Kurai Hotaru, had insisted they feed his soul to demonic spirits and Onigumo could have cared less. So they tried it, and ended up dying themselves. Naraku had been taken in by Midoriko, the Head Mistress of the orphanage before Kaede, and had called for a priest known as ‘Master’ Mushin Tanashi to come and bless him, which he did. Naraku then had lived a normal life until the age of seven, when he had his first fight.


He had ended up severely injuring the young girl he fought, and had drawn blood. He had an interest and lust in the drawing of blood and soon he had been killing other children when they were walking home from school, according to the information in the documents.


Everyone in the room shuddered, horrified at the new knowledge they now possessed. Sango was on the verge of tears too. Naraku wouldn't hesitate to kill her brother.


“Maybe it would be in everyone’s best interest that we headed to the Mall before we see Shippou,” Miroku said as he gently rubbed Sango’s back. They all nodded.


* * *

Kagome clutched her black coat as wind swept through the parking lot. Man it was cold! Late November had swooped in like an eagle grabbing a mouse from the ground, and the small group was out putting presents on lay away for their families. Miroku and Inuyasha were talking about how they would be sending their parent’s their presents, seeing as though Inuyasha’s father was off doing business meetings in other countries. Kagome hadn’t even known he had a father. He had said he lived with his brother, but had never mentioned his parents. His mother was off somewhere in Canada, visiting a sick relative.

Cold wind blew more on Kagome as she pulled her faux fur tipped hood over her head. On the coldest day of the month they decided to go shopping, and on the coldest day of the month Sango had insisted they park in the very back of the parking lot. Kagome cursed under her breath as she shivered. Sango was wearing her favorite white coat, which was the same style as Kagome’s. The fur on her coat was brown, while Kagome’s was silver-gray. Miroku was wearing a black and blue coat, while Inuyasha’s was red, white and black. (a/n: If you can guess what hockey team’s colors those are, you get a cookie! XD)

Finally the automatic doors opened and teenagers walked inside. Once they got past the second set of automatic doors and they were inside the store, Kagome grabbed a cart. The group all set their coats inside and grabbed out their lists. “Okay guys,” Kagome said “Let’s try something fun and make this a worth-while trip.”

“Like what?” Sango questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“A race.” Kagome replied, smiling. She took out her own list. “We’ll get into groups of two and switch lists with the other group. Then we gather up the things we need until we’re done. When we’re done we go to the lay away counter. Whoever arrives first wins.”

“What about the losers?” Miroku asked.

“Losers buy lunch.” Kagome stated. She was a little nervous about this. She would probably end up buying lunch, since she didn’t know the store as well as the others. But she was pairing with Inuyasha, which made her a little more confident. “Inuyasha and I are a team. Sango and Miroku, you are the other.”

“No dice.”

“Ready?” Everyone nodded, and Miroku grabbed a cart. “Set? No running, remember!” Kagome added. Another nod. “Go!” They all shot off in a fast walk, Miroku and Sango heading to the clothes as Inuyasha and Kagome sped off to the Electronics.

“Okay...” Kagome said as she looked over her list. “An Mp3 player for Souta, a few DVDs for my Gramps, and my mom wanted a game for our Wii fit.”

“You have a Wii fit?” Inuyasha asked. Kagome nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t use it much. My mom does.” Kagome replied. She’d never been interested in video games, only her computer and her writing of fanfiction. (a/n: *wink wink, nudge nudge*)

“What game does she want?” Inuyasha asked.

“I think it was... Uhm... I don‘t really know...I think she said to ‘surprise‘ her...”

“Got it!” He went off down the aisle as Kagome went to the Ipods/Mp3 section in the music aisle. ‘Hmmm... 1 GB... Nine hundred songs and no screen... Thirty dollars... Or 3 GB... Nine hundred songs, eight hours of videos, one thousand nine hundred photos and a screen... Fifty nine dollars... I choose the latter’ Kagome went to the counter and requested for the fifty nine dollar Mp3. When she got it, she turned around and practically ran into her boyfriend.

“Sorry,” Kagome said with a smile as she set the gadget into the cart. Inuyasha set the game into the cart and they went into the DVD aisle.

“What else is on your list Kagome?” Inuyasha asked.

“Well, you’re going to laugh, but uhm... I wanted to get a toy or two for Shippou.” Inuyasha just smiled and gave an ‘I’m off!’ salute. She sighed and looked over her list.


Mom: Wii game *check*, Perfume,

Souta: Mp3 *check*, New Soccer ball, Play station 2 game,

Gramps: DVDs, A new Bible (a/n: I know they’d normally be Shinto or Buddhist, but in my stories they’re Christian or Baptist)

Miroku: ‘The Water Boy’ DVD, Decorative license plate...

Sango: Necklace, Cat toys (Kirara), Make-up,

Inuyasha: CDs, Decorative License plate

Kagome sighed and retrieved the DVDs.

* * *

“Okay Miroku!” Sango said as she looked over the many glistening pieces of jewelry underneath the glass. “I found it.”

Miroku looked over her shoulder to what she was pointing at. It was a silver chain, long and shiny, with a cubic shaped gem on the end. It was clear and you could see through it, almost like colored water. The gem’s color was somewhere between a scarlet and orange color.

“It looks nice Sango,” Miroku said. “How much?”

