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Author's Chapter Notes:
I don't own Inuyasha..... but I wish i did!

What, where-where am I? Kagome opened her eyes slightly to see Inuyasha above. Her head was on his lap and Sango and Miroku were standing next to him. Sangos' face lightened when she saw Kagomes' eyes open slightly.

"Kagome!" Sango said as she rushed forward to give her the biggest hug she had ever received. "Are you okay?"

Kagome nodded weakly, then asked "What happened?"

"Aside those bastards trying to-" Inuyasha broke off.

Miroku sighed "Inuyasha saved you. Then he came and got us and a few teachers. Those kids are being expelled now." he said jerking his head toward a window.

Kagome sat up a little only to be pushed back down by Inuyasha. "The nurse said you can't sit up for a while." he said sternly.

Kagome opened her eyes fully to look strait up into Inuyashas'. His eyes were soft with concern. "Inuyasha...." she wispered, her eyes were starting to fill with moisture.

"Higurashi?" the nurse said as she walked in. Kagome looked up, she looked concerned to. "Are you feeling any better?" Kagome nodded. "Then I'll need you to tell me exactly what happened."

"Uh, sure." Kagome said sitting up a little. She began to tell the nurse all about the three kids and how they had said 'a few things' (leaving out the shirt part). Then Inuyasha picked up where she left off, along with Sango and Miroku filling in a few details. "...and here we are." Kagome finished. The nurse nodded "I see." she muttered something, and then left. Kagome layed back down (putting her head where it was before, seeing how 'comftorable' it was) and closed her eyes. She soon drifted into a comftorable sleep.


"Kagome?" Kagome opened her eyes to see her mother and Souta standing in front of her. Her head wasn't on Inuyashas' lap anymore Man! I should have stayed awake! she thought. Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku were sitting in the chairs that were propped against the wall. Sango and Miroku were asleep, but Inuyasha was watching them through half closed eyes. He prodded Miroku awake. Miroku opened one eye and poked Sango in the arm until she opened her eyes.

"Mom? Souta?" she yawned "How long have I been asleep?"

"About an hour." Souta replied

Her mother smiled "It's time we got back home."

Kagome sat up "Okay." She carefully put her feet on the floor. She scooted off the small bed and stood up. She wobbled for a second and tried to step forward, but she fell to her knees. Inuyasha shot up and walked over to Kagome before her mother could even take a step toward her. He kneeled down in front of her, took her hand, and stood her up.

"Come on," he said softly "You can use my shoulder for support."

Miroku proded Sango with his elbow "What did I tell you?"

Inuyasha gave him a glare, wich put him into silence. Kagome followed more slowly, staggering every few steps. Miroku and Sango followed too, close enough to catch Kagome if she fell and far enough to discuss the 'situation'. When they finally reached Mrs. Higurashis' car Kagome was walking more freely. Taking a few steps by herself.

"You three are welcome to come with us if you want." Mrs.Higurashi said happily

"Okay." Sango and Miroku said following

Inuyasha didn't say anything, he just turned around to leave- but before he could Kagome grabbed his hand and pulled him in.

"What the-" he broke off when he saw Kagomes' eyes staring up at him. He sighed and grabbed a seat belt. He pulled it over and buckled it. Miroku and Sango pushed themselves inside and buckled themselves to.

It was a little dark when Mrs. Higurashi pulled up to Mirokus' house, and Sango did something unexpected. She kissed his forehead before he got out. Miroku was blushing furiously when he got out of the car, but as they began to drive away he was jumping up and down, and waving his arms around as if he had just scored a touch-down.

When they stopped at Sangos' house Kagome was asleep, her head propped up on Inuyashas' shoulder. Sango was half asleep but she managed to wake heself up. Yawning and stretching she opened the car door, stepped out, and closed it behind her.

"Okay Inuyasha, were is your house?" Mrs. Higurashi said smiling at the reflection in her mirror.

Inuyasha blushed "Up around the corner and to the left."

Mrs. Higurashi opened her mouth in a yawn and started to drive again.

When they reached a small drive way that led up into the woods Inuyasha said to turn and drive up the small dirt road. Mrs. Higurashi turned and started to drive a little slower. When Inuyasha told her to stop, they were in the middle of a small dirt parking lot. Inuyasha carefully removed Kagomes' head from his shoulder and unbuckled his seat belt. He scooted over to the oposite door, opened it, stepped out, and closed it behind him.

"Kagome, Kagome wake up!" Souta was wispering shaking her shoulder a little "We're home."

Kagome opened her eyes to see Souta holding the door open for her. She yawned and unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car. Kagome walked up the drive way (constantly yawning I might add) and pulled out her house key. She put the key in and unlocked the door while her mother and Souta grabbed their groceries from earlier. Kagome shut the door partially so that her mom and Souta could get in. She walked over to the stairs walking up them slowly, not wanting to trip again.

As soon as she had reached her bedroom she flopped down onto her bed and not to mention, the cat.

