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Sango and Kagome walked out of the mall, carrying several bags of newly acuired, flip-flops, sun-glasses, and bathing suits. They looked both ways and crossed the street, reaching Sango's cherry-red convertible. Sango climed in the drivers seat, and started the car while Kagome put all of the newly aquired clothing in the trunk.

"Now," Sango said buckling her seat belt as Kagome climbed in "We'll go to my house to change, seeing that it's only about three blocks away. Then we'll head to the party, since it's going to start in about a half-an-hour."

Kagome nodded and buckled her seat belt as well. As the car started to turn out of the parking lot, a small puppy ran in front of the car. "STOP!" Kagome yelled as the puupy froze in its' tracks.

Sango slammed on the brakes, the car swerved to the side a little and then stopped. Sango panted "Did, I .....hit it?"

Kagome slowly opened the car door and stepped out. When she stood up she was releived to see the small brown dog standing upright, it's back was arched and it's fur was all fluffed out, kind of like a cat. "No. It's okay see?" Kagome smiled and slowly reached for the puppy. She picked it up and started to pet it. "Sango, I think it's lost. Look it has a collar."

Sango peered over the stearing wheel "Thank god. Come on Kagome get in. Bring the dog with you, we'll try to find its owner." Kagome nodded and climbed back inside the small convertible.

Sango quickly drove off in an attempt to get out of the parking lot to avoid angry pedestrians. As they drove down the highway the puppy started to squirm. "Uh... Sango?"


"I think the puppy has to go."

Sango looked astonished "Go? We aren't going to leave it!"

Kagome sighed "No Sango as........ in....... EWWWWWWWWWW!" The little pup had left a small 'present' on Kagome's lap. "Ewwwww! GET IT OFF OF ME! IT'S ALL BROWN AND GROSS!" Kagome's face began to turn greenish, as did Sango's.

The car slowed and Sango turned it into the side lane. "Here!" she said as she chucked a few napkins at Kagome. She held her nose "Holy god! What has that dog been eating?"

Kagome held her nose "Why in hells' name are you asking me?!?!?!" She pushed the dog off of her lap. She opened the door and stepped out, letting the 'present' fall to the ground. She grabbed the napkins and started to wipe off her pants. "Geeze. This dog is just discusting." she muttered.

"Oh Kagome look! I found a dog carrier under the seat!" Sango yelled

Kagome turned her head slowly, fire filled her eyes "WHAT!? YOU MEAN YOU JUST FOUND THAT?!?!?!"

Sango started to shrink under Kagome's stare "U-uh y-yah I-I g-g-guess."

Kagome held her head low for a moment, sighed, and then lifted her head back up. She sighed again "Okay, I'm over it. Now can we just drop this dog off to a no-kill shelter so that the owner can find them?" Sango mearly nodded. "Than lets go so I can take a shower."



Sango walked into her room, and opened a few curtains. She stood in the warm sun light, letting the warm rays shine on her new bathing suit. She pulled a pair of red denim shorts over the bottom of it. She walked over to her mirror, which reflected her image. "Dang." she wispered "I look like a walking valentines day!"

"Sango?" Kagome called as she stepped out of the bathroom, with her new sky-blue bathing suit on.

Sango turned around to see a VERY red Kagome. "What is it Kagome?" she asked a little uncertain.

Kagome looked away "Never mind, it's nothing." The red of her face died down and she turned toward Sango's dresser "Is it okay if I borrow something?" she asked. Sango nodded. Kagome smiled and opened a drawer, pulling out a small denim skirt. She pulled it over the bottom of her bathing suit "Alright," she said as she straightened up "Let's go."

Sango was so giddy (a/n: weird word hung?) that she was tripping over everything, a box, the tv remote, and even a penny (a/n: wow smart one Sango). When they reached her front door she managed to even trip on the floor mat. Kagome sweat-dropped "Sango that's like," she puased "The seventh time you've tripped over something. Are you sure you can drive us their?"

"Yah Kagome, I'm sure." she laughed "I'm just really excited!"