“Looks about...” Sango looked over it “On sale! Half off-” she paused. “Thirty dollars.”

Miroku gave a whistle “Wonder what she’s buying you.” Sango merely shrugged and made her purchase.

* * *

Butterflies went through Kagome’s . What was she doing here again? She looked around at the very small clothes around her. Oh yeah, that’s right. Looking at lingerie...

Why was she really here? She knew full well, but she was scared at the thought. A blush covered her face when she heard someone snicker not far away. She blinked in embarrassment and turned around.

* * *

Inuyasha looked at the few stuffed toys he held in his hands. He thought Shippou would like this, but he wasn’t sure. He held a small fox stuffed animal, and a large pokemon pillow. Yeah that’s right. Another fox too. The fox pokemon Vulpix... Who came up with these stupid names anyhow? Sighing, he made his way out of the aisle and began to walk back to where he had seen Kagome.

She wasn’t there. He was a little surprised. Shrugging it off he picked up a small hand basket and stuffed in the toys. As he began to scan the aisles in search of Kagome, he spotted her. Why the hell is she looking at... He raised an eyebrow as she turned around as quickly as possible, still with the cart, and ran back to the electronics, her face practically as red as a tomato. He didn’t really get it. (a/n: If you haven’t gotten it already, you’re as dense as he is. But I’ll drop hints ‘kay?)

* * *


WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!? He doesn’t want that from me... Does he? She shook her head to clear her thoughts. What was she thinking!? That certain activity...? On CHRISTmas!? She shook her head. She was either getting horny and desperate, or she just didn’t know. Maybe it was just maturing. She didn’t know, or care. All that mattered was it was sinning. Kagome sighed and twirled her raven hair. Seriously... What was she thinking? She felt ashamed of that train of thought. “Well,” she muttered to herself. “At least I got my thoughts straight. Plus I’ve almost got everything.”


Mom: Wii game (check), Perfume

Souta: Mp3 (check), New Soccer ball, Play station 2 game(check)

Gramps: DVDs (check), A new Bible (check)

Miroku: ‘The Water Boy’ DVD(check), Decorative license plate...(check)

Sango: Necklace, Cat toys (Kirara), Make-up(check)

Inuyasha: CDs (check), Decorative License plate(check)

She sighed once again. All she needed was her mom’s favorite perfume... That was at Victoria Secret... Love Spell scent... She shuddered at the thought of the place. But on the bright side of it all she was almost done. Now she just needed that necklace for Sango, the cat toys for Kirara, the soccer ball for Souta, and the perfume for her mother.

“So we almost done?” Inuyasha questioned as he came up behind her. She tried to hold down her blush, but a little managed to pop up onto her cheeks.

“Yeah, I just need a few things... Can you get Kirara’s cat toys?” He gave her an incredulous look that made her smack her forehead. “Sorry I forgot. Doggy demons don’t like the kitty aisle.”

“Damn right,” Inuyasha said. “To many scents.” He crossed his arms “That’s why I don’t have pets. I can smell that disgusting dog food from here.” Kagome rolled her eyes.

“Fine then, can you get a glow-in-the-dark soccer ball for Souta?”

“Feh.” He walked off.

Kagome wiped the sweat from her brow. “Close one,” she mumbled. She know he heard her because one of his ear twitched back to where she was. She sighed and walked off towards the jewelry for Sango’s last present. Hopefully he didn’t see me... Kagome thought. He looked like... He knew something I don’t...


“Finally!” Kagome sighed as she and Inuyasha made their way to the Lay Away. They panted for a moment and looked around. No Miroku, or Sango. Inuyasha smirked. Chalk one up for the hanyou and his m... Girlfriend. He shook his head. Since seeing Kagome... There his thoughts had been taking a turn for the perverted.

He cursed under his breath. He’d been hanging with Miroku for to long. It was no longer than five minutes later when his two friends arrived, pushing their own carts. Kagome giggled. “Looks like you two are buying lunch!” Inuyasha said.

Sango groaned.

Later (again... Sorry for the skipping)

“Chinese Garden!” (a/n: Yes they live in America) Kagome said as they all climbed out of Miroku’s mustang. “Oh how I love the Chinese!”

“I just like their food,” Inuyasha stated as he leaned against the black car. Sango rolled her eyes.

“At least it’s a buffet...” Miroku sighed as a sweat drop went down the side of his head. He was just glad it wouldn’t cost them much. Kagome shrugged and grabbed her purse, then shut the door.

“Let’s go then!”


Chapter End Notes:

Please read the notes below.

Notes: Next Chapter is Christmas! XD Yayz!

Also: Yes all, I know the Manga takes place in 1997, but I just couldn’t help myself! I wanted Kagome to be born on a date according to her age and the time now. Normally she would have been born in 1982, and would be fifteen... But I wanted her to be born in 1990, and be eighteen! XD Anyways forgive me if I’ve confused you about her age. Yes this is why she was allowed in those clubs and... Etc.

Also I DO NOT hate Rin. She’s one of my favorite characters... But I had no place to put her, and I figured I could use her to lengthen out the chapter. And NO I did not misspell Takahashi. Takashi is just a little short version of it! ^^ (It was in a fanfiction I read) Anyways I’m sorry if I made anyone angry...

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