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Author's Chapter Notes:
I don't own Inuyasha.... pitty

Dear Diary,

Sorry that I didn't write last night! Hey that rhimed! Write, night, write, night, write..... woops sorry! Anyways I almost died yesterday. But luckily my knight in shinig armor (get it night, write, knight?) saved me. Well at least he's my knight, I might as well be a pesant girl to him. But then again.... why would he come to my window in the dead of night?(Man that's getting old.) I don't know, but I gotta go! (Uhg did it again) I'll see you soon diary.

Kagome set down her pen, thinking of Inuyasha again. His long white hair, his cute little white dog ears that crowned his head, and ooooooh those golden eyes! She grabbed up her towel and walked over to the bathroom. The door was closed. She rolled her eyes and knocked on the door. No answer. She reached for the door handle, and turned the knob, knowing what was coming next. She pushed the door open quickly and off of the very top of the door crashed down a water bucket "Hahaha, very funny Souta." she said sarcasticly as he walked out from his room.

"How did you know?" he gasped

She shrugged "I'm your older sister Souta. I know these things." she threw him a small wash-cloth "Now clean it up!"

"Souta come on! We have to go decide what we're having for dinner!" her mom called up the stairs.

Souta smirked "Saved by the mom." he turned around and yelled "Coming mom!" Kagome glared and Souta ran off down the stairs.

"What a pain." she said as she rested her forehead in her hand. She began to wipe up the water from the floor, and heard her moms' car drive off. She stood up, and threw the wet cloth into a small hamper. Stretching she walked back to her room. When she had walked into her room she remebered Inuyasha and cautiously opened the window. Then she grabbed her towel and left for the bathroom.


Inuyasha kicked off the covers of his bed, the window was wide open- letting in a little to much sun light. He blocked the sun out of his eyes with his hand to see Sesshomaru standing in front of him. "I'm going out for a little while." he said "I'll be back around eight."

Inuyasha grabbed his shoulder as he turned around. "When did I fall asleep?"

Sesshomaru shrugged of his hand "Two I guess."

He slapped his head "Shit!"

Sesshomaru raised an eye-brow "Something I'm missing little brother?"

Inuyasha shook his head "No I just forgot something."

Sesshomaru gave him a cold stare and walked away. Yeesh what's up with him? Inuyasha thought dryly. He looked around for his clock. But it was nowhere in sight.

"Just great." he sighed.

He stood up, stretched, and walked over to his closet. He swung the doors open and was stunded to see what was inside. There, on the ground, were stacks and stacks of magizines drenched in, he sniffed the air, Pepsi. Above those on the low-hanging shelves were seven broken cell-phones, twelve ripped pairs of shoes and....... a family of mice! On the walls a few cock-roaches were crawling down to the floor and several ants were attempting to pick up a potato-chip. On the hangers were a few pairs of shirts, jeans, and hoodies. But on the shelf above them, were a few cases of sour milk. There was a pile of dirty out grown clothes in the corner, along with his clock.

"Why does Sesshomaru always put his junk in my closet?" Inuyasha sighed heavily. He kicked a few of the magazines into the corner and walked in. The carpet was sticky on his bare feet. Probably from his party, Inuyasha thought LAST WEEK! He rolled his eyes. He grabbed a pair of dark blue jeens from a hanger, along with a white T-shirt and a black hoodie. He walked out of the closet "I have got to clean this thing!" he said angrily as he slammed the doors.


Kagome stepped out of the shower, her hair wet and heavy. She took off her towel and dried her hair, and then threw it into the hamper. She grabbed a light blue robe from a small shelf and put it on. Then walked casually out of the bathroom and into her room, and closed the door behind her. Letting her hair dry out, she walked over to her closet and opened the door. Inside it was neat and clean. All of the clothing was on their own hanger, the floor was spotless, and on the shelves were orginized books and shoes. There was not a bug in site, except...... for... a....