After they had driven off Sango had started to be a little more serious, she was paying attention to the road, but a little excitment started to get to her again. They told a few jokes on the way to the party. Kagome was laughing but stopped dead when Sango turned back to the road, her eyes serious. "Kagome," she said so quietly Kagome could barley hear her.

"Yah?" she replied looking toward her friend "What is it?"

Sango watched the road intently "When was the last time you went out with someone?"

"The fifth grade." Kagome sighed.

"I think that Inuyasha is going to ask you out."

At this Kagome started to laugh so hard it made Sango flinch. She wiped a tear from her eye "Yah right Sango!" she laughed again "If anyone is asking anyone out it's Miroku asking you out!"

At this Sango blushed "You think so?" Kagome nodded and clutched her stomach laughing harder. "Are you done yet?" Sango asked impatiently.

"O-one more second!" she said as she panted, and began to laugh again. Sango sweat-dropped as Kagome's laughter died down "Oaky-okay I'm done." Kagome said as she rubbed her forehead. "It's just, that was so funny!"

At this Sango yelled "I'M SERIOUS YOU IDIOT!" Kagome stopped smiling and looked away, the car fell silent "Look I'm sorry." Sango said as she reached for her friends arm.

Kagome looked up and gave a smile "You have no reason to be Sango." she held Sango's gaze for a while longer and then stared out the window. As they pulled up to Miroku's house they could hear the screams and yells of the other guests, who where either in the pool, eating, or just standing around talking. "Alright which towel do you want Sango?" she asked as she held up two towels, one whit with green stripes and one black with white stripes.

Sango tapped her finger on her chin a moment and then pointed to the first one "I like the white and green one."

Kagome set the towles back inside the car and locked it, handing the keys to Sango, who put them in her pocket. "Come on lets go!"

Sango nodded "I'll race ya!"

"Your'e on!"

The two started to run toward the gate and came to a stop as soon as all the other people came into sight "Dang," Sango said as she looked around "I didn't know that Miroku lived in such a big house!"

Kagome nodded and opened the gate, and the two friends walked in. The house was a three story, and the front lawn was HUGE. In the side they could make out a large pool with about thirty people in it. Kagome and Sango instently found who they where looking for. Turned out Miroku and Inuyasha had been waiting for them. Kagome's expression brightened as she saw them running acroos the lawn toward her and Sango.

"Hi!" the two girls said as Inuyasha and Miroku skidded to a halt.

Miroku smirked "Why Sango you look so nice!" he stepped toward her.

Sango backed up "Don't go trying anything! I'll smack you into next weekend if you do!"

"Now, now Sango do you really have to act like that?"

"Yes! Yes I do!" she said

He put his hand on her shoulder and said in a sad voice "All I wanted to do was walk you to the pool."

Sango began to blush "Oh, th-that's nice of you, b-but I think I c-can handle that m-myself!" she stammered.

Miroku took hold of her hand "Well I want you to just check this out and then I'll leave you alone, so come on!" he ran off with Sango trailing behind, heading to the pool.

Kagome sweat-dropped he was sweet, but he was just a little to enthuistiastic. She turned to Inuyasha who was red in the face, he had obviously been shocked by Kagome's appearence. At his reaction she began to blush to, but she directed her eyes to the ground, as to not meet his gaze. "You-you l-look nice..." Inuyasha stammered as he looked over his shoulder.

There was a moment of silence between the two, and then Kagome embraced, and I mean really, really embraced Inuyasha full on. She was a little out of control of her own actions. God I'm just glad that I was able to stop myself from kissing him! she thought to herself. Then she added His skin feels nice..... wait WHAT DID I JUST THINK!?!?!?! Oh god I'm loosing it!


OH MY GOD! Inuyasha thought She's hugging me, in a BATHING SUIT!.......Although her skin does feel nice..... WAIT!!!! WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING!?!?!? I KNOW SHE ISN'T THINKING THE SAME THING! he paused for a moment, his face reddening O-or is she?