"RAOARAEW!" the cat gave out a startled cry, Kagome did to, but much much louder. She again fell onto the ground except this time on her tush. She stood up rubbing her 'backside' when she looked up to see, none other, than Inuyasha in her window.

"What the hell are you doing in my house?!?!?" she wispered

Inuyasha smirked "Well technicaly I'm not in your house."

Kagome sweatdropped "True, but I don't really enjoy someone looking through my window. What are you doing here anyways?"

He pionted at his ears "I heard you."

"Well if your so worried you should know that I sat on my cat." she huffed out


"Listen you-" she broke off as she heard her mother coming up the stairs "Stay here and shut up!" she said as she closed her blinds.

Her mother opened the door. "Kagome I brought you some cake from Soutas' friends' party."

Kagome let out a fake yawn "Thanks mom." she said as she took the plate from her.

Inuyasha just stood listening, his mouth watering from the scent of the cake, What a heavenly aroma! he thought.

"You should have seen the way Inuyasha was acting after Sango left," her mother began "It was so cute. He held your hand for a few minutes and then after that-"

Kagome was chocking on her fork the next second, then she spit it out "MOM!" she yelled. Her face was a scarlet red, well a deep, deep, deep, deep, deep pink color anyways.

From where Inuyasha was standing he could smell the embarresment coming off of Kagome in waves. He himself was a pretty deep pink color.

"Mom! Stop!" Kagome cried out indignatly

"What- why? It's not like he can hear us."

Kagome scratched her head "Still I don't want to talk about it."

Her mother looked to the clock "Oh! It's pretty late Kagome, you should hurry up and get to bed. Even though your'e staying home tommorow."

Kagome nodded "I'll just eat this and then I'll take a shower." she set the plate down.

"Alright I'll see you tommorow hun." her mother kissed her forehead and left the room.

Kagome stood up and closed the door behind her mother. "Finally." she wispered. She stepped away from the door and walked to the window, opening the blinds. Then she opened the glass. "Inuyasha!" she wispered. I know he can hear me. she thought. She heard a rustling of leaves and then saw his white dog ears poke out from behind a bush. "It's okay, she left." She saw Inuyasha pause, lift his head, sniff the air, and then come fully out of the bush. She lifted the window and waved her hand, signaling for him to come in.

Inuyasha slowly nodded and followed. He silently crept in through the window, stubbling and practicaly crashing into Kagome. "Sorry." he muttered as he backed up to a comftorable distance. Which was about seven feet. He looked away.

Kagome just shrugged and grabbed up the peice of cake "Wanna peice?" she asked holding out the plate. He couldn't resist, he turned his head around and nodded eagerly.

Kagome picked up the fork and took off a chunk of cake. She handed it to Inuyasha and took a bite of her own remaining lump of cake. "So," she said as she fiddled with a few crums "Are you going to Mirokus' pool party?"

Inuyasha gave a nod and answered "Yah, you?"

Kagome nodded and popped a bit of frosting into her mouth. "I'm going with Sango, and speaking of the pool party I just remebered that we have that assignment."

Inuyashas' face pailed "Damnit! I forgot!"

Kagome shrugged "I guess we'll get some extra time, seeing what happened today."

Inuyasha pointed at the clock "Don't you mean yesterday?"

Kagome gasped, he was right It's 3:53! He's right alright. she thought "Yah, yesterday." she replied.

Inuyashas' head swung around to the door, he had heard some foot steps.

Kagome gasped and then urgently wispered "Hurry the window!"

Inuyasha bolted upright and jumped to the window. He silently crept through and jumped up to a branch.

Kagome turned and gave a yawn just as Souta walked in. "Kagome, mom said you have to take a shower" he paused "NOW."

Kagome answered "Tell her I'll be in their in a minute." Souta nodded and left. Kagome walked urgently over to the window and called out Inuyashas' name quietly. When he appeared she couldn't help but feel realived. "Inuyasha, are you going to school tommorow?" she asked dryly.

Inuyasha shook his head and wispered "Why? What's the point when your'e not there?"

Kagome felt touched. Her eyes filled with a little moisture, and then she could feel a little of the salt water roll down her cheek, revealing a trail of shimmering tear in the dim moonlight. "Then come here around five o`clock." she paused and spoke a little quieter "That's when my mom and Souta go shopping for something for dinner. But if you see my window closed don't come near the house."

Inuyasha was on the ground now near her window "Why?" he asked.

Kagome smiled "Then that means that they haven't left yet."

Inuyasha nodded and then asked "But why are you crying though?"

Kagome hadn't noticed that a few tears had fallen down her face. She blinked them away and said "Never mind that, I'll see you tommorow okay?" as she wiped some tears off with her shirt sleeve.

Inuyasha simply nodded and turned around. As he walked away Kagome couldn't breath. There was just something about him that she couldn't put her finger on. But she knew it was something she liked.

Chapter End Notes:

The End, no not really! I was just kidding! Scared you didn't I?

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