"SPIDER! AHHHHHHHHHHH!" she she screamed

Just then Inuyasha had jumped in yelling "Kagome! What..... is......." his eyes stretched wide open as he took in the site before him.

Even though Kagome was in robe, it was still pretty revealing. She pointed at Inuyasha and screamed "OUT, OUT, OUT!!!!!!!!!" That was all Inuyasha needed to hear, he was out in a flash of black and white. Kagome ran over, shut the door, and locked it. She sighed and slowly backed up, her face red with embaressment. She quickly ran over to her window and shut it, just in case, then she closed the blinds and walked back over to her closet again. She walked inside carefully looking over her clothes until she took off a shirt from its' hanger and threw it on the bed. Then she did the same with a skirt. Finally she picked out a pair of shoes and started to get dressed.


Inuyasha sat on the couch, his arms crossed. A million different thoughts raced through his head. His face was reddened and his eyes were unfocused, he was remembering what had just happened. He had first heard Kagome screaming as he was walking by her house, then he had jumped through her window to see what was rong, which was his biggest mistake, and Kagome had been in her robe- he could tell that she had just gotten out of her shower to. Her hair was still glossy and wet, and Inuyasha could smell that her scent had gotten stronger because she was cleaner. He looked up as he saw Kagome walking down the stairs, her hair was drier and she was dressed.

Kagome was dressed in a yellow T-shirt, and she wore a denim skirt along with some yellow flip-flops. She blushed as she saw Inuyashas' reaction, a widening of his eyes. "H-how do I look?" she stammered.

Inuyasha shook his head and turned around, "Fine." was all he replied.

Kagome walked down the stairs a little more half-heartedly than before, stopping at the bottom to stare out across the room. The sun was streaming in through the windows and everything was silent. "So-" she started "What are we going to do today?"

Inuyasha stared out the window and sighed "I don't know, maybe call Miroku and Sango so all of us can go see a movie or something?"

Kagome blinked and thought for a moment, putting her finger on her chin. Then her eyes brightened and she said "That's sounds like a great idea!" then she rushed up stairs. A few moments later she came back down with a phone book and a phone. "Okay, I'll call Sango and you call Miroku."

Inuyasha nodded and took out his phone. Dialing the numbers quickly and putting the phone to his ear, he stood up and walked over to the window and stood looking outside while Kagome ran up to her room. The phone rung a few several times before Miroku answered and when he did, he sounded horable.

A sniffel rose from the other side of the phone and then a weak voice answered "Hello?"

Inuyashas' eyes flung open "Miroku are you sick?"

Miroku sniffeled again "As a dog." he replied

"Do you feel good enough to go to a movie?" Inuyasha asked

There was a slight pause, a cough, and yet another sniffle "I don't know, I'll take some medicine. Call me back in about fifteen minutes."

"Alright. Talk to you in a few."




"So do you think you'll be able to come?" Kagome asked

"I don't know, I'm in pretty big trouble. I'm just happy my parents said that I could go to the pool party."

"Oh please Sango! At least ask."

"Alright hold on." there was a long silence "They said that it's either the movie or the party."

"Oh. Well that's okay, I'll just go with Inuyasha and Miroku."

"Alright. By the way I'm REALLY sorry."

"That's okay."

"Talk to you in a week."

"Alright. Bye."


Kagome sat in silence, thinking of what the party might be like. She sighed Oh well, she thought At least she can still come to the party.



Inuyasha picked up the phone and dialed Mirokus' number again. This time the phone was answered more quickly, and the voice that answered sounded alot better.


"I take it your'e feeling better." Inuyasha smiled


"So are you coming or what?"

"Duh. Is Sango coming?"

"Hold on." he set down the phone "KAGOME! IS SANGO COMING?!?"

There was a pause and then the answer came. "NO SHE'S BEEN GROUNDED!"

Inuyasha picked the phone up and answered "No."

"Oh.... Oh well that's okay! Just us three for once."

"Yah." Inuyasha said as Kagome walked down the stairs "Just the three of us."

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you all liked it! Next chapter will be up real soon! :)

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