He wanted those few seconds to last, but Kagome pulled away, red in the face "I-I'm so sorry." she wispered "I-I didn't mean to do that..." she trailed off as Inuyasha pulled her back to him, holding her in a tighter grip.

"Ther's nothing to be sorry for." he replied quietly


Holy crap! Kagome's thoughts were rushing through her head This HAS to be a dream! Why else would he hug me back! I mean, I'm just his friend right? RIGHT!?!?!? She wanted to believe it was a dream, but she knew it was reality. Why am I stressing out? she thought to herself suddenly Oh my GOD! It feels like there are millions of butterflies in my stomach! Kagome didn't know why, but her eyes started to turn hot and misty, letting a few tears escape from them, falling to Inuyasha's skin.


He only tightened his grip when he felt the warm tears slide onto his skin, he hoped no one could see them, but then again who cares? He lightly began to stroke her hair and wisper things like 'It's okay. It's okay.' He had no clue why she was crying so badly, maybe the hug had upsetted her? No, she would have pulled away by now. Then why was she crying in the first place? As he was wondering he felt the girl in his arms begin to shudder, her crying had stopped and she now was gasping for breath, as if she had practically been choked. He pulled slightly away from her, looking straight into her chocolate brown eyes, and in return she stared into his golden ones. Her face was no longer red, and their faces were only centimeters apart so....damn...close. Until, that is, Inuyasha heard a nose coming from around the corner, and then he made out Miroku's scent faintly. He pulled Kagome away from his arms as Miroku's scent got stronger, as he pulled back Kagome got the hint and started to act as though she was telling jokes.

"So did I ever tell you about the time my mom thought she saw a sasquich?"

At this Inuyasha gave a real laugh "N-no you haven't."

Kagome's face brightened and she laughed "Turned out it was my grandpa wearing a few jakets and small-game pelts! After she realised it was my grandpa she sulked in a corner. I can remember her words were," she made a squicky voice " 'Daddy you scared me in front of my own children!' It was pretty funny."

Inuyasha was smirking "Did I ever tell you about the time my brother got drunk and-" he turned to see Miroku "Oh hi!"

Miroku nodded and looked toward Kagome "Kagome I need your help! PLEASE!" he crouched on all fours

Kagome sweat-dropped "What is it now?"

He looked up with those cute round puppy-dog eyes, pleading for mercy "I want to ask Sango out! But the problem is I DON'T KNOW HOW!"

At this Inuyasha sweat-dropped and said "Dude just ask her out, it's that easy. Everyone knows it's the guy who asks the girl out. Not the other way around. So quit acting like a girl and ask her!"

Kagome nodded "That's the same thing I was about to say. Just ask her so we can get on with our lives."

Miroku stood up, fire burning in his eyes, which of course was a rare sight. "You know what... you're right! I'm sure if I at least try she'll respect me, even if she says no." he turned and gave the two a nod "I'll see you two later." and with that he sped off toward Sango, who had just stepped out of his house.

"Wow!" Kagome gasped "You can see Sango's face reddening from here!"

Inuyasha nodded as they saw Sango's face turn cherry-red, and then they heard one excited Miroku. He was dancing around and jumping up and down for joy. "Oh brother." Inuyasha said as he and Kagome double-sweat-dropped.

Kagome percked up as she saw Sango do the same, and then they started to merrily dance with each other, this time Kagome dropped to the ground, her arms and legs twitching "They're doing the jitter-bug!" she laughed.

Inuyasha and Kagome heard one word come from Miroku's mouth after their little 'celebration' and that word was, of course, his favorite word in the world "BOSHIGADAY!" Of course now there were to many sweat-drops on Inuyasha and Kagome's heads to count. Miroku walked over cooly to the two and said calmly "You were right."

Inuyasha slapped his forehead and muttered "No! Really?"

Miroku nodded "Yes actually. Thanks. Now come on! It's getting dark! The party is about to begin!"


