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Author's Chapter Notes:
Alright chapter two! In this chapter things start to heat up!


Cristin (Me): I do not own Inuyasha so don't sue.

Kagome: Yah don't sue or I might just have to sit Inuyasha!

Inuyasha: Hey leave me out of this!!!

Miroku: Ah love birds!

Inuyasha and Kagome: SHUT UP!

Sango and Cristin: *sweatdrops* Really you guys? Again? You know they're gonna kill you right Miroku?

Miroku: *gulps* Uhm....kinda.....*runs off* *(at least tries to)*

Cristin: *grabs the back of his shirt* Your'e not going anywhere bub!

Shippo: Okay can we quit and actually do this now? I love this part!

Cristin: *hugs Shippo* Whatever you say! Your just so CUTE!

Shippo: *blushes* g-gee th-thanks

Inuyasha: *rolls eyes* How pathetic

Cristin: Oh I haven't forgotten you Inuyasha! *hugs him to* I wish I owned you!

Inuyasha: What is that supposed to mean?

Cristin: *stops hugging* Uh....... places! On your mark, get set, go! I don't care just start!





Dear Diary,

Earlier today I walked to the park. It was so pretty! The way the grass shimmered in the sun light, and the way the water in the fountain sparkled.... it was so peiceful too. It was just one of those times when your'e just happy to be alive. But there is something else- that Inuyasha kid. I-I don't know what but.... I had this weird feeling rise in my stomach. There was just something in the way he looked at me.... His gorguess white hair blowing in the slight breeze.....*slapps self* I'm getting carried away! I have to stop these thoughts. But why are they even lurking in my head in the first place? Well I have to go now. See you tommorow night diary.

Kagome set down her pencil. That memory was still so fresh, even though it was about midnight. She couldn't sleep, those visions were clouding her head. She looked up to see Sango sitting by her window. She had come over to spend the night and ride the bus with Kagome in the morning. Kagome closed and locked her diary, setting the keys in her night stand. Sango was staring out the window, apperantly remembering something.

"So Kagome," Sango said

Kagome turned her head to face her friend "Hm?"

"Kagome, do you think-" she trailed off " Do you think Miroku likes me?"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Duh Sango, I mean you only told me everything he's said to you over the past year!"

"I know," Sango said still looking out the window "But don't you think I'm ugly?"

Kagome rolled her eyes again Not another one of THOSE talks again! she thought "Sango you idiot!," Kagome yelled "Your'e the most prettiest, scratch that, BEAUTIFUL girl I've ever met! When I hear you talk about yourself like that I just want to knock some sense into you! Your'e prettier than I'll EVER be!"

Sango turned around, her eyes were still unfocused. "You don't mean that Kagome." her eyes focused onto her "Miroku told me what happened earlier today."

Kagome looked a little shocked, she began to blush. She shook her head and looked Sango straight in the eye. "I mean it Sango, and as for that whole incodent I don't know what was going on." she turned around and started to look through her dresser, trying to look interested in a broken watch. Sango turned back to the window and sighed.


The next day after lunch hour Sango and Kagome had to split up. The only class that they didn't have together was History. Kagome had just shut her locker as the warning bell began to ring.

"See you in Homeroom." Sango said. Kagome nodded and the two friends went their seperate ways. Kagome walked down the hall until she reached the classroom, the door was closed. She reached down to open the door when another hand reached for it at the same time. Kagome's hand shot back as she stepped away.

"Oh, sorry!" the person said. Kagome looked up to see a boy. He had black hair and wore a high pony tail. His shirt was green and his jeens were a dirt brown color. Kagome guessed he was another kind of demon, wolf maybe?

"Uh...it's o-okay." Kagome said a little fast.

"I'm Kouga." he said.

"I'm Kagome." she answered still looking away.

Kouga smiled "That's such a beautiful name."

Kagome looked up, she was blushing a little. "Uh.... th-thanks."

Kouga opened the door "Ladies first." he said politley.

Kagome smiled "Thanks."


Inuyasha was sitting by the window when he saw a familiar dark-haired girl. He felt his face get a little hot. But it faded when he saw her walking in with and wispering to Kouga. What the hell! he thought What's Kouga doing with her? he felt himself get angry. And why am I... Jealus?!? He saw Miroku staring at him, with a big smirk across his face. Inuyasha folded his arms and looked out the window while giving a big, but quiet, "Feh."

Kagome sat down in the chair across from him talking quietly with Kouga, who was sitting in the seat behind hers. Inuyasha couldn't help but notice what Kagome was wearing. It was a small White T-shirt with one of those black half-sweater things, along with some baby-blue jeens.

"Alright class," the teacher said agusting her glasses "Please open up your text books to page 179."

For such a big book it was suprisingly small and light. Inuyasha flipped over to the page the teacher had said, and then stared out the window.

"So like I was saying," Kagome wispered to Kouga, Inuyasha couldn't help but easedrop on their 'private conversation'. "The cat just kept running in and out of the bath tub like the water had turned its brain to goo. The we tried to catch it, but it was just so slippery and fast!" Inuyasha turned when he had heard the teacher walking over to the two of them.

