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Author's Chapter Notes:
I don't own Inuyasha... so no sue'n!

Cristin: I'm bored......

Kagome: Maybe we could do something?

Cristin: Like what?

Kagome: Dress up Inuyasha in baby clothes?

Inuyasha: No. I ain't doin that!

Cristin: Come on! I'll be your best friend!

Kagome: Me to!

Inuyasha: *snorts* Yah right, who needs friends?

Cristin and Kagome: *cry*

Inuyasha: Nope.

Cristin and Kagome: *cry*

Inuyasha: Uh uh.

Cristin and Kagome: *cry*

Inuyasha: Okay, okay, okay, already!

Cristin: *hugglez Inuyasha while Kagome slips on a bib around his neck*

Inuyasha: AH! Oh no! Not again!

Cristin and Kagome: AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! HE'S SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

Cristin: I call pinching cheeks!




Dear Diary,

So anyways that movie we saw about a month back- wasn't all that great. But the one good thing about it was that Inuyasha put his arm around me. Woops! That's like the hundreth time I've mentioned that this month. Anyways Mirokus' party is in a few hours. I have to get ready! See you soon.


Kagome set down her pencil and stared out the window. That memory is still so fresh she thought But why do I keep thinking about it?






--------------(flash back)---------------


Kagome was sitting in the dark theater eating some popcorn, Inuyasha was sitting to her left, and Miroku was sitting on her right. She grabbed up a few peices of pop corn and brought them to her face, glancing over to her left in the proccess. Inuyashas' white hair looked silver in the dim theater light, and she could see his large figure was outlined in the lights as well. His golden eyes were watching the movie intently, and he seamed to be very content.

Kagome handed Miroku the bucket of popcorn "Popcorn?" she asked.

Miroku nodded and took the small bucket of the buttery snack from her hands.

She turned back toward the movie, glancing, once again, at Inuyasha. He was now drinking some of his pop, Diet Coke to be exact, and staring at the movie screen silently. She turned her eyes back to the movie screen, there was a small girl walking through a forest in the dead of night. Owls hooted their welcomes to the girl, but she was scared. In some previous part in the movie, her family had disapeared, one by one. The girl lifted her head, the night was quiet, not a sound was heard exept for her steady foot steps. She held her arms, glancing up every once in a while.


Then a moan came from behind her "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" the girls pace quickened as another moan sounded from behind her, "Nuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Leave me alone!" the girl screamed as she began to run. She raced through the forest until she could no longer hear te moans. She stopped at a tree, and rested her hands on the bark. She panted to catch her breath before removing her hands from the tree.... but then she stopped. "Bl-blood!?!?!" she gasped as she pulled her hands away from the tree. "I-i-it's coming from the tree!" she shreaked. She picked up a small stick and began to peel some bark off of the great oak. As she pulled away a large peice, blood began to spatter onto her night shirt, making her back up. She moved her hands to the front of her to stop the flow, soon enough, it stopped. But then as she peaked into the tree, what else could have happend but.....A HAND STRUCK OUT AND GRABBED HER THROUGHT!

Kagome gasped deeply as many other woman and girls in the theater shreaked. Inuyasha pulled his hand slowly from behind himself and rapped it around Kagome, pulling her in closer to himself. She blushed as she wondered ........Wh-wha-......Inuyasha?.

--------------(end flash back)---------------


She sighed as she remembered how good it had felt, sitting there with his arm around her. She locked her diary, setting it aside and hidding the keys. She looked up, once again she was home alone, and the house was quiet. There was a small knocking noise on her window. She looked over- it was Inuyasha. Kagome stood up and walked over to the window, Inuyasha was sitting on a branch waiting for Kagome to open it, cutting a few leaves with his claws. She sighed, he now came around regularly, at least once a week since summer vacation had begun. He smiled as he saw her come over to the window, open it and stick her head out.

"Hi." he said happily.

"Hi." she replied. She backed up and Inuyasha leapt inside. "You know you could just use the front door right?" she asked

He shook his head "Nah, what if Miroku saw?"

Her mouth gaped open "Youv'e been coming around here for a month and your'e still afraid of what he'll say?"

Inuyasha nodded "Yes, actually I do. He may be just annoying sometimes but-" he cut himself off.

"What?" Kagome asked, getting a little more interested. "But what?"

"Nothing." he said a little quickly. He stood up and walked over to her "Your'e still coming to Mirokus' pool party right?"

Kagome seemed absorbed in his gaze. She nodded slightly.

His gaze softened "Good." he said, a smile crossing his face. "Anyways, whatr'e we going to do today?"

Kagome just shrugged and replied "Well Sango and I are going out to the mall for a little while. Maybe you should go help Miroku set everything up for the party." then she added "I'm sure he'd appreciate it."

Inuyasha nodded and climbed out the window. Kagome sighed, Finally! she thought Now I can go to the mall in peice! She grabbed up a small green purse, and headed out her door.



"OH MY GOD SANGO! YOU LOOK SO PRETTY!" Kagome said excitedly. Sango blushed, she was in a dark pink bathing suit, with white ribbons on the hip-sides. "Go ahead and turn around so I can see the back!"

Sango did just that, she turned around to face a mirror. "Wow, it really is nice!" She said dryly. She blinked to see something in the mirror "Is that-" she stopped

"Is that a what?" Kagome asked surprised

"It is!" Sango exclaimed "It's on sale!" She took the small tag in her fingers, and showed it to Kagome. The first, original, price was $35.29, but the sale price, was a total bargan! The sales price, along with tax, was about $12.81.

"Wow." Kagome said "That's quite the bargan." She looked up to see a very happy Sango. She turned around and went back inside the dressing room. Kagome sighed, next would be her turn to find a bathing suit.

"Okay, I'm coming out." Sango said as Kagome lept to her feet. She walked out in her normal clothes, a white T-shirt and a pair of red jeens. Her hair was up in a red pony tail and her purse was black leather. "Okay," she said pulling out a quarter. "Which ever way that the nose points, you have to look for a bathing suit." she flipped the coin in the air, it landed on heads and the nose of Washington pointed to a rack off bathing suits that were on sale. Well, practically everything was on sale today, since it was one of those 'Everything must go today' sales.

Kagome walked over to the rack of bathing suits. On the hangers were many different colors of one peices, two peices, and the ocassional three peice. Well there's the yellow one-peice, the green two-peice, but then there's that blue three-peice. Kagome held her head To many choices! she picked up the sky-blue bathing suit and showed it to Sango, who nodded her approvement. Kagome rushed over to the dressing room, chucked her purse at Sango and said "I'll be right back!"

"I'll be right here." Sango replied.

Kagome slipped on the bathing suit, the bottom was skort-like while the top looked like that of a one peice. Then she put the small cover-up skirt on over the bottom of her bathing suit. She walked out of the dressing room "How's this?" she asked

Sangos' eyes widened "Beautiful!" she exclaimed.

Chapter End Notes:

Okay there is a new word that my friend uses alot, it's going to be our first 'Word of the story'. This word is known as...... Boshigiday! (boe-shiga-day): Or an exclamation of happiness stronger than Yahoo!,Yay, etc. This will be used later in the story.

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