The sun was about set as the last of the guests arrived, and the pool spotlights were turned on. Miroku stood on the very top of a life-guard station, holding a michrophone up to his face, he called "Welcome one and all to my seventh annual Pool Party. On the left by the gates I hope you all collected your gift bags, there is a table still half loaded with them. On your right is the pool, remember why we had last years party canceled? Well we got a new feature, the under water cave! Okay last but not least is the food bar, located in the house as soon as you walk in. Now lets get this party started, on the whistle!" he turned on some music, the sound was so loud that everyone could hear it.

The crowd below was silent, waiting for the signal. Inuyasha leaned over and wispered in Kagome's ear "When the whistle is sounded, we all run over and dive into the pool, it's a tradition at Miroku's parties."

Kagome nodded and turned her head forward. Then the whistle sounded, everyone sprinted toward the pool, and jumped in. On her left Kagome felt the presence of Inuyasha, his red trunks were the most eye catching color in the pool, and on her right that of Sango. She felt the water ripple a bit and turned to see Miroku swimming beside Sango, his black trunks looking more of a navy color in the dim light of the under-water lights. She felt her chest pound as she made out a few small lights, at the entrance to the dark tunnel that lead to the cave. Her friends had all swam up to the top, so she decided to do the same.

When she broke the surface she gasped for breath, and looked around. Her three friends were swimming around neer the surface, catching their own breath. Kagome took a deep breath and plunged back down into the water. She swam down about fifteen feet under-water until she finally reached the cave. It was large, but most importantly dark. Kagome hesitated at the entrance, but ended up going inside anyways. Once she was inside an ice-blue aura seemed to sparkle inside the cave. It looked as though the lights were coming from the fake crystals that lined the ground. She turned her head as a few more of the erie yet beautiful lights slowly began to glow brighter. When she had gotten around to the middle of the cave, the lights had turned green-blue and she was starting to loose breath.

Kagome felt like she needed to inhale, but she knew that would not work, she'd probably fall unconcious and die. She shook the thought from her head and went on. The lights were now a faint lavender color, reflecting on the walls of the cave. She looked around as the lights turned pink, there was a second light coming from above her. I bet that, that's the cave's end! she thought happily. She swam up and soon broke the surface. She wiped some water from her eyes and looked around. This place was beuatiful! It was a large cavern with pearly walls that reflected the lights of the crystals. The crystals here were different too, they were much larger but dimmer. There was also a small water-fall that reflected the lights, making the water seem blue.

"Wow..." Kagome said as she stared in awe "It's so beuatiful......"

She swam to a small shore line covered with sapphire-blue sand. She stood up on the sand, it was warm beneith her bare feet. She looked over her shoulder as she heard the water brake, to see Inuyasha. She looked back to the walls "It's so beautiful in here." she wispered slightly.

She turned around to face Inuyasha who had taken hold of her shoulders "Yes it is." he wispered drawing his face near hers. Kagome's face felt a little hot as his face came even closer to hers. "But not as much as you." Kagome could hardly breath as his lips gently rested over her own. Then he came deeper into the kiss, but slowly letting her get use to the shock, and as soon as the shock wore off Kagome pressed her lips against his, savoring every moment. He rapped his arms around her waist and she rapped her arms around his neck. The moment seemed to last forever until Inuyasha pulled slightly away. Through his half closed lips he wispered "Kagome... Will you go out with me?" she replied with nothing more than a nod and an embrace. At last they reluctantly pulled away, letting their gaze rest into one anothers eyes.

Kagome set her head onto his shoulder, letting the warm feel of his skin settle into her face. She took a deep breath, he smelled slightly of chlorine, from the pool, and he smelled somewhat like colone, but just barley. The rest of him just smelled good, no particular smell at all, just his skin. They stood there a moment, letting the moment last as long as it could, and then they settled down onto the sand, staring up at the cave's ceiling. It was covered in small crystals that looked like star-shine. They sat for a little while before Kagome felt her eyes shut a little. She let out a faint yawn and settled into the sand a little more comftorably, letting her head rest on Inuyasha's shoulder. She let out one more yawn and closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

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