"Well Kouga if you want to talk to her so much maybe you should get her phone number." the teacher said mochingly "I'm sure she wouldn't mind, right miss Kagome?"

Kagome just blushed and looked away.

"Anyways class you now have a history report because of your classmates poor choices. A five hundred sentance SA on the history of Brazil should do you all good, or maybe on Christopher Columbas?"

The whole class moaned as the teacher walked up to her desk and grabbed the list of names. "Now I will be partnering you all up. First is Houjo and..." Inuyasha looked out the window waiting for his name to be called Hopefully I'll be paired up with Miroku he thought.

"Inuyasha," the teacher said "You will be paired with Kagome."

Inuyasha's ears pricked upright as she said this. Kagome..... he thought as he looked back at the window. "Feh."

Kagome pushed her head into her arms were no one could see her blush Inuyasha? she thought as she felt the hottness fade from her face. She looked up at the clock Good god hurry up! she thought as she buried her head in her arms again. She looked up again to see Inuyasha staring at her a little. When he saw that she was staring back at him he began to blush and turn away. Inuyasha? she thought. Just as she was about to bury her head in her arms once again, the bell rang.

Kagome stood up, letting her thoughts clear as she walked out of the room with Kouga. Then out of nowhere a girl came up to Kouga, slapping his face.

"KOUGA HOW COULD YOU!?!?" she yelled

"Do what Ayame?"

she pointed to Kagome "CHEAT ON ME!"

Kagome gasped and started to scratch her head. "Well uh..... we're not going out- we're just friends."

Kouga nodded "I JUST met her Ayame! She is my new friend." he laughed

"Oh, I'm sorry.....it's just that well.... I-"

Kagome smiled "That's okay, I understand."

Kouga took Ayames' hand and said, "Now come on, we have to get to Homeroom." Ayame simply nodded and walked by his side. Kagome sighed I wonder if I'll ever go out with someone she thought. Inuyasha walked up behind her his face cross.

"Thanks alot Kagome." he snorted "Now we have a big SA to do!"

Kagome just turned and stalked away, not in the mood for his attitude. Kagome walked over to her locker and started to turn the dial. She sighed, today was getting off to a bad start. Just as she started to open her locker Sango appeared and patted her on the back.

"Cheer up." she smiled

Kagome sighed. "I-I just don't know why I feel like this." she said dryly.

Sango stood next to Kagome as she put away her belongings, and grabbed her book. "Well I'll see you at Homeroom." Sango said as Miroku passed by "I'll see you in a few minutes."

Kagome absentmindedly gave an 'Okay' as Sango started to walk away with Miroku. She looked up to see them walking together and she just started to feel worse. Kagome stood there watching them walk down the hall until they were swallowed up by the door way. She sighed. Now she really felt worse. She turned and closed her locker, forgetting about Homeroom. She walked over to the drinking fountain and the looked up to see the sun was out. It's rays catching something shiny. She turned her attention to the shine to see a balcony.

She smiled and she walked over to it, letting the warm spring air come through the small door. She walked onto the balcony and savored the moment. She leaned a little over the rail, letting the smell of lilacs fill her senses. After a few minutes Kagome turned around to head to Homeroom, but in the doorway were a few boys blocking her way.

"Were do you think your going?" one asked

"To Homeroom." she said angrily

"Says who?" another of the three said

Kagome rolled her eyes "I do."

The third one chuckled "Your'e not going anywhere!"

They started to move forward, smirks across there faces. Kagome knew she had to run But where? she thought. She backed up, everytime they got a little closer she moved back. One grabbed the neck of her shirt and pulled it back a little.

"How about taking your little top off for us sweety?"

Kagome slapped his face, she was panicking. She looked back despritly as she felt her back hit the rail. She winced, it was prattey hard... and sharp! The kid felt his face with one hand and winced as he felt the spot where she had hit him. When he looked up she could see the red spot on his face. There also were a few blood spots.

He took his hand from his face and balled it up into a fist, "WHY YOU!" he yelled as he punched her in the face. Kagome staggered back and lost her balance. She was flailing her arms in a hurry, trying to regane it. But it wasn't working, she fell.


Mhawhahahahahahahahaaaaaaa! I thought I would do a kinda cliff here, but I won't so keep reading! (and please excuse my evil laughter)


Kagome fell over, reaching out her hand in one last atempt and caught the rail. She breathed a sigh of releaf. She helt on for a little while, but then she felt the rail start to get a little warm. Her arm started to hurt a little and her hand.....was starting to sweat! Oh no! she thought I'm going to fall! She tried to pull up but her arms where to tired and weak, it wasn't going to work. She felt her head start to spin and her eyes started to close. Her grip.... loostened...... one by one her fingers lost hold. She looked down, she was five stories off the ground....... and the ground was cement. There was no way she would survive the fall. So she closed her eyes and smiled, remembering all of her good times. She felt her hand slowly start to slide off the rail, so she started to hum to herself....

She smiled as she tried to hum the rest, but she couldn't. She had passed out and let go. The last thing she felt was someone grab her hand and she slightly opened her eyes to see someone above her-but her eyes were so clouded that she could not see who.

Chapter End Notes:


:) I hope you all liked it! See it is longer... but not much..... I just wanted to get a hanger in their... I'm so evil!:)

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